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In Your Hand

  Early U2 song, may have been an alternate name for Boy-Girl.

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This song has been played at the following 8 shows:

In Your Hand lyrics

Lyrics for this song are unknown. However, there is some speculation that this song is actually Boy-Girl, based on the fact Boy-Girl contains the lyric "you can take me in your hand". Below are some opinions on the matter:

1. It is an original song from U2's early days that is not related to Boy-Girl.
2. It is an early version of Boy-Girl. The counter-argument to this is that In Your Hand was performed in August 1979, even though Boy-Girl already existed at this time and had been recorded for U2:3, which was released in September 1979.
3. It is actually Boy-Girl. This opinion puts forth the argument that those who heard the song and reported it did not know Boy-Girl's actual title and mistakenly named it after the line "you can take me in your hand". The counter-argument to this position is that the given line is merely a line from one of Boy-Girl's verses and does not stand out memorably, and a far more likely mistaken name would be "When A Boy Meets A Girl".
4. It is an alternate title the band themselves used for Boy-Girl. Other early U2 songs have existed under alternate names, most notably the variety of alternate names for The Magic Carpet. Therefore, this stance holds that it is possible Bono himself introduced Boy-Girl by the title In Your Hand.

This should not be considered to be a complete list of opinions of what In Your Hand might be, but merely a short list of possibilities.

Early U2 song, may have been an alternate name for Boy-Girl.

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