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New feature: All U2 songs with official live releases

Today we are pleased to announce a brand new feature on our website. In the past we have brought you the first U2 personalised show charts, a comprehensive setlist FAQ, the bootleg cover archive, our vast collection of live photographs, and of course our HD videos. Now we would like to introduce you to our newest major feature: after a lot of research, we have compiled what we believe is the most exhaustive list of all U2 songs with official live releases.

From 11 O'Clock Tick Tock to Zooropa, and all songs in between, we have tracked down every officially released recording of a live U2 performance that we could find and added the information into an easy to browse list. Some of the releases are high-profile DVDs of full concerts; others are obscure compilations or singles. Curious if a concert you attended had anything released? Search for the date or the city. A fan of a particular song and looking to find every recording of it that you can? Just scroll down the alphabetical list to see what is available and where you can find it.

As a bonus, at the bottom of the page we have a list of every U2 song performed live that has not been released by the band. The list is actually a lot shorter than you might think!

Undoubtedly there are some questions you may have, the first quite possibly being: what exactly do we consider a U2 song? Just every album song? Every A-side and B-side? Anything on which U2 have collaborated or covered? We have over 850 songs in our database, so for the purposes of this U2 Live Releases list we are only including a song if a member of the band was involved in writing it and the band subsequently performed it live. This is why 46664, Stranded, and She's A Mystery To Me are included, while covers such as All Along The Watchtower or Can't Help Falling In Love are not.

A song does not need to have had a studio release to be included; studio-unreleased gems such as Mercy and Lucille are on the list (the latter possibly the most unusual inclusion: it is an easter egg on the Joshua Tree remastered box set!). However, a song must have been released in full on a purchasable format to be eligible. Songs that were broadcast on radio or TV but not subsequently released are not listed, nor are incomplete performances such as Mothers of the Disappeared on Classic Albums: The Joshua Tree.

With that said, happy browsing! Matkin performed and wrote up the research and deserves the bulk of the credit. Matthias coded it for the website, and I contributed editorial support. We hope you find some releases you did not know about that you can add to your collection, and of course if we missed anything please contact us!

Posted on by Axver

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