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U2 band members, "The Edge" (L) and "Bono," perform in Miami during the pop group's final concert in their "Elevation Tour" December 2, 2001. U2 performed 113 concerts in their run through North America. REUTERS/Colin Braley

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U2 band members, "The Edge" (L) and "Bono," perform in Miami during the pop group's final concert in their "Elevation Tour" December 2, 2001. U2 performed 113 concerts in their run through North America. REUTERS/Colin Braley

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From: craziperson on 2001-12-04 03:59:35
I've seen U2's Opening Night and 2nd Show - total times I've seen U2 is 8 .. This last show... I can hosestly say has blow me away!!! The crowd was REALLY!! into the show!!! and so was I!!! Now I have to wait another 5 years....
From: ??? on 2001-12-04 08:37:32
Well I'm crazy too now... oh cheese.. look at Edge!!!!! Oh my oh my... the man drives me that way... crazy!!! Can't breathe.... *faints*
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-04 18:22:13
Picks up a fainted Triple drags her out of position and props her against the wall..runs back to tip of the heart and immediately gets pulled on stage by Edge himself...Woow... then Bono comes over fights Edge and wins me....kisses me madly as I leave stage and after the show we all party backstage till 4 a.m. when I leave and go pick up Triple whose so off the wall and drag her to the car and tell her everything in detail......she can't hear because she's banging her head against the window over and over and over ..screaming why why why am am am eye eye eye crazy crazy crazy???...see a pattern here???...grrrrr
From: ??? on 2001-12-05 07:39:22
no no no !!!! *faints under the picture again*
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-05 21:25:21
Touching the soft peach skin his fingers stroke and caress the curve of her cheek following it to her lush lower lip...ever so slightly his thumb brushed the fleshy ruby red volupture...her warm breath washed his hand stirring the fine hairs and something else deep inside urging him to act...cupping her jaw into a delectable tilt he leaned down to feast on her captured mouth ...her soft moans encouraging a deepening of his lips his tongue his instincts...circling and filling her moist cavern his teeth suddenly gripped ever so slight but firmly her swollen bottom lip and just as quickly licked and soothed it as he yet further deepened his mastery of her mouth relishing in her honey sweetened taste..awarness was just beginning to stir her conciousness and she groaned deep from her soul..slowing he knew she was coming around and he kissed her perfect chin her attractive sexy dimple her beautiful long lashed eyelids and at her temple on a whispering kiss he praised her loveliness and his longing....stepping relunctantly away he leaves exactly as he came...blinking from a fluttery befuddlement Triple looks around for the man..confused she sees no one but she could have sworn ......biting her lower lip in consternation her eyes widened with surprise...she reached up and touched her swollen tender lips... thoroughly well loved lips....looking up at her computer screen she studied the beautiful blue-green eyes staring back at her...smiling back at her with her and very much of her...she smiles too and blows her doll face a soft loving kiss...he's still smiling and he always will even as the screen goes blank....*an early Christmas present dov hope you like it* grrrrr
From: Tanja on 2001-12-05 21:30:55
lovely.... *sigh*....
From: Elevationangel on 2001-12-06 05:57:18
My dear scg,I sit and read your comment and hope that one day, I to will have the splendor of having one of your stories lol. Hey girls? don't you think scg should get a story? right now I'm in the process of typing one out for her, but I will send it via e mail. btw, what is yours soulcat? haven't been commenting much lately, really sick. uh anyway much luv to all and to Edgey- mel aka eva
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-06 17:15:17
'Doctor how is she? I flew here as soon as I heard she had taken a turn for the worse'...Stopped in the long prestine corridor Edge braced himself for the news...but he wasn't ready for the shocking reply ..the answer he dreaded...Gritting his jaw he held onto his emotions with everything he was worth...the compassionate sympathy eminating from the elderly mans face was painful for him to look upon..nothing was to be done for her only a miraculous miracle could help now...the older wiser man whose eyes bespoke volumns patted and squeezed his shoulder before ambling slowly away heading off for his next patient...Edge entered the room and knelt down next her head..lovingly he smoothed the long golden hair from her ears to her neck and whispered 'Hello my lovely girl' response..he didn't expect one but still it hurt all the same clenching into his gut...memories flooded pouring pain into his eyes as he looked at his one and only EVA... gawd the anguish was almost more than he could bare...why did this have to happen? The tap at the door went unheeded as Edge nuzzled his face in her cold was her heart the doc said her poor delicate heart .. she just couldn't hold out till they could get a doner.. hell he hadn't even known EVA was this ill until a week ago when he'd gotten that horrible call...damn it he blamed himself and his obligations for not coming straight home...'Umm excuse me Edge'...spinning on a dime Edge pinned the intruder with eyes ablaze thinking it was paparazzi taking advantage....but he sighed in relief when he spotted the beautiful young female with crocodile tears in her eyes hoovering by the door..automatically reaching his arm extending his long tapered fingers in a summons she ran into his arms and let out all the grief of mutually shared heartache she felt for EVA and for Edge too.... soothing the girl in his arms he new she'd done all she could to help care for his 13 year companion and he would always be grateful to her and told her so...being so full of of emotional baggage she blurted out how much she loved him too and he smiled a genuinely warm amused smile as he looked into her large beautiful adoring young eyes and whispered 'I know angel ..I know'....sighing he kissed her forehead and gently predicted 'Sweetling you know I adore you and you are so caring and loving but I am much too old for you as your much too young for are infatuated and you will out grow me'...smiling at her unbelieving consternation he asked simply 'Trust me it will happen.'