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Extra US shows for the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 + presale info for ALL extra shows

After four dates were added to U2's European schedule yesterday, three more have been added to the North American schedule, all of them in the US, after sales on that continent began today. Tickets sold quickly, with many shows sold out. And remaining tickets are limited for most of those not yet marked sold out on U2.com - Houston, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Miami, Tampa, Washington, and Cleveland.

The three extra shows that have been announced are:

  • 2017-05-21 - Pasadena, California, USA - Rose Bowl
  • 2017-06-04 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Soldier Field
  • 2017-06-29 - East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA - MetLife Stadium

U2.com have confirmed presale details for all additional concerts, whether in America or Europe. Presales for all shows commence at 9am on Wednesday, 18 January for the Red Hill group (old subscribers), and 9am Thursday for the Wires group (new subscribers). These run to 5pm on Friday. The general sales for all shows are at 10am on Monday, 23 January. All times are local to the venue.

 Posted by Axver on

Extra European shows for the Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Today, tickets went on sale to the general public for U2's European concerts on the 30th anniversary Joshua Tree Tour. As expected, tickets flew out the door - with far too many appearing very quickly on those laughable sanctioned "resale" websites owned by Ticketmaster.

But fortunately some extra shows have been added, as confirmed by U2.com:

Tickets for these shows will go on sale to the general public on Monday, 23 January.

This is all the information to hand at the moment, but presales for fans who have not used their U2.com subscriber allocation will happen. Keep an eye on your U2.com profile and on your emails for details.

Rumours are swirling regarding an extra date in Dublin, but at the moment the chances of an extra show are looking poor. There have also been denials of a second night in Brussels. No word yet on whether Berlin or Barcelona will get extra nights. The tone of the U2.com article, however, in saying these four additional shows "finalise the European leg" suggests that the itinerary is now complete.

This information may still change, especially as the strong demand for more Dublin shows may compel the band to seek permission for an extra show at Croke, so keep an eye on our Twitter account for the latest.

 Posted by Axver on

U2 confirm their Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Today, as rumoured, U2 officially announced an all-stadium tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree. There will be two legs across May–August 2017: one of sixteen North American cities followed by another of eight European cities. The North American leg includes a headline appearance at the Bonnaroo festival, U2's first performance at a North American festival since the US Festival on 30 May 1983.

The announcement confirms that U2 will perform the entire album every night. This means that Red Hill Mining Town will make its live debut; U2 attempted to perform it in 1987, and even considered it as the album's second single, but it was in the end shelved. This also means that Exit and Trip Through Your Wires will be performed for the first time since the 1980s. Edge is quoted as emphasising The Joshua Tree's renewed timeliness: "with global upheaval, extreme right wing politics and some fundamental human rights at risk ... these songs seem so relevant and prescient of these times".


The general sale begins next week. European tickets will be available from Monday, 16 January, then North American tickets from Tuesday, 17 January. The fanclub presale begins THIS WEDNESDAY, 11 January at 9am. Fans can purchase up to 4 tickets via the presale and up to 6 tickets via the general sale. There will be a general admission floor and reserved seating in the stands. Presale codes will be emailed to subscribers, so keep an eye on your inbox.

For regular tickets, prices in North America will range from $35 to $280, with slight variation between cities. On continental Europe, there will be similar minor variation between cities with prices around €40 to €180, with GA €75. In the UK, prices - which in this instance are inclusive of fees - range from £40.30 to £187, with GA £78.25.

There are also VIP packages. These too will vary slightly in price between shows, so I will use the Dublin prices. Like other recent tours, this one features a Red Zone, €315, with a portion of the costs going to the Red charity; ticketholders will have entry to their own zone close to the stage and the chance to be selected for a backstage tour. There will also be a Gold Hot Ticket, €314.50, with premium reserved seats in the stands, an exclusive item of merchandise, and a commemorative lanyard; a Silver Hot Ticket, €220.65, with similar benefits but seats slightly further from the front; and VIP Travel Experience Packages, €995-1,990, which include a reserved seat within the first 15 rows, 4-star hotel accommodation, shuttle to the show, a private catered pre-show reception, and the chance to be selected for a backstage tour.


