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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

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photo Andrew Norman ([email protected])

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photo Andrew Norman (

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From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-11-22 22:55:36
Waiting for MTV's U2 coverage of there little mini concert on wheels.....getting so excited....! Taped them on Saturday Night Live and they were absolutely AWESOME!!!! Bono sounded so good the band was kicking butt and Vertigo is a rock'in live song.....! Can't wait til tickets go on excited I can't stand it!!!!.....Girls are ya out there????? Damn our boys are definately coming back to us! Bono looked so damn sexy I 've watched it twenty tmes.....oh the Clinton dedication I taped too and Bono got all wet.....(kitty licking her slobbering lips!!) He wore PURPLE with an open V shirt...(pantpant) What can i say except HE LOOKS MAGNIFICENT WET!!!! grrrrrrr
From: Tanja on 2004-11-23 09:58:10
hi there honey!!! WOOOZER, did you see this ny-gig??? unbelievable!!! you can get some video-parts on I think... and what do you think about the new album?? I love it yet, and most of it "miracle drug". cant find words for what I feel when I hear it... thats what I want to hear live next year!!! you are blessed, you will see them before us europeans and we will, same as last time, wait for your reports!!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-11-24 07:02:27
Hi Sweety how the heck are you doing? Oh my Gawd!!!! I love the new CD it this morning and have been playing it non stop .....turn it to ELEVEN>>>hahaha!..I can't pick a song there all so awesome....I need to settle down before I can get really heavy into the lyrics cause right now all I can do is dance and go all ape shit when I listen...."""Swing'in to the music swing'in to the music"" Yes I go to and they have some good stuff..Kitty waves to Matt and say's Matt's site is still the BEST!.....In Dec. (the 8th or 10th) on MTV they'll have it on a special....*.kittty biting knuckles*...Hun did you see Saturday Night Live? Bono climbed up onto a gals lap and gave her a mini lap dance.....thrusts and all!!!!! WOWOWZER is right!!!! Lucky girl! She rubbed her face in his belly!!!! hahaha!...Gawd this band is the best in the world!...Oh Edge was wearing a Dragon on his Tee-Shirt....I had to laugh and laugh cause I'm writing a story staring Boomie and Edge and (get this) Edge is a DRAGON SLAYER!!!!!! kitty's eyes popped out when I saw the shirt......Well hun have you guys gotten them on anything yet in Germany? I know they've done some stuff in England...I didn't get any of the radio stuff .... OH Tanja !!!Bono looks so damn darling....his hair is long just the way I like it and his bod looks hunky scrumptious....wish I could get a lap dance!!!! Hahaha....gosh girl stay in touch we have to vent our U2 raves somewhere...and Matts open door seems to always be there for us....Thank You Big Guy we love you because you love U2 too....Tanja if you see the other girls tell them to drop by and talk about the album..I need to go look at the new pic's posted...see ya hun....*Bono luv like a mircle drug to my heart*
From: Tanja on 2004-11-24 08:52:19
hi there hun!!! didn´t hear about the other huns and buns, maybe they are still in the in other spheares cause of the new album... hm, I am sure they will come back!! they HAVE to!! he have to meet here again, no new ablum without our girls and matt´s site!!!
From: boomcha on 2004-11-30 15:24:35
Oh, kitty you lucky thing. couldnt see anything here but at this mc chart show or what ever it is called they appeared. and they really rocked. at this clinton thing. what a weather. could only see some pics at where i always get them and bono didnt get wet anyway. Only my darling edgy had to stand that and bono was under a umbrella. that boy!!!!
From: soulcatgirl on 2004-12-07 07:47:28
Well that Clinton gig Bono did come out and sing *When the rain comes* with no umbrella then he sang Sunday Bloody Sunday no umbrella then he did the Gangs Of America theme song with one...he laughed and said he chickened out!!!! So cute ..... but poor Edgy had buckets pouring down on him...but at least his ass staid dry sitting at the piano....hihihihi....grrrrr
From: boomcha on 2004-12-07 12:04:27
pouh! the most important part stayed dry...damn...i would have comforted him and made it dry and smooth and ...... you know ;-)
From: Tanja on 2004-12-07 12:26:08
...dry and smooth boomie??? is klar! ;))) anyway, our boys are back and that makes me soooo happy!!!! cant wait for the official concert announcements...
From: ??? on 2004-12-14 07:13:44
Guess what was the first news on the net, finnish page, I saw this morning??U2 is noNOT coming to Finlad this summer!!!Am I surprised???Gee, it's been long since I was here :)Feels good to be here though, would feel better though if I could, like you wait for them to hit my place too, but no.Not really nice for the fans in Finland, I say..But hope you all are fine and will wait for your stories and pictures :)
From: Tanja on 2004-12-14 10:24:53
TRIPLE!!! good to have you back!!! how are you, hun?? is it really fix that they wont come to finland? I mean, nothing ist really fixed already, isnt it??? maybe you can still hope and pray....
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-14 21:57:52
