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U2's lead singer "Bono" performs in Miami during the pop group's final concert in their "Elevation Tour," December 2, 2001. U2 performed 113 concerts in their run through North America. REUTERS/Colin Braley

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U2's lead singer "Bono" performs in Miami during the pop group's final concert in their "Elevation Tour," December 2, 2001. U2 performed 113 concerts in their run through North America. REUTERS/Colin Braley

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From: amalie on 2001-12-04 03:36:14
I'm sorry but he looks old and stiff here. Like Bob Dole. Please remove this picture from your website.
From: boomcha on 2001-12-04 08:04:23
NO Matt leave it where it is. I like it...dont know why, but I like it....and mmh? its not edge, its ONLY bono!!
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-04 19:05:32
Yes Matt we should ponder this?????..*sort of daydreaming*.......ripe and stiff like a dole banana you say?...ohhhh yeah baby..well hells bells thanks amalie for the analogy so true should probably be removed before all us Bono Babes have feeble ol' heart attacks ...grrrr grrrrruuufff ruff ruff...
From: Tanja on 2001-12-05 22:26:59
dum...didum...di ... dum... dummm... boom... BOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!
From: amalie on 2001-12-05 22:28:45
I was kidding about the "please remove" thing, but my opinion stands, this is a very unflattering picture of Bono.
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-06 00:46:44
There's just no accountability for taste any more is there???????grrr Blows kisses to doll face and apologizes for people that have their heads up their asses...grrrr..nice photo Colin we luv it.....
From: amalie on 2001-12-06 21:47:26
soul cat, you need your head examined.
From: HomieVox on 2001-12-07 15:00:20
I'm sorry amalie, but if Soul Cat hun needs her head examined, then half of the female population in the world is freaking nuts too!! Amalie, i think U should get your eyes examined!!Bono looks great in this pic, as well as in the majority of all the zillion of pics taken of him!! And, then y'know, everybody ages, and it's our opinion that this man you see on this pic is ageing gracefully!! ***
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-10 23:58:59
Tentatively she raised her head and slowly opened her eyes...her neck felt stiff and mean camped out as it was on her left shoulder probably frozen there all night...perusing the sparkling floor it shone sharp and clear as did the emaculate walls and ceiling surrounding her bed..all glimpsed in perfect harmony..'A world inside a sugar cube but with no sweetness at all'...the thought crowded her but was quickly chased away as excited chatter erupted from a hole in the wall and in popped prestine pearly white rabbits all starched up and rearing to go..big ones, tall ones, short ones, small ones...tooth-y-pick ones...whispering gobble-de-gook behind nom de plumes their prickly rosey ears twisted and turned as they circled and surrounded .... tribunal vegetarians hugging their ever present clip boards protective up against their chests as their stares held mild curiosity running to a wild disdain and some simply ignoring her as they flipped their pages like black-jack dealers on a Saturday night....the murmuring started..'still crazy after all these years'....'dum didum as loony as they come' excited chirp broke over the babble, 'heard they have to take Amalie to surgery in a little while'..a gasp 'whatever happened?'...a piper all nasally emphatic, 'Has to have the red hot tamalie dug out of thee ass after toon went berserk yesterday in lunch-line!' ..snorks erupted as a toothy one expounded, 'lucky is what I'd say' ...pointing her pen at the bed continuing..'this wacky toon grabbed the spicy entree and accomplished the dirty deed before we could wrestle her away' inquisitor asked, 'but how is that lucky? seems a unlucky to me?'...snorting profound and clear..' hell yes she's lucky as my rabbits foot or they'd be pulling Amalies head out of that deep dark cavern'..yips and yiks squeeked as a tall one quipped, 'won't find me diss'in no dirt at this feisty ones lovey dovey!' gigglie smirks...'not if you wanna keep your ass free of firecrackers!'....grumbly agreements...the tall one snarled 'I say good ridance to her she really does need her head examined!'...a palatable silence then that invisible sizzle.... a living breathing static charge filled the room as an attractive muscular man insurrected the concubine's den accompanied with his gruff almost breathless raspy assertion, 'Yes ladies to examine heads, thats what I'm here to do'..the rabbits were astounded becoming tongueless zombies as the Doctor removed his tinted shades and set his blue scorchers upon their features ..YES A ..certifiable PH.D. DOCTOR...well thats what his name tag read....see[~~~]!!!.bunnies all squint gawking at his well developed chest......elbowing his way to the bedside he looked down at the bugged eyed girl...disgust wrathing his brawny good looks he untied the leather mouth gag buckled below her jaw..white hot fuminating rage he told the bunnies never to use these animal contraptions again'..rabid with strength he disintergrated it in his crushing manly fist throwing it to the far wall...the prone girl smiled her thanks and stuck her tongue out at the bunnies...Bending over the girl he reached determinedly toward her wiggling and wrangling two fingers in through and beyond her soft womanly lips as he conducts a complete and thorough cavity search....*SCG stops to stare at the reader! A few bubbles squeeze out of a crazy giggle....but I must continue*Satisfied with her soft groaning he removed his hand and announced.."She apears to have no dental problems gums are heathy" .. the bunnies let out a loud pent-up sigh...he turns and winks at them all Mr. Charm now...'I see nothing wrong with this patient and I here by release her on the world'...turning around his hand swept up to his mouth he sucked at the two fingers roguishly eyeing her reaction..once again satisfied he then flashed those glistening digits into a glorious peace sign bid a fare thee well and headed toward the hole in the wall......*the end*Moral of the story:(in Bono honey luv style)Get regular dental care and keep those pearly whites ready for anything....! grrrr......bye-bye Amalie..starts a wavey craze....
From: ??? on 2001-12-11 09:40:43
LOL!! Scg you are a sick sick woman, and gosh I love you for it!!!Oh my gawd... anyway, tsa daa, need to go and see my dentist... *waves bye*
From: Valerie on 2001-12-13 22:40:01
wow!! what a great photo;especially being from the last concert of Elevation tour, third leg. the shot is a very georgous view of Bono but what intrigues me is the smoke/haze- almost dream like. excellent photo**a great ending to a great tour...
From: HomieVox on 2001-12-14 20:56:04
Triple, you said it! Soul cat, you sick, sick kitten!! You're the best...and f**k the rest!!!!!! Farewell amalie! GGRRR!!! U2 bunnies rock...and...roll!!!! ***
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-15 05:29:37
Yeeehaw U2 Bunnies and Hunnies Rock 'N Roll their BUTT'S off......and we're Not Coming Down...noooOOoo....grrrr
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