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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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Photo by Marisa Talarico / [email protected]

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Photo by Marisa Talarico /

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From: Slateblue on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Gosh... is it just me or does Edge really look ten years younger in that picture? He has something of a teenager, I think... well, that would make him like 20 years younger or so... hihihi... whatever, he's too cute!
From: boomcha on 2001-11-20 08:11:10
ooohh hes really cute in this pic more than in every other....or .....not?? but what has bono done that hes so wet,baaahhhh!
From: Slateblue on 2001-11-20 08:40:09
Oh well, Bono's always sweating like a pig, isn't he? Nothing new really... *turnsawayindisgust*
From: ??? on 2001-11-20 09:59:37
lol.. *hands Bono a towel* go away piggy, you make my friends disgusted! Unlike yor teenage friend here.. umm Edge? looking mighty good today?
From: Slateblue on 2001-11-20 11:28:52
Wäääh, look how he stained Edge's shirt with his sweaty self! Edge! Get rid of that shirt! Strip, I say!
From: kat on 2001-11-20 19:31:03
From: soul cat girl on 2001-11-20 20:09:20
Teenager!!! Hell he looks down right childish if you ask me *slobbering on himself goodness sakes*...the only adult male here has his wonder butt facing us...and ahhh what a Butt it is..a Manly Butt I say........grrrr...and I like it tooooo
From: soul cat girl on 2001-11-20 20:10:31
Its all in the imagination girls....grrr
From: Tanja on 2001-11-20 23:09:37
dont blame bono for edges hair that seems to be everywhere, even on his shoulders, and which let him sweat even when he makes on step to the left... GRRRRRR
From: ??? on 2002-04-02 09:48:35
And girls, take another look. Bono has not only stained our sweet little cute bunnies shirt, but he also has ripped it!! Look at the neck-line.. hmmm.. I do wonder Slate, if you are right after all...At least it looks like it's been ripped!!
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