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Rehearsals in Turin 02/09 and a new Dublin rumour

U2 have continued their rehearsals in Turin today. U2Start have delivered the goods on what songs have been rehearsed. Many readers will be pleased to know that both October and the new Zooropa outro for Bullet The Blue Sky remain in the mix.

Songs rehearsed were Iris (Hold Me Close), Every Breaking Wave, October, Bullet The Blue Sky/Zooropa outro, Where The Streets Have No Name, the intermission video featuring The Fly, Invisible, Even Better Than The Real Thing, Mysterious Ways, and Ordinary Love.

The rumour mill has again started to heat up about U2 performing in Dublin at the end of the year. The Irish Sun - perhaps not the most reputable of sources - is peddling a rumour that U2 will perform at the 3Arena between 25 and 28 November, on the basis of a claim that U2's crew are booked into a nearby hotel. If those dates don't pan out they note the possibility of shows taking place after 19 December at the same venue. If we're lucky, maybe we will soon get clarification one way or the other regarding these long-mooted Dublin shows.

 Posted by Axver on

Rehearsals in Turin, 01/09

U2 continued rehearsals in Turin on Tuesday. Today's rehearsals included a number of Songs Of Innocence tracks that were fixtures on the first leg, plus some older material.

The scribes at U2Place report that U2 ran through Cedarwood Road, Raised By Wolves, Where The Streets Have No Name, Invisible, The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone), and Song For Someone - all of which have been played at every show so far. After a break the band then worked on Bullet The Blue Sky with the Zooropa outro that was rehearsed yesterday.

Edge was also heard rehearsing the piano parts of New Year's Day, a song awaiting its tour debut.

An interesting video has been posted on Facebook by the folks at U2360Gradi - a fan in Turin asks Bono if they will play Acrobat. He replies with a smirk that "we looked at it yesterday actually". Bono, I hope you know that there are tens of thousands of fans who want that to not be a joke!

 Posted by Axver on

Rehearsals begin in Turin

Reports have come in from U2Place.com's Twitter account that U2 have arrived in Italy and begun rehearsals in Turin ahead of the second leg of the Innocence + Experience Tour.

A number of songs were rehearsed on Monday. They included New Year's Day (not yet performed this tour), Every Breaking Wave, October, and - perhaps the most significant news - Bullet The Blue Sky with a Zooropa outro. Tweets about rehearsals are here and here.

Zooropa has only been performed in Europe three times, and all of those (somewhat truncated) performances were over 22 years ago in August 1993 at shows in the United Kingdom. It has never been played in continental Europe. After those three August 1993 performances, Zooropa was played at 28 shows in South and North America in 2011. You can view the full list of its performances here.

View U2Place's Twitter stream for more, including photos of Bono in Turin. U2.com have also posted a teaser video ahead of opening night.

 Posted by Axver on

Staging arrives in Turin ahead of the second leg of U2's IE Tour

The European leg of U2's Innocence + Experience Tour begins in a few days. First stop: Turin, Italy.

Work has begun at the Pala Alpitour ahead of opening night, with the band's crew currently setting up the stage. Italian-language fansite U2Place have posted on their website photos of the trucks arriving at the venue. Even more excitingly, they have tweeted two photos from inside the venue showing initial preparations.

The band will reportedly arrive in Turin in the next day or two. We will keep you updated on any rehearsals that take place during the week. Stick with us for opening night on Friday, 4 September, when we bring you all the action and see how much the show evolves from North America.

On an unrelated historical note, another setlist from the Boy Tour has surfaced. We would like to thank reader Bill for contributing the set for 3 May 1981, Tampa. If you know any details (even one song) to flesh out any missing or incomplete setlists, please contact us.

 Posted by Axver on

U2 New York City #8 photos, 31/07

Our friend Jason Brice did it again so we're able to post a great photo set from the last show of the first leg in New York. You find his photo set from New York here.
We also thank his daugther Annah for quite a few quick video uploads from recent shows!

Jason also did more U2 Innocence + Experience tour shows earlier and the photo sets can be accessed via the links below.
2015-05-26 Inglewood, 2015-05-27 Inglewood, 2015-05-30 Inglewood, 2015-06-03 Inglewood, 2015-07-02 Chicago, 2015-07-26 New York, 2015-07-27 New York, 2015-07-30 New York.

 Posted by Macphisto on

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