Leg 1: North America

  • 2017-05-12 - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - BC Place Stadium
  • 2017-05-14 - Seattle, Washington, USA - CenturyLink Field
  • 2017-05-17 - San Francisco, California, USA - Levi's Stadium
  • 2017-05-20 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Rose Bowl
  • 2017-05-24 - Houston, Texas, USA - NRG Stadium
  • 2017-05-26 - Dallas, Texas, USA - AT&T Stadium
  • 2017-06-03 - Chicago, Illinois, USA - Soldier Field
  • 2017-06-07 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA - Heinz Field
  • 2017-06-11 - Miami, Florida, USA - Hard Rock Stadium
  • 2017-06-14 - Tampa, Florida, USA - Raymond James Stadium
  • 2017-06-18 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Lincoln Financial Field
  • 2017-06-20 - Washington, DC, USA - FedEx Field
  • 2017-06-23 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Rogers Centre
  • 2017-06-25 - Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Gillette Stadium
  • 2017-06-28 - East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA - MetLife Stadium
  • 2017-07-01 - Cleveland, Ohio, USA - FirstEnergy Stadium

This leg will also feature a headline set at the Bonnaroo festival, held in Manchester, Tennessee between 8–11 June. The date of U2's appearance is not yet confirmed.

Leg 2: Europe

No concerts have been announced for any other part of the world, nor have they been rumoured. Some of the large markets listed above, however, may get a second gig if tickets sell fast, e.g. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Dublin, etc.

Support acts

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds will support U2 at all the European dates. Mumford & Sons will support U2 in Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco; OneRepublic will in Miami, Tampa, and Cleveland; and The Lumineers will at all the other North American dates.

Fun facts and stats

Although this tour is basically a celebratory run rather than a standard comprehensive tour, the North American leg is actually rather substantial. It features sixteen different cities (plus Bonnaroo), which is more than the ten visited on that continent's leg of Innocence + Experience, and equal with the first North American leg of 360. It also features more shows in west coast states than either of those legs.

The concert in Cleveland is U2's first show anywhere in Ohio since 10 December 2005, a gap of over eleven and a half years. Texas's shows will be the first in almost eight years, having last been visited in October 2009. U2 will play two different cities in Florida on the same leg of a tour for the first time since the third leg of Vertigo.

On the European leg, U2 return to one of their most celebrated hometown venues, Croke Park. They played two shows there on the original Joshua Tree Tour, 27 and 28 June 1987. The last time they performed there was on the first leg of the 360 tour in July 2009.

Database listing

All dates are contained in our Joshua Tree Tour 2017 page. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, check out all the shows on the original Joshua Tree Tour in 1987 and the closely-related Lovetown Tour of 1989–90.

 Posted by Axver on

Joshua Tree anniversary tour rumours and commentary

Rumours are coming thick and fast for U2's tour celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of The Joshua Tree. U2Songs have an excellent page that provides a comprehensive overview of rumours to date and is being updated regularly. I am not seeking to replicate it here. Rather, this is a short overview of the state of play right now, with an announcement seemingly imminent. It is expected on Monday, 9 January, around 8-9am US eastern time. Already there are targeted online ads for the Bonnaroo festival that name U2 as the headliner, with a leaked poster billing them as playing The Joshua Tree; that festival drops its lineup officially on 11 January.

The North American leg will be first, across May and June, followed by a European leg in July and August. This is a common pattern for U2's tours; the only tour in the past 25 years to deviate was the 360 Tour, which had the European leg before the North American one. There is no doubt that these will be stadium shows.

The initial belief among fans was that this would be a very short tour with only a handful of celebratory shows in the largest markets. But the scope of rumours has been expanding gradually, to the point that the North American leg may visit more cities than the ten on the Innocence + Experience Tour in 2015, and may contain about as many shows as the twenty played on that continent's first leg of 360. The European leg this year will be a bit more concentrated than the average U2 European tour, so don't expect them to visit anywhere uncommon or new, but it still won't be radically shorter than standard legs.

The tour is rumoured to begin on or about 12 May in Vancouver, British Columbia. This stands to reason. For visa and taxation reasons, it benefits U2 to rehearse in Canada before spending most of the tour in the States. After a show in Vancouver the tour is expected to trek down the US west coast before heading across the continent; most cities rumoured are in the US, but Toronto and Mexico City have appeared among the chatter. Most of the cities rumoured are predictable - e.g. Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Boston - but there are some surprises. The most unexpected is Cleveland, by some accounts slated as the last show of the North American leg. If true, it will be U2's first show anywhere in Ohio since December 2005.

The European leg will commence not long after the North American one ends. Rumours at present suggest the first of these shows will be in London at Wembley, though another rumour points to the Olympic Stadium. U2's strong markets in Spain and Italy will be visited; for a whistle-stop tour it may be a little surprising if there are shows in both Belgium and the Netherlands but that's what the rumours say. Dublin is included but rumours conflict with regards to the venue. Some rumours appear to be little more than guesswork; until the last couple of days, London seemed to feature in rumours more out of expectation than from any report of substance.

