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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

U2 concert photos

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Photo by Matthias Muehlbradt /

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Photo by Matthias Muehlbradt /

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From: Ingrid on 2006-11-18 22:00:41
woww~!!! *melts* omg that smile!!
From: boomcha on 2006-11-19 16:17:26
WOW Matt great picture of a great big rare smile..just beautiful.....what happened???
From: ??? on 2006-11-20 10:57:33
:D What a happy face!! Makes me smile too! Very nice picture really :D
From: chris sullivan on 2006-11-20 15:19:57
a Devilish smile!What is he up too????!
From: Octu2 on 2006-11-20 20:23:26
I've seen this adorable smile a lot lately. This is sooooo cute.
From: knappevent on 2006-11-20 20:31:20
Votes for new home pic!
From: lalatoots on 2006-11-20 20:58:05
WOW:) It is taking me so long to go through all these new pics!!! This one gets my vote too!!
From: Octu2 on 2006-11-21 02:21:46
Love this one!! It sure gets my vote!!!
From: jealous!! on 2006-11-21 08:51:13
He's smiling at the girl he carried on his back I think. How lucky is she!
From: Ingrid on 2006-11-21 15:54:32
K I vote for this one too XD Good Idea Knappe!Also, I got U218 today :) (both dvd, cd, dvd)Interesting thing is, they're both ISLAND, and NOT Mercury records... Mercury is only Uk now, and it's still island!
From: Susanne on 2006-11-23 08:27:25
*falls with her chair* Oh well, this gets me better going on than the morning cafe... Beutiful! But what's that light thing?
From: Matt on 2006-11-23 10:28:04
The light is just his follow spot on the tower at the other stadium end.
From: Ingrid on 2006-11-23 11:37:36
well, then we know it's working XD
From: Octu2 on 2006-11-24 19:54:07
This is the spotlight that I was talking about when I went to the concert. He does this at all of them, and my daughter and I were joking that since he aimed it at us, he is now our friend, because he saw us. Hahahahahah. This one has to stay up. Ingrid how does the "Windows in the Skies sound?" I missed hearing it by a few seconds on the radio the other day.
From: Stranger In A Strange Land on 2006-11-25 02:27:31
Hey, everyone check out the new Auckland Pictures!!!
From: Ingrid on 2006-11-25 18:55:49
it sounds very beatles-esque :)Since it's official material now, I can't post a link here, but I could email it to you?
From: Octu2 on 2006-11-25 19:13:00
I guess I'll just have to go out and buy it shouldn't I!! Thanks anyway ingrid. I think it is selling for a good price at the local Target store. Can't wait.
From: Octu2 on 2006-11-26 19:14:06
Hey, big pat on the back for Matt for bringing us all these great pictures!!
From: Denise on 2006-11-27 12:58:42
Fabulous shot Matt. Have you found the girl he's smiling at?
From: Octu2 on 2006-12-04 01:08:41
Me of course!!!:) Naw, just kidding. Unless he is shinning it all the way to California!
From: Matt on 2006-12-04 11:58:00
Maybe he's smiling at the girl that is on stage a few second later. Just click two for more times and you should see the photos with her on stage.
From: Octu2 on 2006-12-28 17:36:29
Here it is!! Do we want this one as home base???
From: u2trinity on 2006-12-29 03:36:09
So new home pic ?Hi and Happy New Year :)Ouch about your back Oct thats very ,very , painful I've had that happen before infact my back went out two day's before my U2 concert . On the drive to Denver I was on pain killers , I wasn't about to miss my first show !!!I felt so bad because when Bono said to jump I couldn't =( but I was there !
From: Octu2 on 2006-12-29 19:39:17
Oh man that must have been not fun, but I would have gone too and toughed it out for sure!! This is annoying because I have congenital hip displaysia and the back thing is a new symptom of the problem. I have to have a hip replacement for it to go away. They ahve been saying in the past that I'm too young and to wait until I'm 50, but I don't think I can wait that long!! I'm going to see a specialist soon.Happy new year to all!!
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-01 04:36:51
I'm very sorry to hear that Oct , I hope the specialist will be able to help !
From: Ingrid on 2007-01-03 00:02:28
ouch oct, that doesn't sound very well! Best health wishes for 2007 for you then!Happy new year everybody :)
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-03 17:39:38
Thanks guys. I hope that I can find some better help this coming year. Hope everyone has a fantastic new year!! Have you guys read about what Bono said about taking the band in a new direction? Interesting,can't wait to hear!!
From: Lauren on 2007-01-04 10:31:30
Aren't these comments supposed to be about the photos?I wanna trade places with the girl he has on stage in the next photos!! What a beautiful shot.
From: Ingrid on 2007-01-04 16:47:39
they usually should be, but Matt allows us to have one pic under which we can chat, and this one is our current chat pic... ^^Oct I read that, but contact music and such quoted him completely wrong... contact music quoted Bono saying The Rock has to go.... but they forgot to add 'or get a lot harder'.... talking about wrong editing!
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-06 06:42:36
Oct , did you get to hear Bono's Christmas day interview ? I hope U2 really gets experimental on their next couple of cd 's that would make me very =) .
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-06 06:49:29
Matt , I wanted to ask you if you would be able to post larger photos ? The photos you and your crew took for the 5th leg are amazing , I would really love to see larger photos , is that posible ?
From: Matt on 2007-01-06 10:28:08
Happy new year to everyone! Been a bit lazy lately so I've written no comments at all.I'm thinking about a little special with my favorite pics from the tour but I'm not sure if that will happen soon. If you want some specific pics let me know via the feedback form and I can mail them to you directly.
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-07 22:27:16
Thanks Matt .
From: ??? on 2007-01-08 11:56:25
Happy year 2007 everyone!The radio is playing Window in the Skies, and people I love it! And of course listening to it made me come here to share this with you ;)It's an amazing song and apparently it has an amazing video too.. will go and cehck it..
