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  Artist: Ivan Gundulić
  From a play written by Ivan Gundulić

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Beautiful Day, One

Dubravka lyrics

Original Croatian:
O lijepa, o draga, o slatka slobodo,
dar u kom sva blaga višnji nam bog je do,
uzroče istini od naše sve slave,
uresu jedini ove Dubrave.
sva srebra, sva zlata, svi ljudski životi
ne mogu bit plata tvoj čistoj ljepoti!

English translation:
O beautiful, o beloved, o sweet freedom,
God has given us all the treasures in you,
you are the true source of all our glory,
you are the only decoration of this Dubrava.
All silver, all gold, all human lives
cannot repay your pure beauty!

From a play written by Ivan Gundulić

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