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U2's stage taking shape in Auckland

Work on assembling the 360° Tour's stage in Auckland has been proceeding apace since our last update. The skeleton of the Claw has now been erected on the field of Mt Smart. Previous contributor Glen M. has kindly shared two more photos of proceedings at the stadium. Check them out below:

As a sidenote, this article is the 777th on U2gigs. Unfortunately, a righteous counterpoint to our most evil article ever cannot be found (perhaps all comers are just too intimidated?). We may have a 666th song, but our database presently stops short of 777. The most recent addition, The Ballroom Blitz, slots in at 765, eye-pleasing but not tremendously righteous in its descending consecutive numbers. So perhaps it's time instead to place your bets on what song (or, more likely, random snippet) will slot in as the 777th song.

I, for one, am tipping The Number Of The Beast by Iron Maiden.

Posted on by Axver

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