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Day 13 (and final) rehearsals in Laval, 21 April 2018

The stage has been packed, the trucks have left, and Place Bell is emptied of U2 as of the morning of 22 April. Despite that, for their final day of rehearsals in Laval the group blindsided everyone with two songs that had not been heard so far. One song that we can safely share without fear of spoilers is Happy Birthday, sung by Bono to a fan outside the venue before he was called inside by one of the venue debutants. What song was it? With thanks again to U2Songs and their ever-excellent informants...

(On a side note, the previous recap has been updated with a slightly modified set and analysis to go with it).

 Posted by Matkin on

Day 12 rehearsals in Laval, 20 April 2018 (and analysis so far)

This article has been updated with the full practice set and corrected analysis information - this is why you normally do it, Ax!

With Bono back in town and just a few days left booked in Laval, the band spent the day running through a potential set for the third time. The order is not fully confirmed but this is what is known to have been played. With thanks again to U2Songs, here are the spoilers:

 Posted by Matkin on

Day 9 rehearsals in Laval, 17 April 2018

U2 continued rehearsing in Laval on 17/04, and more songs have entered the mix. Today's report is courtesy of the folks at U2tour.de, which if you can read German is available here. Read on for your recommended daily dose of spoilers.

 Posted by Axver on

Day 8 rehearsals in Laval, 16 April 2018

The poor weather didn't stop U2 from rehearsing today, and just a few minutes after the last band member entered the arena the music began. They worked on two Songs of Experience tracks, and then after a break of about 3 hours they tried out some more. Two songs were heard for the first time in these sessions, and substantial work was done on one more. With thanks again to U2Songs and their always excellent tipsters, here is what was practiced today:

 Posted by Matkin on

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