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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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Photo by Wendy Boland / [email protected]

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Photo by Wendy Boland /

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From: silken sky on 2002-03-11 18:18:40
Girls hurry up,go straight this try to understand who is that girl *too near*of Edge.(maybe SHE is Hollie,oh and she's 16)
From: silken sky on 2002-03-11 18:27:52
Ooooopppss!I'm sorry maybe it's better "too near TO Edge"or "next to him".I'm so sorry ,please forgive me for my English again(and unluckily this will not be the last time)
From: boomcha on 2002-03-12 07:59:26
You´re welcome! I can totally understand why your mind is upside down when you see this man! edgedgedgedge
From: boomcha on 2002-03-12 08:13:01
Eeeedge!! What do I read this morning?? You are not coming on tour to Europe this summer?? What is that?? Please can you explain that to me?????? Whaaaat?? I can´t hear you!!!!!
From: sarah on 2002-03-12 17:33:36
Silken Sky... are you named after a fanfiction? i think i remember reading one with that in the title. if so... thumbs up! :) edgedgedgedge.*spanks edge for cancelling the tour* :(
From: soul cat girl on 2002-03-12 21:17:49
Soooo what the hell happened and what's going on? I have read some very very scary rumors on the net....gaaawd shaking from all the speculations.....these inferences to threats are outrageous beyond belief if they are true....SH_T!!!! ... do take care my darling friends and lets pray these rumors are just that and no more......luv Bono LUV....nooo photos...gosh! sniff ...sorry huns and darn disappointed damn it....must go outside to my gardenswing and rock away my deep heavy depressive worry... maybe sing to my pretty cooing dovs at their feeders....luv to all and be safe my lovely man... SCG...
From: HomieVox on 2002-03-12 22:12:59
Oh tour for Europe?! That would tour for Portugal! OOOOHHHHHH, what have I done to you 4rock gods?! Why do you mistreat me this way?Well, thank you for giving me this beautiful day! No really, it was a perfect day!1- The weather's terrible; 2- got my babe angry and had a fight with him; 3- My angry babe tells me, together with all my yelling colleages that U2 are NOT COMING TO MY EFFING COUNTRY!!!!!!!What else can happen to me, huh? What f***ing else?! Damn, I'm mad!!!!You can't give a lollypop to a little child and put a smile on her face and then take the lolly away!!!Bono hun...why?:,( **running around, kicking dog, smashing head against the screen, fainting after a stab of dispair right in the back!**My feelings go, to all the european fans that are now seeing a dream die right in front of them, with their hands tied!Luv to y'all!! ***
From: Ruby Cat on 2002-03-12 23:08:03
I DON'T BELIEVE IT, PERIOD! I guess that they've had only canceled the 4th leg of Elevation... but will start this summer the first leg of 'The Electrical Storm Tour 2002'!!! Yes that's what it is....THAT'S WHAT IT IS !!!!!
From: silken sky on 2002-03-13 11:44:21
AAAAHHHHRRRRGGGGGthe tour won't take placeAAAAAHHHHRRRGGGGsomone says that they've broken up AAAAAAHHHHHRRRGGGGGplease,stop meAAAAAHHHHRRRRGGGGG(oh Sarah,my name come frome "Bad....true colors fly in blue and black,bruised
From: silken sky on 2002-03-13 11:46:15
sorry,my computer is crazy:..bruised SILKEN SKYand burning flag...
From: silken sky on 2002-03-13 11:48:46
oops,I also missed a "e" the desperation
From: boomcha on 2002-03-13 14:12:49
oh, my kitty I´ve completely forgotten if there´s no tour than there will never be new pics!!!!!! oh, my....No that´s toooo much! No, they will never brake up, never.... they will not....?? Please tell me that they will not!!!
From: sarah on 2002-03-13 16:13:05
SilkenSky, lol. i'm such a jackass. i was at home last night listening to Bad and i heard that and i was like Doh! ah oh well. it is a nice name. :) very original. especially when compared to mine. ;)much love*grabs homies dog and runs out the door before she becomes fully conscience*
From: soul cat girl on 2002-03-13 17:30:04
Just as Sarah the jackass thinks to make an escape through the back door with wounded puppy Kitty trips her with a wire at the bottom step and snatches little Bono from her Edgy mittens....kitty takes the baby to her house and thinks neither of these huns should be around living creatures till the storm blows out of their eyes!!!!!!!...grrrrr
From: ??? on 2002-03-14 08:38:00
The boys talked to showbizireland after the meteors so I do not think thay are splitting up:" Speaking about the band's continuing success The Edge admitted the band are still hungry. "We have never lost that ambition. We are still trying to say the things you want to say in ways that have never been heard before. It's an ongoing challenge. It is why we still work and it's why we still think we can do it. We always think we can make the album that is in our heads and occasionally we do." Doesn't seem like a farewell to the lads, does it?? So, girls, no despair.. they cancelled this tour, but what is another four years?!? *Clapping hands* save the baby Bono!! Save the baby Bono!! HV, you stay away from him, until you realise it's baby Bono, not the real Bono, no kicking babies!! Hide him Soul cat, she is on her way with pointy boots!!
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