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U2's 'The Edge' (L) and 'Bono' perform in Miami during the group's final concert of their 'Elevation Tour,' December 2, 2001. U2 performed 113 concerts in its run through North America. (Colin Braley/Reuters)

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U2's 'The Edge' (L) and 'Bono' perform in Miami during the group's final concert of their 'Elevation Tour,' December 2, 2001. U2 performed 113 concerts in its run through North America. (Colin Braley/Reuters)

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From: soul cat girls on 2001-12-05 21:52:13
Hello girls ... hope your still here...been watching U2 Boston Concert on DVD as i write.....GAAAAWD you guys is this thee sh-- or what!!!!!!! I watched this all night till 4am... so much of our darling darling men..all the extra goodies (even though I want more more more) the sound is killer-diller too... I have to mention the guy that filmed these two shows..he is a trip in himself...I dig people that really really dig our guys and he really does dig them... sh-- I wish they'd do a compilation of all there TV appearance around the world and put it on a single DVD with kick ass sound...see how greedy I am? If I had my way I want all the shows I've ever attended on film and in my possession...they are sooooo gaaawd damn good live its unbelievable !!!!!! thing I must say he danced his ass off at my shows not so much on here...but I'm not bitching no no no..not much!!!! I luv his dancing....ummgrrr
From: Tanja on 2001-12-05 22:03:19
hello hun... did you get a twin as well??? girlSSSS? hehe... I got my vhs yesterday but I must admit I havent got the time to watch it yet. I am still working and its very buisy at the moment and I NEED time to watch it... I will try it next weekend... and I am really jealous of the ones who got the dvd with all the little goodies... I dont have it on the vhs!!! but I dont have a dvd-player and I also dont have money left to buy one... but christmas is coming!!!!
From: HomieVox on 2001-12-14 21:02:36
Grrrrr!!! You lucky people!! (jealousy is suddenly climbibg up my spine...hmm...weird feeling...i think it's reached my's freezin' up my brain...gggrr...s**t...i want that Boston s**t...f**k...s**t...)***
From: soul cat girl on 2001-12-15 05:55:29
Ha Ha Tanja how funny I just saw that sc*girls*...well hell I am a Gemini so yes us girls say Hello out there...waves.. Ya know I can't decide which pants of Bono's I like the best?...the ones at Boston are yummy but these later ones are tighter I think?...opinion from anyone? But that material on the Boston is is well it's bulky in all the right places!!!!!! ummm....Now you all know what I've been up too!!! haha ...I had to carefully microscope out my man and make sure all was right with the world.....Oh but his jacket even though I luv luv its to darn long..I totally like the shorter jacket ...don't want to miss anything...drools like the *bitch Monster in Aliens*....ya know girls we should write letters start a campagne NO LONG JACKETS ON BONO!!!!....thats one thing about Edge he doesn't cover up what he's got ya know? haha probably cause he has so little he needs to show his bunnie-ettes fast or their eyes will drift to the nicer sexy 'r present at the front of him to be revealed....grrrrWait a Damn minute that is NOT WHAT I MEANT TO SAY!!!!! To the right of him where BONO is standing...oooOOOH for crying out loud you bunny's from hell have your fun but we BONO BABES know thee Truth....and we can see it too!!!!!grrrr
From: Tanja on 2001-12-17 14:11:59
homie, where is the problem??? go and buy it, girl!!!!!and scg, NO LONG JACKETS FOR BONO!!!!!! YEEEEZ. and no more girls on stage... grrrrrr... this one on the boston video... she did not do ANYTHING!!! I mean, when you are lying on the floor right next to him and he looks at you... what would you do???? definately NOT DOING NOTHING!!! melpop did it right, but this girl.... okok dont want to be nasty... maybe she was so shocked... my favourite is definately UTEOTW... this bull fight... could watch it over and over again... our two darlings.... angel and devil... YEAH!!!
From: boomcha on 2001-12-17 15:05:48
have read that the crowd also was doing nothing.... everybody I´ve heard said that it is not a real good shot.... should have taken another one..... except you..... you love it.... think you are no good critics about our babes.... we love them what ever the do...!and....äähm is this guitarsmashingthing on this tape? was it boston? cant remember it?! if it is, I´m sure I will get it... otherwise... dont know
From: Tanja on 2001-12-17 15:10:10
it is boomcha... a very angry edge.. hehe... and hun, you HAVE to get it!!! and I dont think the crowd was doing nothing, they rocked!!! but its very hard to say when you havent been there I think... and what counts in this tape is what our men do on stage... and that is GREAT (you know it, you have seen them!!!)
From: Elevationangel on 2001-12-17 17:02:21
yes tanja yes every beautiful second, from the frusrtating look to the kicking, damn this man has a beautiful temper. *getschills* every time i see it.... (I recorded it when they played it on vh1 but it's about an hour to short so i still have to get the VHS. anyway YOU MUST HAVE IT BOOMCHA! he is so sexy, especially when he gets angry! <3 you edge happy or sad-mel
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