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YouTube footage from Turin: a new U2 song and Sunday Bloody Sunday

Some footage has already appeared on YouTube from Monday evening's rehearsal. One clip is of a new song, and the other is of Sunday Bloody Sunday.

As we reported earlier, two brand new songs were rehearsed: an uptempo one, which is the "flowering rose of Glastonbury" song already posted here, and the other is a slower song. Listen here:

This song features a chorus of "I can't wait any longer for your love". For Your Love is a song title that has been rumoured for ages, and Stand Up Comedy's "stand up for your love" lyric seemed to indicate what it had become - but could this new song have come from the same place? U2 sometimes come up with multiple (and quite dissimilar) songs from the same original source; the best example is The Fly, Ultra Violet, Wake Up Dead Man, and Lady With The Spinning Head all originating from a song on the out-takes bootleg Axtung Beibi called Take You Down. Or is this merely a case of lyrical co-incidence? Perhaps this is just the start of a new chapter in online fan speculation.

Anyway, after performing this brand new slower song, U2 ran through a number of other tracks, finishing the rehearsal with Sunday Bloody Sunday. Here is a recording of it from a local resident, and be warned - the audio quality is, to be polite, not the best. Listen here:

Posted on by Axver

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