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General 2019 News

· Total News: 1
  U2's Tokyo #1 and #2 setlists and videos, 4/12/19 and 5/12/19

U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019

· Total News: 13
  U2's Mumbai setlist, 15/12/19
  U2's Manila setlist and videos, 11/12/19
  U2's Seoul setlist and videos, 08/12/19
  U2's Singapore #2 setlist and videos, 01/12/19
  U2's Singapore #1 setlist and videos, 30/11/19
  U2's Perth setlist, 27/11/19
  U2's Sydney #2 setlist, 23/11/19
  U2's Sydney #1 setlist, 22/11/19
  U2's Adelaide setlist, 19/11/19
  U2's Melbourne setlist, 15/11/19
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U2 Experience + Innocence Tour 2018

· Total News: 65
  2019 U2.com subscription package announced
  2019 Australian tour rumours (already!)
  U2's Berlin #3 setlist, 13/11/18
  Videos of U2's fourth night in Dublin, 10/11/18
  U2's Dublin #4 setlist, 10/11/18
  Videos of U2's third night in Dublin, 09/11/18
  U2's Dublin #3 setlist, 09/11/18
  Videos of U2's second night in Dublin, 06/11/18
  U2's Dublin #2 setlist, 06/11/18
  Videos of U2 in Dublin, 05/11/18
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U2 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary 2017

· Total News: 91
  U2 to perform in Mumbai—their first gig in India
  U2 announce first ever concert in the Philippines
  U2 announce second concert in Singapore
  U2 confirm details for Singapore concert
  Additional shows for Auckland and Sydney
  U2 announce Joshua Tree Tour of NZ, Australia, Asia
  Mark's full setlist charts for 2017
  U2's São Paulo #4 setlist, 25/10/17
  U2's São Paulo #3 setlist, 22/10/17
  U2's São Paulo #2 setlist, 21/10/17
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General 2017 News

· Total News: 20
  U2's Auckland #1 setlist, 08/11/19
  U2's Trafalgar Square setlist, 11/11/17
  U2 to perform in Trafalgar Square this Saturday
  Songs of Experience promo shows kick off with appearance in Cannes
  Tour rumours: Boston in June 2018, announcement tomorrow
  U2 perform on The Tonight Show and debut The Best Thing live
  U2 announce Songs of Experience & release single You're the Best Thing About Me
  U2 release new song The Blackout
  U2 perform new song in Amsterdam for video shoot
  Videos from U2's first night in Paris, 25/07/17
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General 2016 News

· Total News: 0
...There aren't any news yet for this topic...

U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

· Total News: 164
  Extra US shows for the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 + presale info for ALL extra shows
  U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live in Paris release revealed
  Bono back to busking on Christmas Eve
  U2Gigs Podcast Episode VI: Return of Experience
  U2Gigs Podcast Episode V: The Snippets Strike Back
  U2Gigs Podcast Episode IV: An Innocence Hope
  Behind the scenes in Paris: the contest experience
  Mark's setlist chart now available!
  Videos of U2 in Paris, 07/12
  U2's Paris #4 setlist, 07/12
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General 2015 News

· Total News: 23
  Bono and Edge at Carnegie Hall for World AIDS Day
  U2's London #1 setlist, 25/10
  U2 on TFI Friday, 16/10
  U2's Montreal #1 setlist, 12/06
  U2's setlist at the Roxy, 28/05
  U2 to perform at the Roxy, Los Angeles
  Axver's Tour Predictions: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb and No Line on the Hor
  Bono sings at Dave Goldberg's funeral
  U2 perform on Jimmy Fallon's show
  U2 to finally appear on Jimmy Fallon
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General 2014 News

· Total News: 44
  U2's performance at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas CANCELLED
  U2 Minus 1 in New York
  "U2 Minus 1" to perform in New York today
  U2's residency with Jimmy Fallon POSTPONED
  Video of U2 at the Bambi Awards
  U2 perform at the Bambi Awards
  More European tour rumours
  U2 will headline KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas
  U2 perform ''Every Breaking Wave'' at the EMAs
  U2 to perform at the MTV European Music Awards
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General 2013 News

· Total News: 2
  Bono Performs In New York City
  News Regarding U2's Next Album and Tour

General 2012 News

· Total News: 0
...There aren't any news yet for this topic...

