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A new feature on U2-Vertigo-Tour.com!

Ever wondered just how many U2 songs you have heard live, or how many songs you've heard more than once? Ever been curious to find out what songs U2 has played on previous visits to your city or country? Now you can find out without tediously checking each concert's setlist and manually adding up the data.

We have added a new feature to U2gigs.com: a personal charts calculator that allows you to select any amount of individual shows and returns to you a number of details. It gives you a list of all of the songs played at the selected concerts, with the amount of times that song was played in brackets, followed by details on album representation and snippets included at the selected concert. Naturally, only concerts with setlists are included as shows without setlists would not add any data; we do, however, include shows with incomplete setlists. If a show you attended does not have a setlist and you can remember details (even if it is just one song), please feel welcome to contact us - every contribution is greatly appreciated!

This feature can be used to find more than just data on shows you have personally seen. Ever wondered what songs U2 has played in your home city and how many times? Select all of the shows U2 has played in your city and you can find out! Ever wanted statistics more specific than those we provide for full tours or legs, such as statistics on what songs were played in a particular month? Select all of the shows from the relevant time frame and you can find out! There is plenty you can do with this new feature.

Although a few fansites for other bands have a feature similar to this, we believe it is a first for the U2 world. We hope you enjoy it and find it informative and useful.

Macphisto (Webmaster) and Axver (Setlistorian)

Posted on by Axver

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