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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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Photo by Noël Prim / [email protected]

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Photo by Noël Prim /

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From: steve J on 2005-11-04 03:42:49
i was at the tampa show in 1987! thanks for the memory. IIRC, Los Lobos opened the show.
From: Soulcatgirl on 2005-11-04 04:12:19
Well I love this photo but for some reason my puter will not load this photo as I'm posting???? *making me madgrrrr*
From: Ingrid MATT HELP US!!!! on 2005-11-04 15:18:03
can't see it either... but I've never seen it before O_O I think I allready love the smaller one... but matt can you make it show agaaain?????????
From: Matt on 2005-11-04 20:49:07
Problem found and fixed :)
From: sadie on 2005-11-04 20:52:29
he definately has THE look!!
From: U2Trinity on 2005-11-05 09:04:22
Thanks Matt , your so wonderful luv to Matt!!!!!
From: Susanne on 2005-11-05 15:14:52
Wellwell, what have we here... Didn't get how hot this pic was first when seeing it only small... Uhuh, yes, what ever "The look" is, he definately has it... It's heating up fast here, better go and open the window again...
From: Patty on 2005-11-05 15:52:04
some body turn on the fan. I love the look on his face. Definitely like his new black hat better than this one.
From: Soulcatgirl on 2005-11-05 19:17:35
OOO there's my baby...... he's wear'in that loved on look.....shooobeedoo.... love it.... thats the look he was wearing when he was *coughs* tak'n it off girls .....grrrrrr
From: Susanne on 2005-11-05 20:05:18
Aaaarrrgghh Soulie, stop teasing us...
From: Soulcatgirl on 2005-11-05 20:06:12
hehehehehehehe ;)~
From: Octu2 on 2005-11-05 20:56:43
Talk about Bedroom eyes, I think the video of Wild Horses is a good Bedroom eyes one of our B man!! I could watch that many times!!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2005-11-05 21:49:26
You know I was just at the song list for my Tempe shows back in 87 and there is no mention of the Doors snippet that Bono threw in both nights....I remember it like it was yesterday... also I have to say the 19th was the best version I ever heard of was mom and i said "Oh sheeet that's the best live version we'd ever heard".... but they didn't put it in the movie...grrr...then in the article later when they spoke of it all the staff said Holy hell fire it was one of the best they'd ever heard but they couldn't use it because it was raining..."ala.. in reference to the nightmare of filming Red Rocks in the rain".... too bad wish we had that piece of footage.... *random thoughts from Soulie when she looks at her doll face up there* .....come on baby light my fire try to set the night on fire...grrr
From: Ingrid for matt!!(and oct and soulie) on 2005-11-05 23:34:48
WAaaaaah it's still not showing ehre..... :( what can be wrong with it, or with me?? also soulie... quit torturing us! give us a damn vid of that shooow!and uh... oh yeah oct, do you have any Ideas of the making of wild horses? as in.. he looks pissed off in some shots and with the fuck saying in it... wich you don't hear.. but it's obvious.. I wonder what was goin on there:S
From: Ingrid for soulie and oct on 2005-11-05 23:35:43
ok nevermind, as soon as I posted my comment, the pic showed!!! if you'll excuse me, I have to grab a buckett now and go drool and stare for the coming night... well its night in uhmmm 23 minutes... *drool*
From: [email protected] on 2006-09-08 07:32:04
I heard a prophetic Word from God at this show...and, gave Dan Russell a poster-sized print to give Bono...please see my site: for more bands I've covered since Journey's "Wheel In The Sky" for W. German Press in 1979; many more, would love to hear from ya! Noel Prim
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-05-11 01:03:59
*sing*Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you ...happy birthday my baby-doll Bono happy Birthday to YOU......~~Love *squeeze him in bear hug* and kisses~~...he's my Bono-fide Hero..... *smiling*...waves to everybody hope your all well and happy too...*bussies*
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-05-11 01:22:53
Ooops for some reason my post reads the 11th but it's definately the 10th where I'm sitting... ;))... gads thought for a minute there I missed my baby's B-Day...*eyes bulge*...... waves bye bye.... ;))
From: longshotz on 2009-12-19 22:37:24
I was at this show and wow I remember it like yesterday..still my fav concert and still my fav album..THE JOSHUA TREE
From: Tim on 2014-10-17 11:33:05
I was there!!! I got his autograph in lakeland a week before tampa show.the band practiced indoors at the lakeland civic center indoors before performing show at tampa stadium!!
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