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U2 perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Today U2 appeared on US late-night talkshow Jimmy Kimmel Live. They played two songs: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and The Little Things That Give You Away.

The band also had a chat with Kimmel. During this, Bono condemned the terrorist attack on Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, and spoke of the "undefeatable spirit" of that city.

The interview was not all doom and gloom though. At one point Bono and Edge sang the first verse of Lucille, a song not played publicly since 12 December 1987, and not done at all since a private party for BB King on 16 September 1989. I Still Haven't Found was performed with a gospel choir, harking back to the encore performance on 28 September 1987 that was originally released on Rattle and Hum and is also included on this year's Joshua Tree 30th anniversary special edition.

Bono joked that Edge is to blame for Songs of Experience not being released yet. U2 don't play unreleased songs live all that much, and especially don't play them often on TV, so this performance of Little Things stands out. Usually the closest you'll get on TV to such a rarity is the live debut of a song on an already-announced album that isn't in stores for a couple of weeks yet. The last time U2 played a truly unreleased song at a TV event was 22 November 2004, when She's a Mystery to Me appeared at a concert hosted by MTV. That performance later became the only version of She's a Mystery to Me that U2 have ever released, as the b-side for All Because of You; a studio version recorded during 1987 remains unreleased. But, of course, Roy Orbison released a studio version with Bono on backing vocals, so if you don't think that 2004 performance counts, then the last time U2 played unreleased songs on telly was the wonderful, bizarre, drunken jaunt onto TV Gaga on 30 January 1986. They did Womanfish, still unreleased, a very early version of Trip Through Your Wires, and a shambolic Bob Dylan cover. Those song links don't go to the database listings; they go to YouTube videos. Pour yourself a scotch and watch them.

Our database listing for the Kimmel performance is here.

Posted on by Axver

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