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Axver's Joshua Tree Tour Predictions, Part 2

Yesterday, I predicted what songs U2 might play from their eighties releases on the forthcoming Joshua Tree Tour. Now let's cast an eye to the nineties, 2000s, and—though it has only given us one U2 album so far—the 2010s. Many fans wonder if the band will give a nod to Pop for its twentieth anniversary. And how much new or relatively recent material will there be in the setlist? Here are my thoughts.

 Posted by Axver on

Axver's Joshua Tree Tour Predictions, Part 1

Before the Innocence + Experience Tour, I wrote a series of articles making song predictions for the tour (the last one links back to all the rest). Some predictions weren’t too shabby; others were awfully inaccurate. But we’ve had enough requests for my predictions on the forthcoming Joshua Tree Tour that I’ll step back into the fray and offer you even more reasons to doubt my prophetic abilities.

Predicting this tour is a little bit more straightforward than the last, in no small reason because eleven spots on the setlist (which, if recent tours are any guide, is likely to clock in at around 22 to 26 songs total) are, almost certainly, known in advance. The Joshua Tree is also likely to account for most or all the rarities in the setlist through the revival of Side B, with the rest of the show filled with hits and other well-known tracks. I consider it unlikely there will be more than one or two other deep cuts or rarities. But let’s give each album due consideration.

 Posted by Axver on

The Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Edition Announced

It is not yet the crack of dawn at U2 HQ in Dublin but the band has just announced the 30th anniversary edition of The Joshua Tree, to be released on 2 June. It is available for pre-order in a variety of formats; some CD, some vinyl, some with T-shirts, etc., but we'll leave the specific details on each edition to U2.com. As for the musical contents, which are largely the same across pre-order packages? Well the first CD (LP 1+2) is, perhaps quite obviously, The Joshua Tree itself. The 2007 remaster featured a slight change at the end of Mothers Of The Disappeared but was otherwise identical to the 1987 original.

The second CD (LP 3+4) included (and the one of most interest to us here at U2Gigs) is a live concert from Madison Square Garden in 1987. U2 performed in New York twice on The Joshua Tree Tour, and a specific date for the concert is not included in the U2.com article or in any of the preorders. However what we do know is the tracklist, and because it includes I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For twice we are confident in saying that the concert in question is 28 September 1987, the only time U2 have performed that song twice at a single concert. That second performance features the New Voices of Freedom gospel choir, which was memorably included on the Rattle & Hum album and is the only live song from this concert to have been released previously (the rehearsals shown in the film took place two days earlier). 21 songs were performed that night, of which 17 are included on the remastered release. The missing four songs are The Unforgettable Fire, Help, Bad, and Spanish Eyes, and they are likely omitted due to the space limitations of CDs and LPs.

The third CD (LP 5)  contains remixes of One Tree Hill, Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, With Or Without You, and Where The Streets Have No Name (all dubbed the "2017 Remix"), as well as a new mix of Red Hill Mining Town that was in the news a few weeks ago (the "2017 Mix"). The final CD (LP 6+7) contains B-sides and Outtakes, and is almost identical to the second CD of the 2007 remaster. Omitted is the single mix of Where the Streets Have No Name; in its place are new inclusions I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Lillywhite Alternative Mix '87) and One Tree Hill (Reprise 2017). Not included from the 2007 remaster are the Live from Paris concert, Outside It's America rockumentary, and music videos.

On a minor trivia note the Outtakes come before the B-Sides in the LP version, changing the official running order slightly between CD and LP. Though playing LP 7 and then LP 6 rectifies this. I thought it was interesting, but what do I know; it's 2am after all...

 Posted by Matkin on

Final US show added for the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 + presale info

Today U2 have announced one final show for the North American leg of the Joshua Tree Tour 2017. It will be in Louisville, Kentucky at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium on 16 June 2017. OneRepublic will support.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday, 3 February. A presale for U2.com subscribers begins tomorrow, Tuesday 31 January. Subscribers, check your emails or log into your U2.com account for details.

This will be just the fourth U2 concert ever in Kentucky. They last played there in Lexington on 4 May 2001; their one and only previous Louisville concert was way back on 13 March 1982. This is their first ever stadium concert in the state.

The official announcement confirms that this is the final date for the North American leg, so it appears that week-long gap in late May/early June will not be filled with any shows. Our database listing for this new show is here.

 Posted by Macphisto on

U2 to tour Australia and New Zealand?

When U2 announced the Joshua Tree Tour 2017, all was silent on the Australian and New Zealand fronts. It is no longer.

We can report that multiple stadiums are negotiating with Live Nation about major concert events in Australia and New Zealand. U2 are a likely candidate to be the band in question, because other stadium-level Live Nation acts have either toured recently (e.g. Coldplay) or have announced forthcoming dates (e.g. Adele). It is possible, however, that these negotiations may pertain to another act, so do not raise your hopes too high just yet.

In Australia, Etihad Stadium in Melbourne is in discussions about a major concert event in November 2017. Similar conversations have occurred with Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane and with Sydney Olympic Park (which could mean ANZ Stadium or the nearby Spotless Stadium). The new Perth Stadium is very keen for a significant opening event to precede the commencement of regular sporting events there with the 2018 Australian rules football season. U2 are one of the few bands who could command a sell-out at this significant 60,000-seater venue.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium has an undisclosed event booked for November. At the moment we have no rumours for other venues in New Zealand.

These venues are those that U2 played on the 360 Tour, or in the case of Perth is the venue they would play once the new stadium is open to supersede Subiaco. Hence, these rumours are plausible. But as noted they could pertain to another major touring act, not U2. They are also very preliminary discussions subject to change. It remains very possible that any tour, if it happens, could instead take place in 2018.

It should go without saying that we have no information whether these shows, if they are U2, would be part of the Joshua Tree Tour or represent a resumption of the Innocence + Experience Tour. Word on the street is that the indoor form of the IE Tour has not come to Australasia because of how many shows would be required to satisfy demand and problems with fitting the stage into some arenas. Make of that what you will.

 Posted by Axver on

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