From: Ingrid on 2007-01-09 16:14:11
it has TWO videos triple! ^^ the first one is the one seen on tv with all the artists in it, the second one (I LOVE that one!) is a short picture history of U2, mostly early 80s
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-10 17:36:41
I love the new video version the best!! But of course the other one is fun too. I wish the pictures in the second version would go a little bit slower,but maybe I'm just too old!!
From: ??? on 2007-01-11 11:44:14
Ooh, so I've only seen one version. The one with all the artists. Will go and look for the other.. thank you Ingrid! *hugsfromfinland*I think I found it! Did you see Edge taking photo of Bono??!! Way way cute!! *faintsandwakesup* Oh my, there he is!! Playing his guitarr in blue light! oh..
From: ??? on 2007-01-11 15:20:12
Hey, looking again at the video, I think I saw a fan video, at least so people had commented on it. I liked it though. But still haven't seen the video you meant. :)Oh well, search and find, here comes the 80's! How cute is this one?! Found it!Oh can't you see...
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-11 17:41:01
Isn't the new song catchy?! I hear it in the morning on Vh1 and that is it for the day. I'm humming it all day long.
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-12 05:41:03
Hi triple , good to see you back , and Happy New Year to you to . The new vid with the photos is amazing , seeing baby u2 and their stomping ground makes me very =) .Not watching much tv lately , so vh1 is showing the vid quite a bit Oct ? Do they show both ?
From: Ingrid on 2007-01-12 17:13:05
Triple, the one you saw is fan made, since the Bono Edge photo moment is from the HTDAAB bonus dvd :)you can find the video by searching for user U2Official.... which is, in fact, owned by ^^ they have WITS 1 and 2 there
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-17 18:38:24
Let's keep this one going!
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-01-17 21:08:16
Hi everyone, a belated happy new year! Sorry to read about your back trouble Octu2, hope that specialist will be able to do something for you. I love WITS, too, it gets played quite a lot on tv and radio now overhere. I have not seen video version 2 on tv.
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-18 18:25:53
Oh I think you are in for a treat,then if you haven't seen it. try You Tube. I think I like it much better the more I think about it because it fits with the song. That is only my opinion though.
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-19 04:06:12
Hi Ladyofcymru , I haven't seen the first vid but I am very happy with the second , it really beautiful !
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-21 17:25:30
Trinity, you didn't see the one with all the musicians? Or did you see that one, and not the black and white one with them as youngsters?
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-22 01:46:14
I haven't seen the one with the musicians , I saw the one with the babyU2 pics and I loved it .
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-23 04:19:12
ingrid , did you see my post on pleba ,asking if you have this vid in avi ?If so would you upload it ?It's soooo cute ..... uploaded but it's not converted and I don't know how to .
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-23 18:17:38
That is very funny. If one didn't have four kids and the other five, you would wonder about those two wouldn't you!! Ha Ha Just kidding.
From: Ingrid on 2007-01-23 19:03:17
oh I thought hs ehad it converted :) I'm saving,converting and uploading it now
From: Ingrid on 2007-01-23 19:21:47
here it is :)
From: u2trinity on 2007-01-24 02:51:28
awww, thank you so much ingrid =) . I'm downloading now , I thought you had this all ready .Thanks for taking the time to convert this .
From: Nik on 2007-01-26 11:52:34
Hi guys,I thought you might enjoy this if you haven't already seen it-!
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-29 02:44:53
Pretty fun but isn't this on the DVD?
From: Octu2 on 2007-01-30 19:27:06
Just trying to save this one.....don't know why though???
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-02-02 18:32:32
I'm still here ;)Do you know the song Smile? I think it reminds me of another U2 song, but I can't pin it down. Maybe one of you can help me there. I would love to see them play it so I can see which guitar Edge uses for it. It has a haunting melody (can't get it out of my head) and great vocals and lyrics.
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-02-02 18:40:33
I know why we want to keep this homepic up, Octu2 that we can ask Ingrid to upload videos for us and give us answers to our U2 questions! ;)But also because it is nice to have a little chat with all you ladies that visit here :) *waves hello*
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-02-02 18:43:19
Sorry.... and gents, musn't forget, it's just that they are in the minority.
From: Octu2 on 2007-02-02 20:23:16
I refuse to let them go as far as going to this site. It is fun to say hi to whomever comes on here just to check.So anyone out there who is a regular and doesn't comment,it's ok,just say hi though maybe.
From: Ingrid on 2007-02-03 23:56:29
omg, have you gals seen the Across The Universe trailer??? Bono is in it in a flash, with the pornstache!! *drool*
From: u2trinity on 2007-02-04 08:37:04
Hi everyone , I was reading your post about Smile Lady so I have been listening to this lovely song that I have not really listened to much . I'm hooked now , thanks I havent seen the trailer yet ,I'm getting excited about this , will he be singing on two songs for the movie ? I hope his part is not as small as they are saying on interference .It's our home pic Oct , I understand why you don't want to let it go , I'll stop in more to say hi .
From: Ingrid on 2007-02-05 16:41:26
he'll sing I am the Walrus Triny :)
From: u2trinity on 2007-02-07 03:41:27
I Am The Walrus , has a snippet of the song leaked out anywhere ? drool .
From: Octu2 on 2007-02-08 20:06:46
Is anyone out there holding out hope that Bono at least will be at the Grammy's? I just saw a thing on VH1 talking about how Bono is nominated for his collaboration with M J Blige. I would think he would go just for the fun of it,even though he or they aren't presenting. Other wise, the show isn't going to be fun for me to watch this year.:( In March I have tickets to see Snow Patrol in San Francisco, my hubby and daughter are going should be fun.Hi to all!!!!!
From: Ingrid on 2007-02-09 09:48:30
did they really say that BONO was nomintated with MJB??? I really hate it when things like that happen, Bono is NOT U2 fgs! ><well, I don't think he'll be there... but ofcours,e he could be..
