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Update on rumours about U2 in South America

One of the biggest uncertainties regarding the 360° Tour is if/when U2 will go to South America. The rumour mill had suggested that an announcement would be made last week, on 13 or 14 October, but the dates came and went without an announcement.

Instead, the rumours have just kept coming. Previously, Brazil was rumoured to be getting two concerts in Sao Paulo on 7 and 8 April 2011. Now, another rumour has suggested the Sao Paulo concerts will be in March, according to this article (in Portuguese). It goes on to state that there will not be a concert in Rio de Janeiro, as renovations at the Maracanã Stadium mean it cannot be used. Finally, it tips an announcement in the next week.

One likely reason for the never-ending string of unfulfilled rumours about a concert announcement is the fiasco about a venue in Buenos Aires. There has been controversy surrounding the use of River Plate Stadium for concerts, with local authorities trying to ban concerts and the concert promoter adamantly insisting upon the continued use of River Plate Stadium. Various alternative venues have been mooted; however, Paul McCartney is playing a concert at River Plate Stadium in November, so its use by U2 may not be out of the question after all. (Update: Recent shows at River Plate Stadium have had seating on the field; standing GA crowds are not permitted. U2, however, make no secret of their strong preference for standing GA crowds and none of their recent tours have had a seated floor/field. So if they cannot get an exemption from this restriction, an alternative venue will be required.)

Speaking of Paul McCartney, this month's ticket sales for his Argentine and Brazilian concerts may be another reason for the delay in a U2 announcement. The promoters may be trying to avoid flooding the market with too many tickets for major events at once. Not to mention staggering the sales will ease the pressure on ticketing agencies.

Whatever the case, hopefully South American U2 fans won't be left in suspense too much longer. The rumours of a tour are very strong; we naturally cannot offer any guarantees, but it should happen.

Posted on by Axver

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