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U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Melbourne / Matkin: Toronto / Chris: NY

The below is an off-site archive of all most tweets posted by @u2gigs ever

Recent tweets

34 years ago today, @U2 met Anton Corbijn and had their first photoshoot with him. u2gigs.com/show66.html #U2

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

theplanetd Who loves U2? Check out this awesome collection of memorabilia at the Little Museum of Dublin. @lonelyplanevine.co/v/i1lrAjajPzr

 via Vine - Make a Scene (retweeted on 8:25 PM, Feb 11th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

KevinS2U My U2 Shows by city: TY @u2gigs
Dublin (6)
New York (4)
Foxboro (3)
Albany (2)
Boston (2)
Hartford (2)
East Rutherford (1)
Rochester (1)

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 8:23 PM, Feb 11th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

U2Achtung_ Perfect timing: Bono & Chris Martin … “It’s a Beautiful Day” at the SuperBowl #U2 #Coldplay #SuperBowl https://t.co/ZaWccO7JSo

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 9:44 PM, Feb 9th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

U2Portugal Yes, there’s even a forgotten U2 video from the ’80s… fb.me/7NEqbVu94

 via Facebook (retweeted on 2:41 PM, Feb 9th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

U2_ITNOL 1st #U2 - In The Name Of Love Contest!! Join! Add a comment and RT! Info: facebook.com/U2-In-The-Name… Ends on 15-02 Tx! https://t.co/ezPwmv5vBG

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 10:57 AM, Feb 9th, 2016  via Twitter for iPhone)

RT @PeterNickZaal: My quick drawing at the pool Bono ~ U2

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

No idea. Hard 2 say C-Play did a full song RT @nickcicale: If U2 did a halftime show now, would @u2gigs list everything as songs or snippets

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

thestevepatrick coldplay sold 87.5 million records . i bet everyone hating on them on twitter really hurt their feelings .

 via Echofon (retweeted on 4:10 AM, Feb 8th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

markpeterboro I just watched the #SB50 halftime with the volume off, very colorful and very bouncy, haven’t got a clue what they were singing

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 3:01 AM, Feb 8th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

A U2 fansite’s work is never done! RT @u2gigs: Chris Martin snippets Beautiful Day during Clocks #SB50 #Coldplay #U2

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

homerj281 @Vermonsters @u2gigs Spouse didn’t know U2 ever did a halftime, I got excited and pointed them out when Bono came on and stopped listening.

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 2:51 AM, Feb 8th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

Character limit on tweets RT @trojanchick99: @u2gigs It’s Super Bowl.

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

Some #SB50 trivia for the handegg fans here - Superbowl III was the first to be called the Superbowl. Superbowls I & II were retroactive

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

.@atu2 Saw a couple tweets saying they enjoyed the Coldplay half-time show except for the Coldplay parts. Matkin #SB50

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to atu2

fakebono Remember that time when we didn’t need special guests to increase the “star power” on stage? #sb50 #Halftime

 via Tweetbot for Mac (retweeted on 2:44 AM, Feb 8th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

bethandbono The last thing Chris Martin sees in his head before falling asleep every night. #itsabeautifulday #SuperBowl https://t.co/j8OWRQfH80

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 2:44 AM, Feb 8th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

@homerj281 “It’s a beautiful day!” sang as he was superimposed over Bono with the American flag in the jacket.

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to homerj281

The Clocks segue into Fix You was quite nice. That’s the Coldplay music I enjoy most. Matkin. #SB50

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

Chris Martin snippets Beautiful Day during Clocks #SB50 #Coldplay #U2

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

u2songs The History Mix: A look back at the source of the cover art for the Passengers project:
u2songs.com/news/the_histo… https://t.co/BagkGAzQuJ

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 1:36 AM, Feb 8th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

markpeterboro I know as much about Carolina Panthers as the average sports fan in America knows about Leicester City #SuperBowl

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 12:02 AM, Feb 8th, 2016  via U2gigs (Matkin))

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