From: u2trinity on 2007-02-10 03:16:37
I really doubt that Bono will be at the grammys , but I am looking forward to seeing The Police , so at least the opening will be worth watching .Snow Patrol should be a very good show Oct .
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-02-11 12:05:14
Hi everyone, I know what you mean Ingrid, naming Bono when they mean U2 makes me angry too, they are all as important as each other! I think they might put in an appearance at the Grammys, having two part-nominations. We can't see it here unfortunately. Let us know what happens? Great that you are going to see Snow Patrol Oct, have fun.
From: Octu2 on 2007-02-12 20:41:08
Nope, they were a no show at the Grammy's. Needless to say the Grammy's were crap this year!!! If they had shown up at least there would have been eye candy to look at!! Very retarded show. There was no host,and all the acts were very lack luster. The Red Chili Peppers were alright,but I don't think gave it there all. They screwed over James Blunt I think. So the guys didn't miss anything. Anyone who saw this show let me know...there were some extremely odd things on it. Like Smoky Robinson's strange eye color and just too many other things to name on here. Last year was so fun since our boys were there,I should have just not even wasted my time!!
From: u2trinity on 2007-02-14 08:07:02
I forgot all about the Grammys sunday , but I guess I didn't miss much Oct .I was hoping to see the Police , by the postings on interference sounds like they didn;t make much of an inpression . I really like the Chili Peppers music but I'm not sure about them live , I saw them a couple of years ago and I don't know if they were having a bad night or what but they weren't all that great , I was disappointed .
From: Octu2 on 2007-02-14 18:27:46
I have heard that about the Chili Peppers. That they are either great or just so so, On the Grammys they were so so. Sting should have worn a shirt is all I have to say. He kind of looked like he was trying too hard.The show was a waste of time and poorly done.I heard on a local radio show here in S.F. That Bono was seen at an after party! I wonder if they were at the show and the cameras just didn't focus on them or they just hit the parties after?
From: u2trinity on 2007-02-17 08:20:05
spanish eyes
From: Ingrid on 2007-02-17 14:28:49
Thank you very much triny ^^Oct, I heard MJB did win an awarsd, was that the U2 one or not?
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-02-17 21:22:59
Cute video, thanks Triny. (lol Edges eyebrows as the lady is sewing his button back on ;) )
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-02-23 05:29:28
Ladyofcymru she is wiring him up...sweeeeeet belly!!!....I have this whole show its about 45 minutes cute...wild and wooley in those days.... ;)) ..... hey to everybody....*waves*....long drought before our babies come back to us...*sniffle*...take care all
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-02-23 13:31:03
O dear,wiring him up, ofcourse, silly me, thanks Soulcatgirl, yes yummie little Edgebelly that was my other thought about this video ;)I'd love to see all of that show, which one is it, cause it looked familiar.
From: Ingrid on 2007-02-23 19:32:03
*faints* OMG, did I REALLY just see Soulkitty here????? pinch me, I'm dreaming... wow, it's been ages! *shifty* quick, check this! Bono has maroon underwear....*snerk*
From: Octu2 on 2007-02-25 18:15:28
Wow, I think I did see Soulcat flash on by!!:) I was just thinking about her the other day when I was on here. I have a feeling hse checks in a lot but doesn't comment. Good to see a comment from her though.
From: Octu2 on 2007-02-28 20:14:07
Any one in the house?? I just saw on TV that Bono is going to be on the NCAAP awards I can't remember the date though, I think it is on Thursday on Fox network here in the States, It is probably a taped thing of him talking,but hey better than nothing!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-02-28 22:16:52 you go Octu2...*waves with big hug*
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-02-28 22:18:32
By the way...I just LOVE this piccie of my baby....*ummYumm*...thanks Matt :))
From: Octu2 on 2007-02-28 23:50:56
Thank you Soulcat Baby doll :) i'm sure I will be tuning in!!! Good to see your name up on the comments, I don't feel all alone here. Tomorrow,we are going to see Snow Patrol in S.F. Can't wait!! I heard Larry was going to help Snow Patrol out when their drummer broke his elbow this past January. I think it was for something in England...Nice of good old Larry huh!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-03-01 04:16:41
Hey Octu2 have fun at your concert.. :))I found these on YouTube.....gads you can spend your life on YouTube its awesome.....yippie!!! in Syracuse NY, '87 Plaza,NY '2000 to Stand Still '87 in Paris Unforgettable Fire'87 in Paris in Syracuse NYBasically click on this poster DiegoQ05 ... he has some eye popping goodies ;)) in LA...'87 of Control....'87click on axblack he has great U2 stuff too... ;))Gads folks hope these work.....sometimes they take U2 vids off faster than a speeding train so here's to hoping there still onboard when you go there...*fingers crossed*Bono is such a hunk!!! LOVE MY BABY....grrrrrr
From: ??? on 2007-03-01 14:05:19
Good to read you found you way home from you tube land, my sweet soulie!It can be a dangerous place.. to get lost in..
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-01 18:37:37
I set a time limit on You Tube. Then I favorite some of them so they don't get lost. I haven't noticed that they get taken off. I have the award show set to record on my DVR this Friday. Hi ???
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-02 18:33:19
WOW, was Snow Patrol Fantastic!!! I left the arena with the same feelings as the U2 Oakland show. They really know how to serve it up,damn those charming Irishmen. Highly recommend them as a live act for sure!! Speaking of charming Irishmen, Bono is in town today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is in Oakland today. I heard that it was going to be impossible to see him though. They said that he was holding a press conference too. Between Snow patrol and Bono I'm in a whirlwind :)
From: Ingrid on 2007-03-03 18:42:06
Here's the award show, omg, this is the BEST speech EVER I've seen Bono give!
