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U2 Philadelphia 360° Tour 2011 tweet archive for hashtag #u2360phl & #u2360phi

This is an archive of all tweets related to U2's 360° Tour 2011 concert in Philadelphia with the hashtag #u2360phl & #u2360phi. We capture as many tweets as possible but can't guarantee to get them all.

We collected 1749 tweets for the hashtag #u2360phl & #u2360phi between 24 Jun 2011, 17:57 and 20 Jul 2011, 19:01 EDT

RT @atu2: Says "Be ready for a wildcard" after MOS --> RT @girlj7: @atu2 Tonight's setlist, #U2360PHI #U2360PHL

#40thingsaboutme 3.I'm still unwinding from the U2 concert in #Philadelphia #U2360PHL

is going through a lot of pics.#U2360PHL

"A Sort of Homecoming" on the radio on the way home from #u2360phi

One of the best concerts I've been to. "@philsphan19: #U2360PHI

@933WMMR Video that I recorded of tonight's U2 concert. Also includes a slip-up from Bono at the 40 sec mark. #U2360PHL

@camiyak So funny. When I started following your tweets this morning I wasn't sure if you were in line for Harry Potter or #U2360PHL Enjoy!

@atu2 Tonight's setlist, #U2360PHI #U2360PHL

Finally off to bed but still very awake reflecting on the experience that was #U2360PHL

Dead,happily. Still can't believe they played hmtmkmkm and rejoice. #u2360phl

What time is it in the world? SHOWTIME! #U2360PHL

still amazed about the show... bout to go to bed #U2360PHL

Bono is back. No pun intended. #U2360PHL

Alright, #U2360PHL was awesome...now off to Harry Potter with @Filmhash

I've made it to the GA line. I am number 253. #u2360phl

#u2360phl had a freakin fab time at show! Linc seats were superb, band was tight

Great show! #u2360phl. Now, off to sleep.

Great show! U2 really brought it tonight and I loved hearing Miss Sarajevo and Zooropa live for first time. #U2360PHL

is finding it was truly a Beautiful Day, a real mind rush. Incredible show U2 #U2360PHL.

I remember when anything could happen at a U2 show. Now it's too much of a greatest hits package with very few surprises. #u2360phi

Great show!!!! #U2360PHI.

How many U2 tractor trailers can you count? #U2360PHL #U2360USA

#U2360PHL what a fantastic show!!!!!

... and the U2 space station prepares for lift-off... #U2360PHL

Collective effervescence! RT @JeremyLittau Where The Streets Have No Name, wish you were here at #U2360PHL, @moxielox.

No data service = no streaming or setlist posts. But...IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING CONCERT EXPERIENCE! Great show tonight!! #U2360PHI

Great show tonight. Had red Zone seats. What a thrill! #u2360phl.

Where The Streets Have No Name, wish you were here at #U2360PHL, @moxielox.

Fact: I totally shared a moment with Larry during his "Crazy" bongo stroll. @hillarykwiatek will confirm it. Amazing night. #U2360PHL

RT @U2_WalkOn: U2 setlist 15-Vertigo 16-I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight 17-Sunday Bloody Sunday 18-Scarlet 19-Walk On 20-One #U2360PHI

RT @FakeTheEdge: You guys don't seriously think that B would let someone who calls himself "The Boss" on stage, do you? #U2360PHI

Perfect view of Bono the whole show #U2360PHI

U2 gets better every time I see them. Amazing show!! Sad only 5 shows are left. #U2360PHL

@andyzipf coulda opened for #U2 instead of Interpol #U2360PHL

RT @atu2: Bono leads crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela. #u2360phi #u2360phl

RT @Abelesa84: They're singing Happy BDAY to the great Nelson Mandela #U2360PHI

Awesome time at U2 concert in #Philly! Heard 3 songs that I've never heard live before after going to15 shows! #U2360PHL

Amazing setlist. What a fantastic live band U2 is. #U2360PHL

Show was AMAZING SQUARED but I'm exhausted, achy, dehydrated, and high blood sugary! #U2360PHL

Said goodnight to The Claw. Said I'd see em in 7 more days. #U2360PHL

So magnificent. Another epic show! <3 U2 #U2360PHI

@sarahdesireee they keep doing that to us, don't they? Those sick bastards teasing us like that! LOL! #U2360PHI

Such An Amazing Concert On Such An Beautiful Night Thanks U2 You Were Grand!!! #U2360PHL

RT @FakeTheEdge: You guys don't seriously think that B would let someone who calls himself "The Boss" on stage, do you? #U2360PHI

@mpare41166 Magnificent pour The Fly? Je préfère de loin The Fly! RT @atu2 Here's the setlist and recap from #u2360phi

I think I just spent more time with God at #U2360PHL than I ever have at any concert! It was just that type of environment. #awesome

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