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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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Photo by Girlfran / [email protected]

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Photo by Girlfran /

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From: Ingrid on 2005-11-23 14:29:10
now there's a man pouring his heardt n soul into the songs! weeeeeeeh the scruffy is back! ^^ happy^^ I dunno what it is, I like this piuc.... see the sweat drippin down his neck btw?
From: lalatoots on 2005-11-23 17:02:19
Scruffy, scruff;) Damn, is he gorgeous. I see the sweat on the neck...yum yum!!
From: Ingrid has some more divine bono bits on 2005-11-23 17:18:25
Who here still believes Bono has no chest hair left?(points to the edgebunnies, can't remember exactly who said that...)girls, grab your buckets.... THE... CHEST.... and the pretty reddish brown hair... the scruffy... the tummy!... the hat on a very weird pose... it's like floating on B's crotch... :S *drool*
From: lalatoots on 2005-11-23 17:23:02
I can't remember where I've seen that before. Just imaging laying right there with him;) What a hunk!
From: Ingrid on 2005-11-23 19:00:14
I CAN imagine where I saw it before, I EVEN HAD THE BLOODY PICTURE! and I did NOT notice THE chest! how can I be so effin blind?????? (okay the one I had was a litttttle smaller, as in very small, but stil... I shoud've noticed it!)gawd he is the most gorgeous man I've ever seen(and prolly ever will see too!)
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