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-04 04:25:45
wow , soulcat and triple ! for a minute I thought I was on a old thread , *waves*Bono was fantastic last night on the naacp , his black, on black with purple socks .......drool !!!!!glad to hear Snow Patrol was a great show Oct , I wonder if they are comming out this way NM . I think it's about time went to a show , staying pure for our boy's might take a few years .
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-06 19:10:31
I finally got to see the NAACP award show. I had it taped on my DVR. I fast forwarded it to see our man Bono. Nice speech. Towards the end when he spoke of God being in the poor etc. He sounded like he was giving the homily that my parish priest gave last Sunday :) Fr. Bono, hahahahah. That same Friday he was literally 15 minutes from my home by car!!!! If I were more with it, I could have waited outside the church he went to in Oakland to gaze at him!!!
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-15 22:40:10
testing to see if the comments are working ?
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-15 22:47:45
was this down for a fwe day's ?I wasen't abel to get on it ! Matt , did you get my email , requesting which photos I would like larger copies of ?if not I will resend . I forgot to add this home pic to the list , how could I have forgotten about this one !!!
From: Matt on 2007-03-15 23:35:55
I had some server problems and had to restore a backup. A few comments might be lost as result. Please mail your photo list again as some mail were lost as well.
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-16 02:52:11
ok Matt , I will resend .Thanks .
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-16 17:16:20
Good to see SOME activity on here :)
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-19 17:14:41
Have to check in for a bit to make sure this one stays put and say hi to everyone. Did you hear about the new 3d movie/concert coming out later this year??? should be a hoot.
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-03-19 18:00:13
Hi Octu2. Yes that 3D concert movie should be great, but it can only be shown in a 3D-cinema, I don't think there is one in my area :(
From: Ingrid on 2007-03-19 21:06:28
Triny, try and check your location :)I'm dissapointed that we're only getting 18/19 songs! First milan, now this! again an incomplete dvd!
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-20 03:15:10
I checked your link out Ingrid , No Imax in my area :(I feel your pain Oct .Does that mean when I is released on dvd it will be 3D , is there 3D dvd's ?I want Bono in 3D !!!!!!!
From: Menik on 2007-03-20 11:15:40
Some top Comic Relief for your guys-
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-20 17:46:24
maybe if and when that gets released as a DVD it will come with little 3d glasses. I live near two Imax theaters so maybe I will go when it comes out.
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-20 18:25:49
ha Oct , maybe the 3D glasses will look like Bono shades . haha .And maybe you will go ?
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-03-21 23:49:30
Menik that was brilliant...*clapping* thanks for the link..... ;))Hey girls....*waves*....
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-22 23:35:45
Hi Soulie and Trin, I watched that comic relief clip at least five or six times. All of them are soooo funny. I especially loved Jamie Oliver,and our B man of course. Trinity,that would be super funny if the little glasses were Bono style :) About the IMAX thing, i just hate having to go in the city to that theater and the other one is in an annoying town near by that I hate driving to. If anything I will go to the one in the city when it comes out. I forgot to tell you guys a funny story when I was at that the Snow Patrol concert. I sat by this really cute older couple and struck up a conversation with them. Turns out the husband (looking not at all like a rock lover by the way) had been to all these amazing concerts throughout his life. The one memorable thing he said was, that when he was working in San Francisco,back in 1988,He saw u2 at Justin Herman plaza. He heard all the commotion out side and ran out there. He said he had an excellent view of them and saw Bono spray painting that sculpture!! He said it was a whole bunch of fun!! I love meeting fun old people like that!!:)
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-25 17:59:52
Rock 'N' Roll stops the traffic , I have this written on a tag on my key chain . I also have a Bono quote " In my heart I'm not wearing any sunglasses ,Baby ".Very cool Oct .I don't think they would do the Bono shades for the 3D thing , too cheesy ! but it would be fun . Soulcat , nice to see you checking in .I miss your stories , any chance your in a writing mood ;) ?
From: boomcha on 2007-03-28 12:29:32
Oh, Kitty was here...havent been around some time. Sorry....Bono was in Germany at the weekend. He got an ECHO for his good work for Africa. I had no idea he was here but i checked in at the show right when he got introduced. He looked good and I like it when he holds his jacked with one hand dont know why but i think its so cute. See ya..hope your all doing fine!
From: Octu2 on 2007-03-28 20:44:29
I think that is a funny little habit he has holding his jacket closed. Most likely he is trying to camoflage something. Also did you notice how he keeps his one leg on tip toe?! I saw the clip of him getting that award on You Tube. He looks so cute with his hair short and fuzzy! Love it!
From: Nik on 2007-03-30 13:30:35
He's been knighted!
From: u2trinity on 2007-03-31 06:20:49
Hi everyone , our B and Ali looked wonderful , happy beeming with joy !!! =)I'm so happy for him .and yes Oct , he does seem to be self-conscious about his weight and height , I wish he wasn't there's no need , he is such an amazing man , no one else like him !!!!
From: Octu2 on 2007-04-02 20:18:14
Has anyone else heard this news that came to me via "Google Alerts" about U2 buying a casino in Atlantic city? I forget the web site it took me to,but it sounded like an April fools joke to me!! It talked about them buying some casino that I think Trump owned and then adding a 10,000 seat area to it so they would have a home to play. It mention all this nonsense on it, like themed restaurants and shops using titles from their songs. I sure am hoping this isn't true. I'll go back and get the link and then post it. I'm sad if this is true since it seems like it would cheapen them. It sounds sooo outlandish thought that it has to be a joke.
From: Octu2 on 2007-04-02 20:20:12
groovevolt.comcheck out this article I still think it is a April fools joke!!!
From: Fanny on 2007-04-03 10:56:53
Hi everyone!! LONG time no see, thought I'd step by to say hi:) I've been very busy lately, but I've got holidaaay so I had some spare time. And what is the first I think of then? You guys! yeah!:)How are you all?
