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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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photo by Sara Einarsson / [email protected]

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photo by Sara Einarsson /

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From: ??? on 2001-08-08 07:42:42
If I take a magnifying glass I might.. might.. see the birthday boy... well, stateblue has touched him, or he touched her.. yes.. Stateblue, why did you ever let go?!? Remember to send him all our love.. and give him a hint to take a visit to this site, to see all this love, we give them!!
From: Slateblue on 2001-08-08 08:04:38
If I'd had my way, I would've never let go... Believe me, after that, I stood there in a daze and was completely lost. It was incredible... Oh, and btw, my name is Slateblue (with an "L") :-)
From: ??? on 2001-08-09 01:05:29
Oh shit.. forgive me SLateblue.. really, really.. can't understand why I read so wrong.. over and over again.. sorry really, but so.. you actually did let go? How did your knees feel, no one needed to hold you up standing? And how does it look like on cloud nine.. or are you down yet?
From: Slateblue on 2001-08-09 03:54:38
Hey, that's no problem, don't worry!Well, yes, I did let go... but from that moment, I was in a daze, like, you know, I was only physically present. My mind had wandered somewhere else... (probably Edge took it with him when he left the stage). And I'm almost a bit shy to admit, but the tears came immediately. So I stood there, tears running down my face, thinking "He touched me!" and couldn't help but thinking I was just like some teenie Backstreet Boys fan and feeling a little embarrassed for it. And I couldn't speak. It was like, I wanted to keep this moment for myself, hold on to it, and just never let go...One thing I remember about the feel of his hand is that I was surprised it didn't feel as warm and sweaty as I had expected after a two hours show. Well, maybe my own hand was just so very hot and sweaty that anything else would have felt cool and dry in comparison, but that's what I remember.
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