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Adam Clayton to South America: ''We miss you!''

A few hours ago, we reported news from a couple of interviews with Bono. The interviews have been coming thick and fast, and in our earlier article we missed a particularly interesting interview Adam Clayton gave to Argentina's Radio Metro 95.1 on the "Perros de la Calle" show. It was a wide-ranging interview, encompassing everything from Scotland's independence referendum to U2's appearance on The Simpsons. You can listen to it on YouTube (it is obviously from a Spanish-language station, but Adam speaks in English):

Of relevance to this website are Adam's comments about touring South America and what songs he most enjoys playing live.

The hosts asked Adam when U2 will next visit South America. As regular readers might recall, reports broke a few days ago that U2 are planning to tour South America at some point. After enthusing about Argentinian audiences, Adam opened up about touring intentions at the 16:10 mark, though he could not give any specific information. "We will be back; I'm not sure when. We're looking at the touring possibilities now, and 'as soon as possible' would be my answer. We miss you!" So a tour is definitely in the works, but it appears that the details are yet to be finalised.

Earlier in the interview, at the 10:30 mark, Adam replied to a question about what songs he enjoys playing live the most. His favourite song to play on the 360 Tour was "Moment of Surrender" since "that was a tune that was very unusual for U2 to do". Understandably, he has always loved doing "New Year's Day" and "With or Without You" because they are "very much about the bass". Adam went on to praise "Where the Streets Have No Name" as "fantastic" because "wherever you play it goes crazy". He concluded diplomatically by saying "there are a lot of good ones" to perform.

Posted on by Axver

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