TRIPLE *kitty squuuuuuueeel* so happy to see you again !!! Damn these men.... why won't they give you what you want??? Well I just got a little of what I want... *Cheshire smile* just got through watching the concert from under the Brooklyn Bridge (taped it off MTV) for the hundreth time....they played there buns off and its knocking me on my plush tushy... (gosh darn it wish we'd all been there in person).. kitty wishing and singing "I saw you in the shadow cast across my room...all because of you all because all because of yoouuu... I AM" now we have an edgey kickass guitar riff......and a BONO madman wail......gawd girls can we ever get enough? Triple girl they may be coming home to us but we may not all get tickets......this is where the hell is about to begin waiting to see if we get tickets!....hey what ever happened to running and getting in line when first come first serve use to mean something???....guess they finally got to irritated with masses of folks lined up for days sleeping eating and bathing in the doorways of the buisness's!!!!!!!! hihihihi kitty sighs wistfully ummm the good old days...I say this because my computer hates my guts and when I have to depend on it to get me what I want it craps out on me!!!! ....I have to get tickets...grrrrr Tiple have got the book DVD? OH girl you will die for the love of Edgy bunny cause he kicks it on there.....girls have you guys seen the I-pod commercial that is really a very long video when played to the fullest? You will see a side of Edge that is so aggressive and really performing whoop'in and jump'in....its crazy you guys just awesome.....grrrrrrr
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-14 22:24:37
Ooops sorry I screwed up..... the commercial for I-pod is the Vertigo song......grrr
From: ??? on 2004-12-15 08:27:42
:) Hey you both.I haven't seen much anything, where I live now, I can see only the 4 finnish national tv-channels, which I have mentioned at some point, I remember :)And I'm too tired on evevning sto see what they show :-pBut the story about U2 not coming to finland; our biggest outside stadium is under construction, and the second one only takes about 30 000. And 30 000 people won't pay enough.. Yep, last time the reason was that finnish fans didn't buy enough of the ATYCLB-record.I didn't won't to believe that then, but seems like true now. Money talks..And beeing a single mom, with 2 cats and 2 dogs too and a shitty job, I can't even dream of traveling outside Finland to see them.But, this time I still wasnt that disappointed, more like; I guessed it!And I agree Soulie, buying the tickets is so unfair now days!! Like lining in phone for 3 hours, only so they can tell you, when you finally reach them, that you've been lining for nothing for 2 hours, because the tickets were sold in 1 hour!! But, you better get your tickets everyone, so you can take pictures and tell your stories, for us not so fortunate ones!!And I mean unfortunate only about this U2 thing, because other than that, all is fine in Finland!! :D
From: boomcha on 2004-12-16 12:11:02
I wish they would do only indoor shows. they were so nice the last time so intimate...only Edgy and me! And about 18000 others. Oh, triple I am soooo sorry for you but as Tanja said (hi liebchen!) nothing is official already. So, its still time enough for them to come here and read this and than change the plans! *fingerscrossed*
From: Tanja on 2004-12-16 15:50:54
triple, fingers crossed too!!!! I think we will know more at the beginning of the new year...concerning the tickets: the good thing with the outdoor shows in huge stadiums in europe is, that there will be enough tickets... more than for the last tour at any rate..scg: long video from the vertigo-ipod-spot??
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-16 21:33:58
Tanja......yes hun there is a long version of this i-pod you have this ad in Germany? well I had been seeing the short version but during the Brooklyn Bridge concert MTV played the whole entire video and it is killer diller.....oh my... Bono is sexy as all-get-out and Edge is sizzoring high jumps in the air annd ripping into his guitar its just wild.....I absolutely love the desert vertigo but this vid kicks butt too... Do you have an MTV Europe? Why in the hell don't they play the Brooklyn Bridge concert???? You should email them and get your friends and there friends to Email and ask for it......there is power in emails if enough people get envolved....(kitty runs too look at tape again) ok I'm back and I bet if you email Apple computers and I-pod or even I-tunes and tell them you want the concert in Europe I bet you'll get it:) ....I so love my boys they make me so so happy and if you look around somebody might have the concert to download but not sure... I'm praying for the U2 i-pod for x-mas but then somebody will have to show me how the hell to use it?????????? grrrrrrr
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-16 22:00:34
Triple do you still have the same Email? Rubs Triple's back and says damn don't work so hard...these shitty jobs aren't worth it? Are you using a home or office computer now? I remember before so things have changed alot..... well damn these u2 men they need to get to FInland and heal your tired mind and heart.... do you have the new cd bunny? If so what do you think? ..... I lovelovelove but then you already guess that.... ;-) grrr
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-16 22:06:31
Boomie I think there doing indoor for USA and I like that better too....more intimate to me too...*kitty wails* but I want front row seats!!!!!!Last time at one of the shows I lucked out and got really good seats but that will never happen again in a million years....are all the European shows outdoor? poooey! thats a bummer..... my philosophy is to invest in a really good set of binnaculars then you can count the beads of sweat dripping down Edge's goatee.....hihihi...grrrr
From: Tanja on 2004-12-17 10:22:12
scg... did not see this long version here in germany!!! and I dont think that if I write an email to apple that they give it to me, I do not have a mac or even an ipod... :( and I just receive mtv germany and not europe... but it could be that I am not that good informed... boomie, do you know more about it?? and yes, all the european shows are outdoor, I think. and guess what: my hometown has very good chances to become a location for our four honeys!!! cant believe that.. if this will happen... well... who can say if I will survive it? ;) wow, this would be sooooo wonderful....
From: boomcha on 2004-12-17 12:39:48
yeppa i dont think the mail protest works but tanja as long as we havent tried??? who knows?And i dont want outdoors! I can hardly see my darling and he can not see me...maybe i have to stop the diet and work on my butt getting real big! yeah i think that will be easy! so they definitely see me cause i need the space of 50 people ;-)
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