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U2 singer Bono rolls around on a catwalk as he sings during a sold-out stop of the band's Elevation Tour at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas November 18, 2001. The band is touring to support the album "All That You Can't Leave Behind." REUTERS/ Ethan Miller/Las Vegas Sun

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U2 singer Bono rolls around on a catwalk as he sings during a sold-out stop of the band's Elevation Tour at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas November 18, 2001. The band is touring to support the album "All That You Can't Leave Behind." REUTERS/ Ethan Miller/Las Vegas Sun

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From: soul cat girl on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
This is not our * Sarah * , least if it is she forgot to mention she flew to the Vegas show!!!duh!!!!..although it sort of does look like our Sarah....hey someone speak up...grrrr will the real Sarah step forward....grrrr Bono come roll over here you hunk of luv.....
From: kat on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
.....SO?? SCG, whoever this sarah is, she is touching F***ing bono!!!!!! isn't that enough for me 2 get excited???? - sorry If that sounds mean soul cat.......i have only just woken up and i am in a black mood.......luv kat xxxxx
From: soul cat girl on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Well hells bells YEEEEES you have a right!!!..touching our baby...bad Sarah in red sparkles you are a *lucky* tall witch of the West....Kat I can see your black cloud floating over the photo.....I actually thought you were telling me she was efffing our man }:>( .... I had to go back and re-read it again..whew wipes brow...grrrr...butt why is he crawling around by them...he's going behind our backs damn him...theee CAT's really growl at him....psssst by the way I have been watching The Boston Concert all weekend at full blasting volumn....Gaaaawd do they kick holy ass or what????? Luv it all but the version of 'GONE' is absolutely the sh--!!! They did this at the first show in San Jose too and I luved it...Edge was so emotional my gawd and his singing is super great with Bono's...Now we know why he did the guitar thing..he was sooo efffing emotional it was the only way to end it..I'm not into smashing up those beautiful lovlies but some times the emotion of the moment, ya know?????...also 'I Will Follow' always kicks my butt BooooNooo is so damn darling when he rocks into! SCREAMS SO LOUD!!! ..I Luv him.......ROOOAAARRRR!!!!!!
From: soul cat girl on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
I almost forgot the pre-show was adorable...Did any of you guys see this stuff? Bono out on the street commenting on the pretty girls how cute is that? Then in the car telling the interview guy he likes it when the people touch him....what a hoot...good lord!!!! HE LIKES IT !!! Hahaha THE GIRLS LIKE IT TOOO!!!!..Larry was sooo cute and funny and sweet...Edge too when they got on the plane...Didn't see Adam at all in the interview and Larry was taking a few pot shots at him for not being around.. very amusing...this was all new footage after the Sept.11th horror and was added to the older concert...gawd sooo cute Bono had his black opened neck shirt on...a favorite i must say ...ruff wuff wuff grrrrr
From: sarah on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Yep. I flew to Vegas for the show and it was sooooooo worth risking my life!
From: sarah on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Sarah dear, i certainly don't mind having another with my namesake on here, but we simply must find away to distinguish our names! the bunnies and hunnies will get confused!!!much love -------- sarah (the one who's been here for a looong time)lol.
From: soul cat girl's twin on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Am I confused??????????????
From: The Sarah Touching Bono on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Ok. Confusion should be no more. Hey soul cat girl, do I know you by chance?
From: boomcha on 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Oh girls, cant stand these discussions anymore feathers or !!!, I must wait to tomorrow to watch it and than I tell what really is on his shirt!!!!!!==!?????
From: bas on 2001-11-20 20:41:37
Bono!! Get away, let us watch the girls ;-)
From: fatso on 2001-11-21 13:59:45
bono close your fly
From: Sarah on 2001-11-24 21:17:30
Thank you for getting this shot! This was one of the best moments of my life! Bono at my fingertips...I'm the girl in the red top! :-D
From: kat on 2001-11-24 21:55:59
......WOW!!!!!! go sarah!!!..
From: Tanja on 2001-11-26 15:16:08
ohhh, scg, you have the boston dvd already??? due to the fact that I dont have a dvd-player, I had to order the vhs... without all this goodies.. but I hope I will get it the middle of the week and then I will CELEBRATE watching it over and over again... LUV!!
