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- U2 Innocence + Experience Tour 2015

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Rehearsals in Vancouver, 21 and 23 April 2015

Vancouver journalist Bob Mackin has today published an article comparing his experiences during ZooTV with what he has heard U2 rehearsing this week at the Pacific Coliseum. His account mentions rehearsals on 21 and 23 April, bookending our report yesterday about rehearsals on the 22nd.

On Tuesday the 21st, Bob heard multiple takes of Raised By Wolves, one of the tracks from Songs of Innocence that was not performed on last year's promotional tour. He recorded some of it, which you can hear on his Soundcloud. The audio quality is good.

Today, the 23rd, he took another trip past the Pacific Coliseum around 7:20pm and heard Raised By Wolves again. This time he also heard one old classic: Until The End Of The World.

Although the venue is located on public land, Bob reports that security is tight and has sought to move on pedestrians who loiter too closely. Keep that in mind if you do head down there. But if you have any extra information about what U2 are rehearsing, you're welcome to let us know about it!


 Posted by Axver on Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 08:46:25 UTC | permalink | Comments

Rehearsals in Vancouver, 22 April 2015

Over on the Interference forums, one Vancouver resident, U2FanPeter, has posted a report from outside the Pacific Coliseum, where U2 are currently rehearsing before the Innocence + Experience Tour begins. We have summarised the main points below, and you can read his full post here.

Songs of Innocence: Peter reports most of the new album has been heard, but specifically states that The Troubles has unfortunately not been heard yet. Every Breaking Wave is reportedly a full band version rather than the acoustic version played on the promo tour. One fan with whom Peter spoke also claims to have heard Ordinary Love.

Old songs: a number of classics have been heard. Peter lists Beautiful Day, With or Without You, City of Blinding Lights, Pride, Magnificent, Bad, Even Better Than the Real Thing, and the intro riff of Mysterious Ways.

Most notably, Peter reports that today he heard The Edge play a complete solo version of The Electric Co. It was last performed on 12 February 2006, and its sensational run on the Vertigo Tour is the only time the song has appeared live since 1987.

We will post updates as more information comes to light. If you live in Vancouver and have gone to listen to the rehearsals, feel free to get in touch to let us know what you heard.


 Posted by Axver on Thursday, April 23, 2015 @ 13:34:07 UTC | permalink | Comments

Have rehearsals begun in Vancouver?

Bono has been spotted in Vancouver, and now it sounds like rehearsals involving the band might have begun. They have set up shop not at the Rogers Arena, the venue for the first gig of the tour on 14 May 2015, but at the Pacific Coliseum, as the Rogers Arena has other commitments right now.

Already some recordings have done the rounds online that sound like the band's crew testing the PA, playing studio versions of songs including Vertigo, Elevation, Invisible, The Miracle, Every Breaking Wave, Volcano, and California.

It now is possible that the band have begun their own live rehearsals. A fan submitted the below video to our friends from atu2. It is of Invisible. A security guard can be heard in the video telling the fan it's live, and at one point it sounds like Bono interjects in the performance to apologise for a mistake. Have a listen and judge for yourself:


 Posted by Axver on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 @ 14:34:50 UTC | permalink | Comments

No Dublin in December?

The Dublin rumours continue to flow in, though this one may be a bit disappointing to most of you. We reported earlier this week on a rumour that U2 would soon announce at least five shows at Dublin's 3Arena for December. However, another article has sought to quash that.

The Irish Daily Star quotes unnamed "U2 sources" as stating that U2 won't be performing shows in Dublin during December, but that they will play Dublin at "the end of the year".

Given that the already-announced dates of the Innocence + Experience Tour keep U2 occupied through to the middle of November, that can only mean U2 will play Dublin in the second half of November.

This report goes on to state that dates won't be fixed "until June or so", and that there will be "as many as five concerts" - not quite the ten of previous rumours.

Earlier this month, we used the 3Arena's schedule to guess when concerts might be. Since we did that, one extra show has been announced in the late November window: Simple Minds on 29 November. That leaves U2 with just 21-28 November to squeeze in between Van Morrison and Simple Minds, which if they keep the two shows/two rest days pattern means only four gigs can squeeze in. It is, of course, possible to fit five if they vary the pattern.

We will keep you updated with rumours and news as they come in.


 Posted by Axver on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 @ 02:37:14 UTC | permalink | Comments

More from the Dublin rumour mill

We may be close to an official announcement of U2's Dublin concerts. Earlier this month we speculated about rumours that U2 might play up to ten shows in their hometown at the end of this year.

Now, there are new media reports suggesting the band will play five concerts at the 3Arena in December. Those shows will account for over 72,000 tickets.

This rumour largely aligns with what has been rumoured previously - and, of course, it's likely five shows will just be the initial announcement, with extras to be added if and when those five sell out. Stay tuned for further updates.

Also, the band's techs are already rehearsing in Vancouver. It appears the band has not been involved yet, but the crew have run through Vertigo, Elevation, Invisible, The Miracle, Every Breaking Wave, Volcano, and California. We will bring you detailed rehearsals reports as we get closer to the start of the tour.


 Posted by Axver on Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 17:15:54 UTC | permalink | Comments

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