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More news from Turin and more tickets available

Fancy attending the first U2 concert of 2010 but don't have a ticket yet? At the time of writing, more tickets have become available on TicketOne for the 6 August 2010 concert in Turin: go here for Italian, or here for English (though not everything is actually translated; some text still appears in Italian).

In Turin itself, work on assembling the 360° Tour stage has continued today. Cranes have moved into the Stadio Olimpico, and if you view today's stadium webcam time-lapse movie, you can clearly see the cranes moving around inside the venue.

Not all has been going smoothly in Turin, however. One of the concert organisers, Set Up, has revealed (report in Italian) that the City of Turin has requested a €20,000 parking fee for the use of a stadium carpark by the band's equipment trucks. This despite the fact that the carpark would otherwise remain unused during the period of U2's stay in Turin. Convoluted wheelings and dealings seem to have been required simply to get permission for U2 to rehearse at the Stadio Olimpico, and they continue now, with both organisers and city officials trying to eke concessions out of each other.

Posted on by Axver

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