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- Songs of Innocence Tour 2014 / 2015

U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Melbourne / Matkin: Ottawa

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@atu2 Plus it’s hard to take that article seriously when it says 360 began at MSG and that Bono plays “a lot” of guitar.

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U2enEspana If plans don’t change after #Bono’s accident, tixx for #Barcelona @U2 #Volcanotour will go on sale on December 9th

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Well look at that, Bono may be a in a bad way right now but he’s in a good enough condition to finish an article: http://www.huffingtonpos…

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@JohnCropp I doubt this’ll affect shows over half a year away. If it any other band member I’d be worried, but you don’t need arms to sing.

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Good grief, Bono’s bike accident was more than just a little tumble: http://www.rollingstone….

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@JohnCropp @U2sJerseygirl Yes, that’s likely. Hopefully we will know soon whether or not the residency rumour is true.

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Rumour time: U2 to play the Bell Centre in Montreal on 6 and 7 June 2015.

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Jimmy Fallon & The Roots closed the Tonight Show w/ cover of “Desire”. If you somehow missed what happened to Bono:…

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@Aries_Chick_x Probably a good chance. Almost every U2 tour has gone to Glasgow. Last time they didn’t was ’97 (played Edinburgh instead).

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@EveryBrokenWave Haha yes, you tweeted it just minutes before the news broke!

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U2’s residency with Jimmy Fallon has been POSTPONED after Bono was injured in a bike accident:…

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@U2Nurse Multiple unrelated sources. Combo at once makes me think we’re v close; having tour promo on Fallon makes sense.

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Rumours heating up that a U2 tour 2015 announcement is imminent. Possibly soon as Monday. That’d allow weeklong tour promo on Fallon.

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U2enEspana #Bono confirmed yesterday to a fan in #berlin that @U2 tour will be announced before end of November #VolcanoTour #Bambi2014

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vetriu2 New video: Out of Control live from East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA 360º multicam HD #U2… @atu2 @u2gigs @U2place

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Here is our mainpage report of @U2 at the Bambi Awards, including images:…

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Receiving their Award at the Bambi @U2

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U2 playing Every Breaking Wave at the Bambis right now. It’s the usual promo tour version with Edge on piano.

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