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Twitter live stream

This is a Twitter live stream which aggregates all posts with U2 Innocence + Experience Tour related hashtags.

Currently we are tracking for these hashtags:
#U2JT30, #JT30, #U2SongsofExperience, #U2eiTour

We also have dedicated browsable archives for the hashtags #u2360min, #u2360nj, #u2360stl, #u2360phl, #u2360tor, #u2360mtl, #u2360chi, #u2360nas, #u2360mia, #u2360el, #u2glasto, #u2360bal, #u2360ana, #u2360oak, #u2360sea, #u2360edm, #u2360wpg and #u2360.

@JoshDrewien No new songs. The 40 tracks are listed here:

MrStephenOReganStephen O'Regan
@u2songs Everyone needs to chill. As much as these releases feel largely pointless, they are the same time totally…

madfl3aJo D.
Mind blown. Day made. Wow. Woooooow! #U2SOS40

RT @u2songs: Like “With or Without You” there is now a preview of “One” available on Apple Music / iTunes. Will likely be the next single f…

@u2songs Not showing up on mine yet. Still grayed out????

RT @joshthetree_: With or Without You #U2SOS40 Blown away. I really ❤️ these reimagined songs. This version is so amazing, can't wait to…

Rick_West67Rick West
@u2songs The magic has been gone for some time. This confirms it.

marodmassaMariana Rodarte Massa
The #SongsOfSurrender version of #WithorWithoutYou is orgasmic. #u2sos40

@u2songs Imost of the snippets of songs in the audiobook sounded good, intriguing; and left me wanting to hear more…

RT @U2Polls: If WOWY from #U2sos40 is the experiment, the hypothesis is “we can lose the infinite guitar, shift Larry’s arc, and skip Edge’…

今日の昼食用おにぎり???? ふたつ目のおにぎりは、 娘のおやつ。 #おにぎり #???? #おにぎりふたつ???????? #おそろいおにぎり #今日の昼食 #明太子昆布ふりかけ #今日も一日ご安全に ???? #ひろうこんぱい #腰痛 #u2…

CEOofstocksCEOofstocks ????©️
@u2songs I love the new version of pride. I started off not liking with or without you but now I have listened to i…

SimoneluvshanJust watching
@u2songs I couldn't agree more with this review.

edwardhollyEdward Holly
@u2songs Haven’t heard much of this but I suspect they are exploring Las Vegas minus Larry. I don’t like idea of re…

JoshDrewienThe Hallmark Life Coach
@u2songs Will there be new songs on this album?

AndrewDowling84Andrew Dowling
@u2songs Started listening to the audio book today and these songs now make more sense. I’d advise others to do the…

pietro_bassoSame As It Ever Was
@u2songs I liked the version of Pride so I was excited for the next single… but I hated their version of WOWY. They…

pietro_bassoSame As It Ever Was
@u2songs I really liked Pride (specially the end with Edge singing the chorus). The WOWY version is just awful and…

@u2songs I can hear conversations from mid 90's, of record co. executives having a heated argument with U2's manage…

@u2songs The Edge is a guitar god - but a piano player he is not. They should have hired someone good on the keys…

@wbarenno @pauljallen And here I can’t get to it via iTunes, only via Apple Music. Seems to differ.

RT @u2songs: Like “With or Without You” there is now a preview of “One” available on Apple Music / iTunes. Will likely be the next single f…

@u2songs Really struggled with Pride,after a lot of trying can’t get into with or without you but I like what I’m h…

vintheman147vincent ward
@u2songs So far , so poor! Hopefully one is better

m1ckf1tzmichael fitzgerald
@u2songs If the Beatles did this in their day I wonder what people would've said.i know they did 1 album and a love…

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