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Second dates for San Joe and Inglewood

Two more concerts have received additional dates for the first leg of the upcoming tour. Both take place the night after the first announced concert. The two new dates are:

Regarding presales, U2.com states the following:

"Verified U2.com Subscribers who did not use their unique ticketing presale code to buy tickets in November's presales will be able to enter the presales for these additional shows starting next Tuesday , December 5th (10am) and running until Thursday Dec 7th (5pm). Qualifying subscribers will be emailed ahead of these presales. Tickets for these shows go on general sale on Monday December 11th at 10am.

Registration/Setup for Subscribers (new or existing) who have not yet registered and would like to take part in these presales is now open and will close this Sunday, December 3 (10pm ET / 7pm PT).

 Posted by Matkin on

Update: U2 manager Guy Oseary responds to fans' concerns over E+I Tour pre-sales

Late Tuesday, U2 manager Guy Oseary sent a formal response to fans' concerns over the band's Experience + Innocence Tour ticket pre-sales process. A group of U2 fans worldwide -- many of whom work on U2 fan sites -- presented those concerns to U2 and its management last Friday in a letter that addressed, among other issues, how pre-sale codes were distributed, how pre-sale tickets were allotted and a perceived lack of transparency over the pre-sale ticketing process. Prior to receipt of the letter, Guy Oseary sent a preliminary response that can be read here.

In order to be transparent with our readers, the fans and fan sites involved in this process present below both our letter to U2/management and Guy Oseary's reply. Both of those are shared in their entirety below the jump.

 Posted by Matkin on

Six more cities receive second concerts + U2.com FAQ update

As Montreal did yesterday, five more cities on the first leg of the Experience + Innocence Tour have had second concerts announced. All of them take place the day after the first announced shows. The new concert dates are:

Presales begin 28 November, with the general sale following on 4 December.

As pointed out by U2Songs earlier today on Twitter, U2.com have updated their tour FAQ. The update states the following:

  1. You will be emailed the day before if you are a "Verified Subscriber";
  2. You do not need to setup the account a second time if you already did for the first announcements;
  3. You can complete the setup for these shows if you did not for the first announced;
  4. If you were verified and did not purchase two tickets for the first shows, you can buy up to two for the night 2s;
  5. If you bought one ticket for the first shows, you can purchase one more for these concerts


 Posted by Matkin on

Second Montreal concert announced

Evenko, the ticket sellers for concerts in Quebec, have announced a second date in Montreal on the upcoming tour. We expect other additional dates to be announced soon.

To purchase tickets for the second concert you must again sign up for the "Verified Fan" system at this time. If you registered for tickets for the 5 June concert, you do need to sign up again for a 'chance to be selected' for this date. This applies to U2.com subscribers, Citi card holders, and general Joe Public.

If you are a paid U2.com member and did not use either your "Experience" or "Innocence" code for the first round of announcements, you must register for this by 23 November at 10PM local time. The sale for you begins 28 November.

Holders of Citi cards must register for their presale by 27 November at 10PM local. That sale begins on 30 November.

If you want a chance of tickets for the general public sale, you must sign up by 1 December at 10PM local. Those tickets will become available for purchase on either 4 December or 5 December; at this time Evenko states that the day of sale depends "on market".


 Posted by Matkin on

An update on Experience + Innocence presales, and a statement from Guy Oseary

On Friday, Nov. 17, a collective of about three dozen fans from around the world, several of whom work for U2 fan sites, contacted U2 and their management to present the concerns many fans have expressed since the Experience + Innocence tour pre-sales started last Tuesday.

With nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for the members of U2, we have complete faith that the band will help correct the situation.

In anticipation of this communication, U2 manager Guy Oseary shared this statement and invited us to post it online for fans to read:

"I’m a U2 fan first., their manager second...

"I always consider the fan experience in everything we do…

"That’s why I'm disappointed to hear from some of our U2.com subscribers about trouble they’ve had getting tickets in this week’s presales..In previous ticketing sales too many tickets got scooped up by bots or scalpers so this time, for the first time, we’ve been working with the Verified Fan system - to make sure that genuine fans get the tickets. For the majority of subscribers it’s worked cleanly and simply, they got the tickets they wanted in the presales. But every fan club member matters to us…  and it’s frustrating to hear that this process has been un-satisfactory for some.

"We are looking into this very closely with the team and working on solutions where we can. We will keep you posted."

 Posted by Matkin on

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