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U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Melbourne / Chris: NY

The below is an off-site archive of all most tweets posted by @u2gigs ever

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@atu2comSherry I love the snippet. I think it’s quite gorgeous. I just don’t think it fits with One. Fits more w/upbeat song.

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to atu2comSherry

@SallieAnnG I’ll go on record as saying Walk On may have been their best non 40 closer ever. Or at least since Love Is Blindness maybe.

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to SallieAnnG

Enough nitpicking from me. U2 are back and they’re sounding great. Plus, October and Zooropa were PLAYED IN THE SAME SHOW! Wow. #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Chris)

@SallieAnnG But with One, I saw it close two of my NYC gigs and it wasn’t a terrible closer. Not the best though.

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to SallieAnnG

@SallieAnnG I’ve always been a “Streets should end the main set” guy, but it sounded like it worked where it was today.

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to SallieAnnG

@ekstewie They were already a great live band before Zooropa’s 2011 revival. But what a moment its return was. That’s what great bands do

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to ekstewie

@StartAtlnfinity Ahh, yes. So make that three of four legs! I was just thinking of the North America shows.

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to StartAtlnfinity

@SallieAnnG It didn’t really work with Streets, but it REALLY doesn’t work with One

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to SallieAnnG

Lastly, the first set flows much better than the second set. 2nd set has AMAZING individual performances, but 1st set more enjoyable theater

 via U2gigs (Chris)

@StartAtlnfinity By our database, yes. 1- Europe ’09, 2- NA ’09, 3- Europe ’10, 4- Aussie ’10, 5, South Africa ’11, 6- SA ’11, 7- NA ’11.

 via U2gigs (Chris) in reply to StartAtlnfinity

3. Mother And Child Reunion makes a lot more sense leading into Beautiful Day. Could lead perfectly into Adam’s bass on BD. #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Chris)

2. Am I the only one who thinks Mother and Child Reunion doesn’t fit with One? Lyrics/themes are 100% different. So strange. #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Chris)

1. If I told you in March 2011 that Zooropa would be played on two of U2’s next three tour legs (360 7th leg, #U2ieTour) what would you say?

 via U2gigs (Chris)

Chris here. Sounded like an AMAZING show. A few thoughts came to my mind today though… #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Chris)

@nevri We tweeted this but forgot to add it to the setlist later. Thanks for the heads up.

 via Tweetbot for Mac in reply to nevri

nevri @u2gigs Every Breaking Wave. Pretty good tonight I thought.. http://t.co/lCBeB3DxlH

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 11:51 PM, Sep 4th, 2015  via Tweetbot for Mac)

U2 ‘What do you want? A Europe with its heart and borders closed to mercy?
Or a Europe with it’s heart open?’ #U2ieTour http://t.co/SXA9zxJhtZ

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 11:45 PM, Sep 4th, 2015  via Tweetbot for Mac)

RT @U2start: Here are The Miracle, Electric Co, Iris (intro) and Song For Someone, all pro-shot video footage. Enjoy! #U2ieTOUR

 via Tweetbot for Mac

@EveryBrokenWave Now I hope that’s all, because I’m going to lie down!

 via Twitter Web Client in reply to EveryBrokenWave

@EveryBrokenWave Fixed both! And noted that this is in fact the first performance of Zooropa in continental Europe.

 via Twitter Web Client in reply to EveryBrokenWave

Though before I go, I’ve added soundchecks from previous days to the database listing of Turin 1: http://www.u2gigs.com/sh… #U2ieTour #U2

 via Twitter Web Client

@rendigryce Fixed now! You can tell the 4am start is getting to me…

 via Twitter Web Client in reply to rendigryce

OK, it’s 7am here and I (Ax) am exhausted. Good morning/afternoon/night folks, see you tomorrow for Turin 2.

 via Twitter Web Client

@EveryBrokenWave Good catch. The tiredness is getting to me now.

 via Twitter Web Client in reply to EveryBrokenWave

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