General 2011 News

· Total News: 8
  Bono, Edge, and A Decade of Difference
  Bono sings in Cape Town
  From The Sky Down documentary on BBC and Showtime
  U2's Glastonbury setlist, 24/06
  U2 and Achtung Baby rehearsals in Winnipeg
  Bono and The Edge on American Idol
  U2 at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards
  Private U2 show in Denver, 20/05

U2 360° Tour 2011 News

· Total News: 92
  U2's Moncton setlist, 30/07
  U2's Pittsburgh setlist, 26/07
  U2's Minneapolis setlist, 23/07
  U2's East Rutherford setlist, 20/07
  U2's St. Louis setlist, 17/07
  U2's Philadelphia setlist, 14/07
  U2's Toronto setlist, 11/07
  U2's Montreal #2 setlist, 09/07
  U2's Montreal #1 setlist, 08/07
  U2's Chicago setlist, 05/07
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General 2010 News

· Total News: 9
  Bono sings at funeral of Sargent Shriver
  Bono busks on Christmas Eve again
  Video of Edge performing with Muse
  The Edge performs with Muse at Glastonbury
  U2 perform in honour of Gerry Ryan
  Bono and Edge at Hope For Haiti Now
  More details about Hope For Haiti
  Bono to perform at ''Hope For Haiti''
  U2 to play Glastonbury Festival in 2010

U2 360° Tour 2010 News

· Total News: 178
  A Day In The Life Of A U2er
  U2's Perth #2 setlist, 19/12
  U2's Perth #1 setlist, 18/12
  U2's Sydney #2 setlist, 14/12
  U2's Sydney #1 setlist, 13/12
  U2's Brisbane #2 setlist, 09/12
  U2's Brisbane #1 setlist, 08/12
  Photos of U2's stage under construction in Brisbane
  Videos of U2 in Melbourne, 03/12
  U2's Melbourne #2 setlist, 03/12
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U2 360° Tour 2009 News

· Total News: 151
  U2's Vancouver setlist, 28/10
  U2's Los Angeles setlist, 25/10
  U2's Las Vegas setlist, 23/10
  U2's Phoenix setlist, 20/10
  U2.com - Announcing the Rose Bowl Webcast and Filming
  U2's Norman setlist, 18/10
  U2's Houston setlist, 14/10
  U2's Dallas setlist, 12/10
  U2's Tampa setlist, 09/10
  U2's Atlanta setlist, 06/10
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General 2009 News

· Total News: 51
  Bono performs with Wyclef Jean
  U2 perform at the Brandenburg Gate
  Soundcheck at the Brandenburg Gate
  Light test at the Brandenburg Gate
  U2 perform at Rock Hall of Fame
  U2 to perform in front of the Brandenburg Gate
  Members of U2 appear with Gavin Friday
  Bono and Edge perform with Elvis Costello
  U2 to play Saturday Night Live
  U2 to play Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame party
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Main Page Features

· Total News: 76
  Analyzing U2's 2019 subscription package
  The Miracle of Blinding Lights
  New U2 activity announced for 2017
  U2 perform at Dreamfest, 05/10
  U2 perform at iHeartFestival, 23/09
  When Aoife met U2
  In conversation with... December
  In conversation with... Aaron Sams
  The mystery of missing tracks - Part Two
  The mystery of missing tracks - Part One
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U2 Vertigo Tour 2006 News

· Total News: 75
  The Vertigo Tour: What Might Have Been
  Looking back on the Vertigo Tour's fifth leg
  U2's Honolulu setlist, 09/12
  Hawaii Rehearsals Report
  U2's Saitama #3 setlist, 04/12
  Review of Auckland, 25/11
  Review of Auckland, 24/11
  Review of Melbourne, 19/11
  U2's Saitama #2 setlist, 30/11
  U2's Saitama #1 setlist, 29/11
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U2 Vertigo Tour 2005/2006 Tickets

· Total News: 33
  Auckland GA tickets available
  Ticketing Information For The Upcoming Australian/New Zealand Shows
  Berlin tickets available
  Brussels and Barcelona tickets available
  More Twickenham and Manchester tickets
  London2, Machester1, Glasgow tickets
  Tickets for German shows and Vienna
  U2 Dublin tickets
  More tickets for Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester shows
  3rd leg shows on sale today
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U2 Vertigo Tour 2005 News

· Total News: 211
  U2 Perform, Continue Work on New Album in New York City
  U2 to release Wide Awake In Europe
  U2 Perform at the Cannes Film Festival
  I spy something beginning with V!
  Hello, hello, Vertigo's coming to a place called Brisbane!
  Vertigo's Polish Flag
  Bono Performs With Wyclef Jean
  The Edge appears at Jazz Fest
  U2's Portland setlist, 19/12
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