From: sarah on 2001-11-26 16:48:55
well hello Sarah... :) bono baby must like our name, because he touched me in baltimore!! :) go us! well he didn't know i was a sarah but oh well. you know what i mean. ;) meow!*pats edge on his butt to make that evil jealous glare go away*
From: kat on 2001-11-26 18:08:15 SCG!!!!!!! i didn't mean that! they weren't really close enough for that..........
From: soul cat girl on 2001-11-28 00:05:12
Well I'm the white fuzzy headed albino pygmy that is always dribbling and drooling and whinning for bono bono bono to come out where ever he's hiding from me...and when he does I cling to his ass and I ain't com'in down No I ain't com'in down.....Do ya know me now?.....hahaha...what neck of the woods are you dwelling from?... Are you a mountain climber a desert scorpian or a sea otter?....grrrr
From: ??? on 2001-11-28 07:07:26
*still confused* our sarah was touching Bono.. did she change her name? Or is the new sarah actually touching Bono in this picture?? Well.. as long as she keeps her dippies of Edge, I'm satisfied with all sarah's.. *looking around for another triple* .. gosh, wouldn't that be scary?? of course, there was one..
From: Tanja on 2001-11-28 10:00:43
hi triple... yes I thought that too... this name is confusing as well, cause our sarah touched god too...
From: kat on 2001-11-28 14:26:49
...O.K I will try to sort this out.... sarah in the pic is Glittery red sarah, and are sarah s ......well........ I don't know!!!!!!!
From: sarah on 2001-11-28 15:13:24
speaking of there being two tripples....... i almost forgot! am i the only one that noticed the 3 !'s on our edgeluv's shirt on leno? i think our hairy sex beast was paying homage to you woman! lucky thing!!!!
From: boomcha on 2001-11-28 16:00:17
no sarah nobody told that yet.-we cant see that over here-..the !!!...thats the humor we like of our edgy....hihithink your eyes went straight out of your head and you fell over the couch *that would have happened to me*
From: soul cat girl on 2001-11-28 19:35:30
Haaa Sarah Nooooooo....I immediately E-mailed our Triple and broke the news...Three dov feathers (thought it might be eagle but closer look and NOooo they ARE dov) Sarah did you tape it?...I didn't even see them till the third time I watched it!!!!! I couldn't take my eyes off you know who....grrrrrr
From: ??? on 2001-11-29 06:56:16
I saw it yesterday on my computer on a very bad version and those things on his shirt looked very much like three !'s to me too!! Holy shit.. I'm.. oh my oh my.. I mean, they are even better than the question marks as they really are me.. triple ? and triple !, girls.. I think I'm in heaven.. well, the sad news is that I actually can see Jay Leno show on my TV, couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his big head on that screen!! Once again I confused him with David Letterman... So my bad luck is back!! I could have watched the Show, with Edge paying homage to me, if I wasn't such a dork.. but then again, can I really complain??? !!! eheheheh.. sorry girls, the man is mine.... muahahahahahaaaaaaaa.. The other version of course is that, he actually has been on this site and thinks I'm such an idiot that he needs to make a statement on that... nah, he loves me!!! :D
From: boomcha on 2001-11-29 08:35:51
yeah, he must have been to this site but he didnt want to do that ??? because everyone knows so he did !!! and thats more....him...I must say. ...doing things nobody expected.and having a big laugh...want to see it too,where is it triple?....please tell meeeee....
From: Tanja on 2001-11-29 14:50:55
uaaaahhh triple, you poor girl... this could have happened to me! murphys law!!! walk on hun... you know... LUV!
From: ??? on 2001-11-29 15:05:42
try this
From: Tanja on 2001-11-29 15:44:30
oh. music???? :-( no loudspeakers here in the office... but I will try when I am at home... thanks!
From: sarah on 2001-11-29 17:41:54
haha, they were feathers?! yes i did tape it,i'll have to watch it again when i get home tonight. look at me! silly me, seeing punctuation where there isn't any! look what you've done to your twin ???!!! lol.
From: Tanja on 2001-11-29 23:38:41
ohhh thanks triple... just watched the interview with our man... our yummy, beautiful, funny, adorable man... and I saw walk on... and I cant help myself, but I dont like this "Halle-halleeeee-luja" at the end... and triple, I saw edges sign to your direction, !!!, he MUST have read your comments, this is just too funny!!!!!
From: Tanja on 2001-11-29 23:42:07
oh, what do I read?? feathers??? nooo, triple hun, rest in believing that they have been !´s !!! this is GREAT!!!
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