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Analyzing U2's 2019 subscription package

So with the news that the (as-yet unnamed) 2019 subscription gift will be a double CD covering the 2015 and 2018 tours, discussion invariably leads to speculation on the track listing. Let's take a look at what was played on tour and at U2's past subscription releases to see if we can guess what will be coming!

 Posted by Matkin on

2019 U2.com subscription package announced

We are a couple days late on this one, but U2.com have revealed their subscription package for 2019. It will be a double CD covering both the 2015 i+e and 2018 e+i tours, and users will also be able to download the tracks from the website. Like U22 and Edge's Picks before it, the two CDs will come packaged in a photographic book which will also cover both tours. This should please even the people who normally don't read, as the previous few subscription gifts - Another Time Another Place, The Joshua Tree singles, and 3-D Dance Mixes - had reports of damage following shipping. As the book itself will offer protection for the CDs (assuming they are placed inside the cover like the two 360 tour releases) that should not be an issue this time around.

The announcement specifies that the track listing will be revealed early in 2019, with a bolded emphasis on the statement "shipping beginning in Spring 2019." That will of course be much earlier than this year's package, which was only announced in April and shipped beginning in September (we are still waiting for arrival at the U2Gigs German and Canadian HQs). This does of course assume that U2.com stick to schedule (Another Time Another Place was initially announced with a spring release but was not shipped until late July, with many fans receiving it from August onwards, for example). Tracks will be available to download beginning in January with more becoming available at regular interviews. And the other usual benefits also apply.

 Posted by Matkin on

2019 Australian tour rumours (already!)

The eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE tour ended less than 24 hours ago, and yet there are already rumours of a tour being planned for late 2019. Via U2Start on Twitter, crew members have been asked to set time aside between August and December with the intention of touring Australia. This has been backed up by sources for U2Songs, with the supposition that any tour would take place in stadiums rather than arenas and it would not be considered a third leg of e+i. Perth and Sydney are locations that have been mentioned, with a possible starting date being as early as September.

Of course, these are just rumours at the current time. Things are always changing, and an Australian leg has been rumoured on all three of the last tours (e+i rumour, JT17 rumour, i+e rumour).

Any visit down under would almost certainly include dates in New Zealand and Japan. U2 have almost always played New Zealand when visiting Australia. the exception being Popmart in 1998, and Japan has been visited on every occasion except for the group's first Aussie visit in 1984 and their most recent in 2010. However their first visit was intended to be during the War tour, during which they did play Japan but decided against adding more dates then due to their exhaustion from constant touring (sound familiar?). The resulting leg, dubbed "Under Australian Skies", was almost entirely material from the War tour with only four Unforgettable Fire songs being performed due to their unfamiliarity with the forthcoming album material. Pride was performed every night for which we have a complete setlist, and The Unforgettable Fire itself was done during at least 10 of the 19 shows. The other two songs, A Sort of Homecoming and Wire, both appeared on only two occasions.

As noted above, rumoured cities for a visit are Perth and Sydney. It is worth noting that U2 have played in Brisbane and Melbourne on every previous visit, and Adelaide on four of the previous six tours in the country.

 Posted by Matkin on

U2's Berlin #3 setlist, 13/11/18

Tonight, U2 performed in Berlin to conclude the Experience + Innocence Tour.

This show was never meant to happen. Berlin was scheduled to have the first two shows of the European leg, but the second night ended early: Bono completely lost his voice after five songs, and so this show was scheduled to make up for it.

As a result, this is the first time U2 have opened and closed a leg of a tour in the same city. This is the third time Dublin was meant to be the last city of the tour, only for unexpected events to force the addition of more shows. The previous occasions were on Lovetown's second leg in 1989–90, also because of Bono experiencing voice problems, and on the European leg of the Innocence + Experience Tour in 2015, because of the Paris terrorist attacks.

Gloria appeared in the set for the third show in a row. The last time it has appeared at three consecutive shows was 26 May 2018 in Nashville, 28 May in Atlanta, and 5 June in Montreal. Earlier in May it achieved a run of five consecutive shows.

This tour is U2's first to not feature any song from The Joshua Tree since that album was released in 1987. The closest they got was the one-off performance of Spanish Eyes, one of the b-sides on the single release of I Still Haven't Found, at 21 September 2018 in Madrid. This is, therefore, the first tour since 1987 to not have any performances of Where the Streets Have No Name, I Still Haven't Found, and With or Without You; other songs from The Joshua Tree have come and gone from the setlist over the years but those three had been done on every tour, and in the case of Streets on almost every night.

Beyond The Joshua Tree, there were two other significant omissions. Neither Bad nor Mysterious Ways were performed this tour. Both had appeared on every previous tour since their live debuts in 1984 and 1992 respectively.

A total of forty different songs were performed this tour (our database counts a 41st: the poem Hedgehog, read on 21 June 2018). A lot of crowds chanted for the song 40, but it was not one of the forty performed. Fourteen of those forty songs were played every night of the tour, not counting the aborted second show in Berlin. Those forty songs represented every U2 album except for No Line on the Horizon or Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1.

Every song from U2's most recent album, Songs of Experience, appeared on this tour in some capacity (snippet or full performance) except for Little Things, which was performed live in 2017. This means it joins a select group of U2 albums where every song has featured live in some capacity: Boy, The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, and Pop. Only the first three of those aforementioned albums can claim that all of their songs have been played in full, though; Pop falls short because Playboy Mansion was only ever snippeted, and for Songs of Experience it is The Showman that never got past the snippet level.

The full setlist was:

  1. The Blackout
  2. Lights Of Home
  3. I Will Follow
  4. Gloria / Van Morrison's Gloria (snippet) / Patti Smith's Gloria (snippet)
  5. Beautiful Day
  6. Dirty Day
  7. Zoo Station
  8. The Fly
  9. Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
  10. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
  11. (Intermission - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me)
  12. Elevation
  13. Vertigo / The Jean Genie (snippet)
  14. Even Better Than The Real Thing Fish Out of Water Mix
  15. Hall of Mirrors (snippet) / Acrobat
  16. You're The Best Thing About Me Full band acoustic
  17. Summer Of Love Bono and Edge
  18. Pride (In the Name of Love)
  19. Get Out Of Your Own Way
  20. New Year's Day
  21. City of Blinding Lights

  22. encore(s):
  23. Women of the World (snippet) / One / Invisible (snippet)
  24. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way
  25. 13 (There Is A Light)
All details for this show including reviews, videos and photos can be found here.

If you attended the show we ask you to share your concert review or photos with other site visitors. You can post your review of the show here and upload your pictures here.

 Posted by Axver on

Videos of U2's fourth night in Dublin, 10/11/18

Both Matt and Stefan were in Dublin at U2's fourth and final hometown gig for the tour. Catch up on the setlist here.

Their videos include the rare performance of Landlady:

Watch the rest of their videos below:

 Posted by Axver on

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