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The new U2gigs.com

Today, we have performed a number of updates to the U2gigs design. The site's format and structure remains essentially unchanged, so you don't need to update links or get used to a new database structure. However, the aesthetics have been rejuvenated with a new header. The site navigation menu shown in the left hand margin on all pages has had its order slightly modified. Most pages now have a "share" link so that you can share them via e-mail or sites such as Facebook and Digg - just hover over the link for the full range of options. There are new RSS feeds in the Pictures section, both for latest pictures and latest comments. The main page format has been somewhat altered to improve browsing, with older articles now listed at the bottom of the page rather than in a right-hand margin. We continue to eschew pointless bells and whistles that hog bandwidth in favour of presenting you with as much substance as possible.

Accordingly, the biggest changes are two new features that bring even more substance to the site. The first is a Frequently Asked Questions section introduced in a separate article. The second is the ability to sort and view all songs by artist. This feature is introduced with special thanks to Ashley W., who initially suggested it. Previously, the songs page only allowed you to sort the songs alphabetically or by how many times they had been played (including a snippetless option). The Songs By Artist page now provides one quick reference for you to find out just which artists U2 have covered or snippeted. For example, ever wondered what Bruce Springsteen songs U2 have done? Now you need not trawl tediously through the alphabetised list, hoping for titles to leap out at you. Furthermore, each song contains a link to the artist, so you can see if U2 have snippeted anything else by them. It is worth noting that in a few cases, the most famous performer of a song is given rather than the original artist: a good example is Mystery Train, as Bono was quite clearly snippeting Elvis Presley's version rather than the original by Junior Parker and the Blue Flames.

We hope you enjoy these new features and that the aesthetic changes make browsing the site a more enjoyable experience. Some of our behind-the-scenes code has also been changed, so if you spot any errors or glitches, please feel free to contact us. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Macphisto (webmaster) and Axver (setlistorian)

Posted on by Axver

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