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-04-03 22:51:20
Hi everyone. I read the article you mentioned Octu2, and I agree, it sounds like some elaborate fantasy. I can't believe U2 would want their own arena to play 30-50 shows a year in, no more touring! It also said Bono insists on having 20 full length mirrors in every hotelsuite, that has to be a joke. Not to mention the song-themed stuff.
From: Octu2 on 2007-04-05 16:46:44
I just got another one of those google alerts for U2 that has a web site that said that Larry was pissed of for Bono getting knighted. I was mean and I don't think Larry would say any of those things.
From: Ingrid on 2007-04-05 17:23:17
Oct, they're both jokes... the first one was an april fools joke, the second one is from a site that makes up articles, just for fun... was a good article tho XD
From: Octu2 on 2007-04-06 16:14:10
I realize that now!! I didn't scroll to the bottom of the article to see that it was a satire! Funy web site that one is (Spoof) This new one they had on there to day was that Larry was going to join the Corrs,since his fall out with Bono and that they were in shock that he accepted the position!! funny:) Like that would really happen in a million years.
From: Octu2 on 2007-04-15 17:45:04
Or shinny bright picture is going down in the pile here. Thought I'd visit and move it back up!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-04-24 22:08:34
Hello everyone...hope you all are doing fine.. ;))Bono will be on American Idol as part of a two day special...and money will be raised for charities....this should be fun...whooopeeee! Get to see my baby!..*Soulie does happy dance*.....take care our boys :))
From: Octu2 on 2007-04-25 03:09:42
Are you sure about this? I think there was some confusion over on the PLEBA site. I think Ryan Seacrest mentioned Bono,but I'm not sure if he is going to be on it or not. Tell me if you have more info than I do?!!!
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-04-25 20:51:16
Hi Oct, maybe this comes too late, but they said on Dutch radio this afternoon that Bono will be on American Idol today. You lucky girls! Also that Bono and Dave Stewart have written a new tune (don't know if that's the right word) for the show. Enjoy, and hopefully we will be able to see his bit on Youtube soon.
From: ladyofcymru on 2007-04-26 21:56:32
From what I am reading I gather that Dutch radiostation didn't have their facts right about that themetunething, they were probably referring to American Prayer. Anyway, it must have been good to see Bono. And they made a lot of money with that show :)
From: Octu2 on 2007-04-27 19:02:04
It was nice to see the four min. they showed him on there. I knew he wouldn't actually show up on the night of the show. It was a taped segment that lasted I want to say more like two min. The contestants were practicing the song,and then you see him peek out around the corner,and the first thing he tells them is "Boy you murdered that didn't you!" Cute as ever but the show waited until the last five min to show him and for them to sing the actual song. Oh well, some is better than none I suppose!
From: ingrid on 2007-04-28 13:06:27
what radiochannel was that ladyofcymru? it's prolly taken from cause they had the same message up... it's indeed American Prayer
From: Ladyofcymru on 2007-04-30 18:50:51
Hi Ingrid, it was Radio Veronica I heard it on, and it was also on their internetsite.
From: Octu2 on 2007-05-03 18:40:41
Hi guys,just checking in...I went to the "Fillmore" in San Francisco last night and saw "Travis" great show. I'm sure most of you who are in the UK know of them,but they are not know that widely here. It is a small intimate venue,and lends to a nice gathering of like minded souls. Anyone out there like them??
From: Ladyofcymru to Ingrid on 2007-05-11 13:08:09
Hi Ingrid, (and everyone who can get Dutch tv) I heard that U2 will be in Entourage tomorrow 20.00 Ned.3. Apparently these guys go to a U2 show, you get to see 2 songs, and Bono says happy birthday to one of them.
From: Ingrid on 2007-05-12 16:03:07
damnit! I have to work from 18-22h tonight ><
From: Matt on 2007-05-15 16:44:00
Hello everyone! Here are some fresh photos of Bono in Berlin taken today:
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-05-16 08:37:58
Thanks Matt...really sweet...went through all 151 pages ....I'm in heaven.. ;))
From: Octu2 on 2007-05-17 17:46:16
Those were fun!! Bono looks adorable in that striped shirt!!
From: Ingrid on 2007-05-18 16:48:01
thanks matt! I love that striped shirt!
From: Ingrid on 2007-05-19 22:32:05
If you check this link in yoru browser NOW you can tune into the live cam from Cannes, U2 will be there in approx 2 hours, for the screening of U23D!I have already heard them rehearse Where The Streets Have No Name, with EDGE on vocals!mms:// hope we'll see them!
From: boomcha on 2007-05-20 15:51:47
Hi everyone!!!Nice pictures from Berlin (far too much for me to look) but some are really sweet. But Matt, stupid question, are these photos taken by you?? I just ask because thats a "press conference". Are you one of them by now??? I didnt even know he was here again. Saw that on Frauke Ludowig that he was meeting with Angie again... always too the wrong time at the wrong place...
From: Matt on 2007-05-20 17:21:52
@boomcha: yes these are mine. I had luck that there was no need to be from the press with a pass and that stuff. Everyone was able to walk in easily. I just wrote my name and contact details on a list and was in.
