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Stump Ax!

It may be the end of the 360° Tour tonight, but that need not be the end of our fun. A recent theme over on the U2gigs Twitter account has been the attempt by a few individuals to ask our setlistorian, Axver, a U2 trivia question he cannot answer. So we've decided to turn this into a a competition: Stump Ax.

Basically, here's the drill. Leave us a question relating to U2 setlist trivia by posting it in a comment reply to this article. Do NOT send us questions by any other method, such as Twitter, e-mail, carrier pigeon, interpetive dance, or a banner at the Moncton gig. Well, we may just accept questions by carrier pigeon since it would also make for a tasty dinner, but don't push your luck. Ax promises not to look at this article's comments; Matkin will select the best questions and pose them to Ax. Make sure you post your question by 4 August at midnight Australian eastern time/2pm UTC/10am Canadian eastern time. Axver will attempt to answer the questions on 5 August, Australian eastern time (evening of the 4th for those of you in North America).

Your question can pertain to any aspect of U2 setlist trivia. Do not ask questions about U2's studio discography (Ax has no idea how many editions of the Mysterious Ways single there are or which has the longest tracklist). Do not ask questions about U2's personal life or other off-stage history (Ax frankly has no interest in the band outside of their music and couldn't care less how many cars Bono has owned/crashed or what colour Edge's lounge is painted). In other words, we're looking for questions like "what song has had the most different snippets?" (Beautiful Day, 69 different snippets and counting), not "what shirt was Adam wearing at the 2006-11-10, Sydney show?"

Unless you ask us to credit you otherwise, we will credit you by the name attached to your comment on this article. Since we're poor, we apologise that there are no prizes except for the pride of successfully stumping Ax.

Good luck! Can you stump Ax?

Posted on by Matkin

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