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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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photo Andrew Norman ([email protected])

rating : 6.2 with 21 vote(s)
photo Andrew Norman (

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From: boomcha on 2004-11-26 13:11:22
Ill give it a 10 and a 10 again and again....hes still my man!!!!!!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-11-26 21:21:32
Ole..... Edge is looking very RICKY SUAVE....hahahaha...just teasing he is a doll...Boomie did you get the new CD yet? You have to get the DVD pack too.....Edge looks so darling and Bono well what can I say......(kitty screams " He better give me what I want or ELSE!!!!!! hahaha...grrrr
From: boomcha on 2004-11-30 15:20:58
Oh, yeeeeeeees he looks darling. Didnt get the dvd pack and i never will. looked at it and couldnt figure out what this book was for. so, sorry guys not this time.
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-07 07:39:29
Oh hun don't say it's have to at least see the DVD ....Edge is darling as hell on it believe me you'd drool big time after seeing it.... and of course my boy is fit as a you must at least find somebody that has it.... you won't be sorry you'll fall to the floor and thank the heavens for these small little happy gifts.......grrrrr
From: boomcha on 2004-12-07 12:02:12
fit as a fiddle....that reminds me what i read: they bought a BED big enough for all six of them!!!!! the kids and that A-thing and the B-thing!!! muhhahaa.
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-14 22:19:48
I wonder if we could come over for a slumber party.......hihihihi....I get dibs next to my man.....pooooey on the A-thing...bump her to the floor with my plush tush..hihihi....grrrrrr
From: ??? on 2004-12-15 08:42:08
Well, I'm not coming if you will wear your Winnie the Pooh-slippers because, I want to put mine, and it's not really nice if we both wear them! Especially as you wearing nothing else, really steals the attention of everyone else!!And the only stealing should be the one that happened 30 minutes before at another house, when a certain M-thing was left wondering, what hit her. Because she doesn't know Winnie the pooh at all..
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-15 21:30:27
Phooooft.....hahahaha....damn I just spit my cola up through my nose.....*cough cough*....Triple you need to warn me when your about to make laugh my butt off.... hihihihi.... say how did you know I had Winnie Pooh slippers???....NEKKID you say??? humph! Wrong again bunny bet you didn't know I have a set of fuzzy ears to go with 'em.....muahahahaha...grrrrrr
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-15 21:33:19
I just have to ask this........ZIPPER or BUTTONS???....Been studying this photo....but I don't know?......ummm I'm going with Zipper...... what do ya think?...grrrr
From: boomcha on 2004-12-16 12:04:02
I go for buttons.....and dont ask why i know that :-)
From: Soulcatgirl on 2004-12-16 21:48:44
Don't need to ask I already know the answer are the button myster...Boomie chant *I go for buttons....buttons buttons buttons...whos got the buttons?lalalala*......In fact you went for that very set of buttons on those jeans......while Edge was wearing them...muahahahahaha....:)) grrrr
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