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-05-21 05:50:31
*thank you Matt*.. ;))Boomie you sweet-bunny-lover hehehehe...*big bear hug*..hope your well and happy....I love my EdgyU2 girls...*throws a 1000 bussies over the ocean*....Have you seen ???....throws some of those bussies up to Finland too...;))..Gawd Boomie our men are so wonderful ...I adore them...who would have thought all those years ago they would change the world in such a dramatic caring way...bless them....I'm off to you tube, I am totally addicted to it!!!!!...*winks*
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-05-21 05:53:47 the way 20 years ago this week U2 had the number 1 album and the number one song and the number 1 tour....*holy shiiieeettt....time flys when your having fun*... :))
From: boomcha on 2007-05-21 11:51:05
Hi Soulie *tries to wave covered in buusies* saw a second of their Cannes concert....damn all those lucky things (Matt included :-) I hate to be tucked here in this boring country side....Youre in youtube??? So you got rid of your dialup puter and got a faster one??? Kitty your scaring the hell out of me!! C u...hope your all doing fine. Waves around the world and throws bussies too!!!!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2007-05-25 01:12:28
*catches bussies flying by my head*.....I can scare you even more...*grinning*...I can sing the album PopMart, scratch my belly, jump-a-rope, and eat cheetos ...Oh and watch Youtube with U2 on it all at the same time!!!!.....pretty scary huh? the way how is that damn adorable man of yours Mrs.Evans? Edgy looked so cute in Bill Clintons arms after my President gave him a humanitarian award.....*Rolling Stone Mag. if anyone wants to see the darling *whittle bunny rabbit*... :))
From: Ingrid on 2007-05-25 15:56:40
wow Souly, Boomie! haven't seen you guys in ages! how are you both?holy momma, Edge looked HOT in cannes! must've been the shirt!
From: u2trinity on 2007-05-30 04:16:53
Thanks Matt for the Flicker link , as soon as I have some time I will go through every page . =)
From: Octu2 on 2007-06-04 18:42:24
I heard on the PLEBA site that Oprah is going to have something on her show June 5th about "What Bono is up to this summer" Can't wait to see that!
From: boomcha on 2007-06-07 23:21:35
Bono was in Rostock today at the G8 concert. He sang some tunes with other artists and with Herbert Grönemeyer in german. He did absolutely great. They said he and Bob had some arguement with Angie. Good night?
From: Octu2 on 2007-06-14 17:03:23
wonder what happened?
From: LadyofCymru on 2007-10-30 21:48:28
Hi U2Trinity, is this the pic?
From: Octu2 on 2007-10-30 23:56:11
Oh my goodness, I haven't seen this pic in ages!! Hi everyone!! Happy Halloween and Happy birthday to Larry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From: LadyofCymru on 2007-10-31 06:49:30
Hi *wave* happy Larry birthday everyone!
From: u2trinity on 2008-01-13 04:40:54
Hi LadyofCymru *waves* yes this is the Home pic . I lost track of it , thanks for finding it .
From: Octu2 on 2008-02-07 22:44:20
Wow I haven't browsed over here in a very long time!! This picture should be kept on top somehow!!! Hi to anyone who pops in!!
From: u2trinity on 2008-02-09 04:04:46
Hi to everyone *waves* I hope everyone is well . not much going on I guess , waiting to see U23D on Feb. 15 can't wait , going with my daughter on Feb. 16 , and maybe I'll see it a couple of times on sunday . can't imagine having B seem that close !!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2008-02-09 22:53:13
Hey Trinity and Oct *waves*...Trinity thats so cool.. I'm getting so irked I want to see U23D really really bad and I want to see it in an IMax theater.....darn it!!!! That little girl that is on Disney channel ....what's her name? Hannah Bannah or somethng...(duh) ...has her movie in the Imax near me!!!! What the hell are the odds on that!!!???? I can't believe that my babies have a spectacular movie and this little gal just happens to have hers at the same time aqnd she gets to hog the IMAX Theater!!!!....*Soulcat pulls her hair moaning*...Trini are you seeing it in IMax?....Lucky lucky you ...*hugs* give Bono my luv.....:))~ ..sniffs....but happy for you...Oct have you went yet? Your close enough to Imax to pop in and out...lucky you too... ;))...we don't even have it down my way in a regular theater yet!!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2008-02-09 23:07:23
Oh I just watched "Across The Universe" ...finally!....I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED was so much fun and touchingly apropos in the imagery being conveyed.....gads I sang through the whole thing at the top of my lungs...*croaks like a frog*.....Bono was effing hysterical..."masterbating crocadiles"...hahahahahahaha holy funny....see it if you get a chance and the DVD has lots of extras.... ;))...bonomuhahahahaha
From: u2trinity on 2008-02-13 06:15:18
Hi Soulcat *waves* . No IMax in my town , just a regular theater but I'm happy with that . This will be my first time seeing the boy's on the big screen , didn't see R&H in a theater so I'm really excited !!!! feels almost I'm going to a live u2 show !!! Soulcat , do you post over on Interference and Pleba ?
From: Soulcatgirl on 2008-02-18 02:25:47
Hey Triny by now you've seen it??????? So how cool was your show? That was a trick question...hihiihi... I know it was awesome...*clapping*...I was lucky I saw H&R in a century 21...holy sheeeet ! ...Then i saw it in about 5 different theaters around 20 times...Oh yeah I've got it bad for along time.... *lovefest*...smilingAs far as posting on Interference and but I'm familiar with the site ;)) .......haven't been there in ages though..... Matts house is pretty much the only "U2 place" I've posted...I do visit AtU2 to see whats happening with our doll faces...Have you seen Across The Universe? I'm going to order it...I need to own it I really loved it.... "TURN IT TO ELEVEN" and sing your heart out....*Soulcat wails Bonoooooooo!*:))~
From: Octu2 on 2008-02-21 17:23:37
Hey guys... I saw IT!!!!! Oh my god it was soooo cool. There were many amazing parts to this,you just didn't want it to end. I was pissed that that Hanna whatever her name is got more press on her 3d film that this did. As far as all these supposed people going to see it. ANYWAY , I saw it on the 17th, and the only showing was at 11:15 pm. We got home at 2:30am,but it was soooo worth it. I don't want to give details because you have to experience it as it comes to you,but it was so great and well done. I hope you guys get to see it. Soulcat, if you can swing it,take a trip into the city to see it girl!!!
From: Octu2 on 2008-02-21 17:24:52
I also saw Across the universe and loved it!!! Bono was so adorable in it.