...on a sigh and a hick up she predicted nonpulsed 'Not in a million years'...Edge let out a short bark at her stubborness and said 'We'd better head on back ..your folks will be worried..she nodded and looked once again at the bed and Eva...'Mom was as heartbroken as me when she heard about her' ..wiping at her face Eva whispered..'she always did have a soft spot for her golden baby'...turning into Edge's chest and bear hugged with comfort she remembered growing up and always knowing the golden retreiver puppy which had been bred at her daddy 's kennel had been a name sake for her because they both had 'big innocent eyes' as daddy loved to say.....looking up at Edge she anguished 'I'm so glad you live next door to us or I'd never have gotten to see her grow up or be a part of her life..or yours'..tears welled up instant and true...'I suppose now I'll never see you again either' ..real panic was forming in her eyes and Edge squelched it post haste..'No thats not true ..I know you took wonderful care of her for me but we're friends and we'll stay friends for life'.....Eva looked into the eyes of the man she adored and saw the truth of his words...smiling her secret smile of trust in the universe and its mysterious ways she was satisfied to wait and grow...learn and become whole and then they'd see....... One last look at there beloved EVA and both people walked on with heavy hearts but out through a door that held all of life's possibilities the bad with the good......and they did not look back though the urge was stronge to hold on to a hope that is often times but a prayer hiding in a dream........*the end*.....this was for our EVA...*hugs to our little bunnie*.....grrrrrr
From: sarah on 2001-12-06 22:40:01
*notices edger growling at her and growls back sexily*purrrr ;)
From: Elevationangel on 2001-12-07 02:25:48
oh babe, I'm gonna start crying seriously I am *stopsforaminute* uh my gosh you must be able to read my mind, that's how I really do love edge. GAWD my gosh ok I have to stop crying, I'm ok I'm ok. That story was better then anything romantic, I loved it. Thank you so much, I'm working on yours but I have to make it perfect. *hugs her kitty friend* love you babe-mel
From: ??? on 2001-12-07 08:56:07
Yes, our Edge is so cute... aawww..And sarah!! Stop lifting you leg at places you are not supposed to!!Beautiful stories this morning SCG!!
From: ??? on 2001-12-07 08:59:31
. and about the comment you wrote to me.. you know me too well.!! That is what keeps happening every time I look at a picture of him... *smiling idiotically.. and faints* *peeps to see from which direction Edge arrives*
From: sarah on 2001-12-07 15:37:35
sorry, i know it's rude to lift my leg, but edge asked me too! how else is he supposed to get between them? ;) meow.
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-07 16:01:49
Thats right...thats right because he's after that pesky little ------(builds damns in water and has teeth resembling Edge's) that escaped from the zoo..he needs to bag it and decide where to set it free!!!! hahaha You can put your leg down now sweetie Edge has left the building....grrrrrr
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-07 16:09:24
Oh by the way to U2 Babes your very welcome girls....working and up for anything to further our U2 cause...Bono luv raining in like a Thunder Storm...grrrrr..*feels nice ummm*
From: Elevationangel on 2001-12-07 16:13:41
scg, I need your e mail so I can send you your story.... again thank you for yours I was giddy all day....
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-09 18:33:14
EVA go to Sarah's site:'s all about EDGE you'll luv it.....while your there ask her (e-mail) to give you my e-mail and tell her I said OK...ok?.....I don't want to give it over line...too many weirdos out there!!!!!....yeah and look whose talking here!!!hahaha.ok I'm a freak but a harmless freak...grrrr the way tell Sarah to get over here and visit she has presents....grrrr...she'll have to hunt ..I efffing forgot where at????? Gawd somewhere.. duh!!on a calender picture I think...grrr..thanks again for my story I need to find it and print it out......
From: Elevationangel on 2001-12-09 20:06:59
hey babe thanks, I'll go to the site, little freaked about the name though lol. j/k anyway, i should be finished with it today like i said, so print out the finished version not the one i posted. ( I changed it a little, made it better) anyway <3 ya and Edgey-mel
From: Elevationangel on 2001-12-09 21:02:09
SARAH SARAH SARAH! I love YOU SITE! it kicks ass! fun with numbers hehehe. I love the grammy speeches. funny funny edge. I'm sick and taking these meds that make me hyper. whoo, ok I need to calm down. *breathsin* *breathsout* that's better =) <3 YOU EDGE!-mel
From: kat on 2001-12-09 21:06:46
you sound just like me elevationangel!!
From: kat on 2001-12-09 21:06:47
you sound just like me elevationangel!!
From: zan on 2007-04-01 20:35:40
that guitar is soooooooo cool he should use more often
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