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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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Photo by Dom Puglisi

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Photo by Dom Puglisi

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From: Scott on 2006-11-13 05:31:48
Ahh the memories of lining up on Saturday!Hey - I've got one of the girl's jumpers and top in that Coles bag. If anyone knows how to get it back to them can you comment here with an email address to get in touch with you.What an awesome night!
From: Simone on 2006-11-13 07:41:40
Scott!!memories....could you describe this jumper??hehe youre in canberra arent you? ah well souvenirs...:)
From: Simone on 2006-11-13 07:43:07
Oh and just to let you know Michael (the one with the hat) met the band today! he got their autographs in the carpark!
From: Danielle on 2006-11-13 10:59:03
SCOTT! hey omg this is so weird we can communicate! we lost you after the hype of trying to get a spot in the ellipse!...which jumper do u have????ps woo hoo thats my head in the bottom of the screen!
From: danielle on 2006-11-13 11:02:06
ps my email [email protected] my loverly counterpart simones email [email protected] us some pictures!!!ps...check on this site theres a photo of bono carrying an aussie flag and u can see me and simone in the pic...we are famous!
From: Scott on 2006-11-13 22:37:08
Haha - nah, it's not yours - it's one of the other girl's. She gave it to me when we were sittling down inside the ellipse area.Cool that we're in touch though (am gonna email you guys some pics now).
From: Dom (1st in line) on 2006-11-14 00:52:17
hello all. im still recovering!!!! what an awesome show.would love 2 keep in [email protected]
From: danielle on 2006-11-14 08:24:07
hey hey hey dom wow we are all in contact how crazy now we just need sleeping beauty (phil) and how lovely kindergarten teacher felicity hahaha u2 rocks!they sang party girl at the third show!! :( and we missed it how crazy!
From: Felic & Sare on 2006-11-14 10:09:24
We are a bit slow on the reply. Sitting on couch at home reliving the mments. Top nite had by all. Thanx 4 gr8 company! Think we know who the owner of jumper is. Can sort that 1 out 4 u Scott. will b in touch soon about reunion! xx
From: mike on 2006-11-25 00:05:25
Memories! making our own little u2 community was sweet. Thanks Scott for sending the jumper back, i thought i owuld never see my fav. jumper again!! Your the man,HOpe your all well,Mike
From: Scott on 2006-11-25 10:04:11
Not a worry at all mate :) Glad it got back to you.Now we just need a way to get in touch with Phil!
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