From: Soulcatgirl on 2008-02-23 06:51:24
Hey Oct..*bonohugs* ..I can see you went to AMC Loews Metreon 16 IMAX in San Francisco...the damn thing is still only playing at 11:15 pm...*stomps foot* ...if I went to the city I would have to leave here at about 7:30 fight the dreaded traffic jams (ugh screams out the window honks horn profusely yells ancestral curses on their unborn....and thats just leaving my driveway ! ) then watch the show and drive all the way home long is the show? About 1 hour and 20 minutes...I would probably get home around 3:30 or 4 AM... *Soulie's eyes drooping shut while I'm on the road!* ...If they don't get this movie by me pretty soon I'm going to be royally pissed off!...Hanna banana is ridiculous, why the hell she beats U2 out of the San Jose Imax is so beyond me????? I think people have effing lost their ever loving minds lately anyway!....I dare not turn on the TV without it making me sp furious I want to blow the screen out..(I would love tio be like Elvis and just blow the eff right out of it when that crap spills outta of it!...Soooo I've been reading and writing most of the time ...hihihi ..and listening to my baby's with their hard hitting sweet talk'n music...just the way I like it!!!!! oh yeah.....filled up my first Ipod with all their albums....oh my gawd I still don't know how to work the damn thing!!!hahahaha....take care Oct maybe pretty soo we will get a new CD...yippie! ...remember when I told you its always 4 years? See what I mean the waiting kills ya...but at least nowadays Bono & Edge are always so active doing so much that their in the news alot and not hiding away somewhere...good for us ;)) ....but my baby has cut his hair all off again! *sniffs*....oh well .....*love my baby Bono*
From: Soulcatgirl on 2008-02-23 07:09:16
Oct go take a look on there is a wonderful video of our boys...Adam sure looks exceptionally scrumptious... :))~ ....but my Bono is all fuzzybear cuddles...loved it.... take care U2babe...*waves*
From: Octu2 on 2008-02-23 22:29:44
Hey Soulie, I guess Dublin Imax has it now. I know it may not be that close to you,but maybe they have other show times. The reason we got home so darn late was that the Bay Bridge had some crazy detour and we decided to go on the Golden Gate Bridge to get to the east bay. I can see though that it would take you forever to get home. Maybe they will soon play it at the San Jose one,since Dublin wasn't showing it until this weekend.So.....You got yourself an iPod :) Did you get the cool U2 one. I, like a nerd, have that one. Hope you are enjoying it. I will go take a gander at the @u2 site for the clip. Catcha on the flip side and I sure hope you are able to see the film soon.
From: Octu2 on 2008-02-23 22:31:46
I went over to atu2 and can't find the clip,what is it under?
From: Soulcatgirl on 2008-02-25 05:34:10
It's a You Tube screen set up right on the first page.. ;)) .. your not seeing it ... *pats Oct on the back sympathetic!!*...either your puter is goofy or you've gone bonkers...hihiihi... love Soulie....PS...I almost forgot ...noooooo I didn't get U2 Ipod *raises fist to heavens*..I ordered it through "Muscians Friend'...guitar equipment catalog...I still don't know how to work the holds 40,000 songs ..holy crap thats crazy..LOL...all I can say is thats alot of Bono in a tiny package... *wink* .. :))
From: Octu2 on 2008-02-26 20:18:29
OOps I hit enter before I even wrote anything.I guess I didn't go to the main page of,and If I did,I didn't scroll down far enough. That was fun to watch! He looks adorable as usual doesn't he?!I'm happy that I was a nerd and bought that u2 iPod because I think it will be a collectors item one day. Plus I think it is so pretty. What can't you work on your ipod?? If you have someone to down load the music for you then aren't you good to go? which one do you have? My husband has a video ipod and my daughter has the new nano video. Just play with the wheel and start pressing buttons!!!
From: Octu2 on 2008-02-26 21:57:53
oh i forgot to mention that I have a blog now for those who want to see it I have been having a lot of fun so far with it. Occasionally there might be some u2 related items :)
From: Soulcatgirl on 2008-05-10 11:01:49
Happy Birthday you forever Bono....xxxxxxxx all over... ;))
From: u2trinity on 2008-07-06 08:10:30
Hi everyone *waves*...Just stopped in to keep the home pic up .
From: Octu2 on 2008-07-31 03:35:13
Hey everyone.....long time no comment on here!I got an e-mail talking about the new album...hope it was truthful,since it said that the album is set to be released in November!! Yippee
From: Matt on 2008-08-03 18:05:09
I hope we're all on the road again next year with the album release this fall. I hope everyone of *us* is ok at the moment and back with much U2 love for the upcoming tour then :)Today, 15 years ago Nijmegen, 7 years ago Arnhem, 3 years ago Munich and next year? :-)Matt
From: knapppevent on 2008-08-16 11:05:51
Weel long time no see... i'm in for the new tour! Got a new camera.. so let us go!!
From: Octu2 on 2008-08-17 22:02:43
I've been going back on all the U2 sites to get back in the groove for November. Super excited :) I'm sure all of you heard about the leak of the new song on You tube. I tried to watch/listen to it and I couldn't get the darn thing to work!! Anyone out there have better luck?
From: knappevent on 2008-08-20 11:47:03
I've got the songs, 5 total. Don't expect to much from the quality, but they are nice to hear for a good impression. You wont play them whole day on I-pod....
From: Octu2 on 2008-11-14 01:05:36
Looks like we were all excited for nothing!!! Now we have to wait till the new year :(
From: u2trinity on 2009-02-24 03:42:10
The new look of this site looks great .I'm waiting for to put up their new site it's down today for the launch of the new on .*waves* to everyone !can't wait to see some new pics up here .Happy about your new camera knappe , I won't be able to go to any shows this tour , so I'm looking forward to your lovely XL photos .