Back in 1987 the Joshua Tree Tour stuck firmly to North America and western Europe. It is understandable that this year's anniversary tour will only hit select markets, and a tour of this nature cannot be comprehensive. It seems to me (i.e. Axver; I do not purport to speak for the rest of U2gigs), however, that this tour would be a great opportunity to take The Joshua Tree to a few countries that missed out in 1987. U2's European touring patterns remain stuck in the eighties, failing to venture much into central or eastern Europe - and this is especially the case for what's rumoured for 2017. There are no current rumours of this tour visiting any additional continents, despite the fact the album focuses heavily on Latin American politics ("Bullet the Blue Sky", "Mothers of the Disappeared") and contains a song about a Māori New Zealander, Greg Carroll, and named for the volcanic peak One Tree Hill / Maungakiekie in Auckland. New Zealand and Australia at least got the Lovetown Tour, which had a strong Joshua Tree emphasis, but U2 did not tour Mexico until 1992 and South America until 1998.

So fans in other parts of the world will probably have to travel, or live in the vain hope that the scope of the tour will expand beyond North America and western Europe. There are recurrent rumours - vague ones - of Australasia and South America in 2018 for a resumption of the Innocence + Experience Tour but that's all. Should U2 not visit anywhere else in the world this year, they will get very close to their record for the longest gap between shows in many places. In Australia that record is over 8.5 years between Popmart (last Aussie show 27 February 1998) and Vertigo (first Aussie show 7 November 2006). The longest gaps in Latin American countries are roughly similar, but as they were toured in April and May 2011 (the most recent show being 15 May 2011), the current gap is slightly less than that for Australia and New Zealand, both last toured in 2010. Fortunately the New Zealand record is unlikely to be broken; the biggest gap between shows ran from 4 December 1993 to 24 November 2006 and U2 will most likely pass through the country before 2023. The one continent that really needs a visit is Asia - U2 have never played outside Japan, and their last concert there was 4 December 2006. This gap, of a decade and counting, is already the largest between Asian shows for the band (I am not counting the Middle East in these stats, and for obvious reasons any return to Israel or Turkey is unlikely at present).

To conclude, some of you may be wondering about Songs of Experience. That remains up in the air! Bono mentioned it in the band's Christmas video, so it's coming, but the focus of all rumours is just on the Joshua Tree anniversary. The new album is based on the experience of becoming a massive global act with the Joshua Tree. Hence, I have suggested that a good idea would be to release a lead single just before the anniversary tour begins, play it and one or two other new songs as part of the setlist, treat the anniversary shows as the band's most elaborate promotional tour ever, and then drop the new album and tour it. In effect, it would be: "you've attended the experience, now enjoy new songs about that experience". But this is me dreaming out loud, with no basis in any fact. The forthcoming tour announcement may give us some clues about the fate and timing of Songs of Experience.

 Posted by Axver on

New U2 activity announced for 2017

U2 have delivered a very big and welcome surprise to fans this Christmas via an Instagram video. Bono announces that 2017 will be a big year for U2, with two key points.

First, Bono confirms that Songs of Experience, the follow-up album to 2014's Songs of Innocence, is coming. This album's release has been anticipated since 2015, so it's nice to know it's finally coming out - though there are no further details yet.

Second, there will be some "very special shows" for the thirtieth anniversary of The Joshua Tree. Fans are already speculating whether the band will play the album in full - Red Hill Mining Town has never been played live, only soundchecked in late November 1987, Trip Through Your Wires was last performed on 20 December 1987, and Exit on 14 October 1988 (its only post-JT Tour appearance). It is also not known whether these special shows will be part of a resumed Innocence + Experience Tour or something separate, and how this celebration will be balanced with promotion of Songs of Experience. There are rumours of a formal announcement in January, but take that with a grain of salt as we cannot vouch for the veracity of this.

Interestingly, Billboard ran an article that originally contained some extra information but has now been revised into something rather different and much less detailed. The original version stated that the Joshua Tree shows will be in stadiums, including at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford. These shows would take place in the Northern spring and summer, with North America first and then Europe, and U2 would also play the Bonnaroo festival (8-11 June) in Manchester, Tennessee. All of these details have now been removed for reasons unknown.

PS Apologies for the delay with this news. As you can appreciate, the U2gigs team have been marking Christmas, and we hope all of our readers are having a pleasant holiday season. Take care and enjoy good times with the people you care about.

 Posted by Axver on

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