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Day 9 rehearsals in Laval, 17 April 2018

U2 continued rehearsing in Laval on 17/04, and more songs have entered the mix. Today's report is courtesy of the folks at U2tour.de, which if you can read German is available here. Read on for your recommended daily dose of spoilers.

 Posted by Axver on

Day 8 rehearsals in Laval, 16 April 2018

The poor weather didn't stop U2 from rehearsing today, and just a few minutes after the last band member entered the arena the music began. They worked on two Songs of Experience tracks, and then after a break of about 3 hours they tried out some more. Two songs were heard for the first time in these sessions, and substantial work was done on one more. With thanks again to U2Songs and their always excellent tipsters, here is what was practiced today:

 Posted by Matkin on

Day 7 rehearsals in Laval, 15 April 2018

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day for U2, with most of the day seeming to focus on aspects other than music. Drumming alone was heard for about two hours, but it is unclear if this was Larry or a tech. With the atrocious weather making things difficult for the fans outside, and the ice storm expected to continue today as it turns into snow (yes it is unseasonal even for Canada!), it is possible that the reported list of music is incomplete. Thanks once again to U2Songs and their dedicated informants for the information.

One small update to the day 6 rehearsals, one song was mistaken for another and we have now corrected that in the summary for that day.

 Posted by Matkin on

Day 6 rehearsals in Laval, 14 April 2018

U2 did not rehearse on days four or five in Laval—indeed, they had to briefly pack up their gear to make room for other occupants of the arena—but they resumed today and the spoilers are very juicy. U2Songs have done the legwork, and we've got some stats to complement their account. You know the drill: if you keep reading this article you're going to find yourself deep in the Land of Spoilers.

 Posted by Axver on

Day 3 rehearsals in Laval: 11 April 2018

Day 3 of rehearsals saw the band work on four songs, none of which had been heard over the last two days. With the other rink in the building busy with several hockey practices, the band may have opted to not run through much material while the building was otherwise in use. A heavy security presence around the arena suggests that there is material that the band would like to keep as a surprise. With two weeks at the venue booked, at this point the band is still focused on working on individual songs rather than an overall set. With that said, and with thanks once again to the ever-excellent U2Songs, here is today's summary:

 Posted by Matkin on

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