From: Octu2 on 2009-02-24 22:31:53
I'm getting a new digital SLR this week and I will be taking to the upcoming shows! Nikon d90! I can't wait for it all to begin again.HI Trinity!!!!!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2009-03-04 01:20:10
I've got the new CD and I'm flabbergasted and in LOVE babies never never disappoint me !!!....Gawd what can I say "I love it" ...when I heard 'Moment of Surrender ' I lost it and cried my eye balls out ....I've only listened to it once and I'm thrown back to everything I love about this Band...they are MY Band Forever....I'm floating ....floating ......."White as Snow"... ;))
From: Soulcatgirl on 2009-03-04 01:26:33
Waves to Oct, Trinity Knappe...& Matt... ;))
From: ??? on 2009-03-05 09:37:13
What about me? !!! what about me? !!! *waves and waves and waves*
From: Matt on 2009-03-05 10:01:48
Welcome back everyone ... exciting times are coming :)
From: Soulcatgirl on 2009-03-07 07:48:09
Bwhahahaha...*Hugs triple so hard*.. I have missed you crazy woman!..*ooops makes me sniffle*...Edge's cute little bunny smile is back for you!Woot!.... Matt you big dollface ...yes exciting Is the word... can't wait to get out on the road again...whoohoo...Did you guys get to see U2 on David Letterman and on Goodmorning America?...Our men are still cooking Hawt!!! Love the new album it feeds my soul and kicks major butt...I pray Bono's voice holds up for it..*fingers crossed*... Triple I swear they better go to Finlnd this tour *shakes fist at U2*
From: ??? on 2009-03-09 09:44:10
Still no Finland??I give up.. forever... And who ate my nails????Soulie, was it you again, hugging doesn't mean chewing on your friends nails, kitty! Please stop that..And no, I haven't seen them boys anywhere and.. *sniff* .. and obviously I won't.. but I'm strong, I will survive!!
From: Matt on 2009-03-09 23:25:41
Oh Triple, that's so sad :( Maybe you join us somewhere in Europe? :-)
From: ??? on 2009-03-10 08:50:55
Yes, it's sad when soulie always chews on my nails when she is nervous, but I will survive.Well, actually I still haven't given up with the boys, I think there is a date where they will fit Finland, after some discussion with the retards who organize concerts in here. So, we will see..And the years have grown my life so big in here, that sadly it's not possible to travel elsewhere to a concert , as nice as it sounds.Thank you Matt!
From: Soulcatgirl on 2009-03-12 08:59:57
From: Soulcatgirl on 2009-03-12 09:00:53
Why was i filtered Matt?
From: Soulcatgirl on 2009-03-12 09:05:30
Tried to answer triple but it went bye bye.... :((
From: boomcha on 2009-03-12 12:09:07
So you girls are back again *winks to everyone and hugs big*Kitty maybe your comment was a bit offending to our ??? and Matt had to cut you out. He always has an eye on you, you know?Poor triple you are...but I wish I was you cause I cant deside where to go...and by now with all this talking maybe I dont go anywhere...If Edge really wants me he knows where I live!!!! So he can come and get me anytime!!!!!!!Hi Matt what are you thinking? where are you going? anywhere in Europe or only Germany??
From: Matt on 2009-03-12 20:02:27
Umm ... I have no idea why it was filtered. I'll have to look into that. Probably A a new feature of the upgraded gallery that I haven't noticed so far :)Matt
From: Matt on 2009-03-12 20:14:08
Soulcatgirl, can you please try to answer again? Please copy the text to your clipboard before you hit the *Add comment* button. If it is filtered again mail it to me via feedback form on this site. I can't find out what happend here. Maybe you had any html or links in the comment?
From: Matt on 2009-03-12 20:15:18
Boomcha, I'm still in the planning phase which means I can't speak exactly about my plans but it will not only include shows in Germany :)
From: Soulcatgirl on 2009-03-13 20:49:14
Ok Matt Thanks..... ;)Girls girls girls.....can you believe it's that time again, yep time to fall in love with our favorite foursome again....ahhh love is in the air..I'm in love with the new CD...pfffffftt Triple it can't be me chewing your lovely nails when Bunnyman was already there sharpening his pearlies up for the tour!!! lolBoooooooomie you she devil...hahaha gawd girl how have been?...Edgy is going to be pounding down your door now that he's gotten the invite...maybe he's more vampire than cute cuddly bunny, he just needed to be invited in your door so he can nibble on you just like he did Triple....well Except it'll be your toe nails instead!...LOL woooooot!...lolDo you two, U2babes (Tanja too) realise how long we've known each other online? Since Elevation!!!Holy cow we're old farts now!!!...*huggles*Boomie if Matts watching I better close the drapes!...heheheheOk going to try and post it...good luck to me...
From: Tanja on 2009-03-16 20:57:00
ups here is where you discuss the tour :) yes soulie, I thought about that long time as well... AGES ago when we first met.... unbelievable!!! sometimes thinks about... homie!!! homie vox!!! where was she from then... portugal?
From: boomcha on 2009-03-19 11:08:09
Yes, Tanja thats where all the talking goes along allthough I cant see why ... no Edge insight!!!
From: Ingrid on 2009-03-19 16:22:39
Wow, I haven't checked this site in so long, and suddenly you all are back!!!How is everyone?
From: octu2 on 2009-04-01 03:09:57
Hi Hi everyone!! And so it all begins soon. I hope they add dates to my area.
From: lalatoots on 2009-04-14 21:56:49
looks like Houston for me!! Hows everyone doin?
From: octu2 on 2009-04-22 01:44:55
where is everyone? I'm so sad that they aren't coming soon to the bay area :( I hear next spring??? Anyone hear different?
From: Matt on 2009-06-28 23:34:01
Let bump this another time before lots of new material will be added here :-)I hope everyone is ok and has the trips planned to see U2 :-)
From: Ingrid on 2009-06-30 15:29:02
Have fun on your trip Matt, I hope to see you in Amsterdam! :)
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