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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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Photo by Wendy Boland / [email protected]

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Photo by Wendy Boland /

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From: Jen on 2001-12-19 12:50:50
That's the guitar! That's it! (Sorry. I love that guitar.)
From: ??? on 2001-12-19 14:15:13
We all have our own funny moods..but I'd love to be his guitarr, anyday!
From: sarah on 2001-12-19 16:44:45
if i'm not mistaken.... that's edgeymon's first and favorite guitar. ;) good choice Jen dear! :)i'm fond of that white one though....i'm also fond of the way he shakes his ass when he plays it!! hihi meow
From: kat on 2001-12-19 18:26:50
.....what ass.................?
From: sarah on 2001-12-19 20:54:45
the one that hides from all the unworthy bono bitches ;)edge's scrumptious booty only shows itself to us mega worthy gals with good taste (aka the bunnies ;)
From: Elevationangel on 2001-12-20 06:15:23
tsk tsk no naughty language sarah pal of mine! yes edgey only shows his fine little behind to the worthy ones, and OH MY GOSH do i love that guitar. he's had it since 1976 and you can see him play it in the I will Follow video. It's a gibson explorer and i believe it's custom made. don't ask why i know that i just do. PATHETIC me " My name is melanie and I have an edge problem!" lol sarah <3 to all and edgeymon-mel
From: boomcha on 2001-12-20 08:05:24
Oh, yeah Jen I love that guitar toooo... I realized that they are realy coming as I saw this guitar... and I was happy as I saw it in the Beautiful Day Video... its still alive!!!!!
From: boomcha on 2001-12-20 08:06:59
aahhhwww and I´m fond of him when he make this moves forward to the stage....aaawwwhhhhh
From: kat on 2001-12-20 17:18:25
who you calling a dog???!!! *turns away and sobs, as evil mutt- features beat me, because of one little joke.......
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