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Tour rumours: Boston in June 2018, announcement tomorrow

Rumours are starting to leak about the band's touring plans for 2018. Poster Angtre01 on the Interference forums, who has been reliable about Boston dates for the past two tours, has shared information today. Please note that at this stage everything below is a rumour and NOT confirmed.

U2 will perform at Boston's TD Garden on 21 June 2018. The tour will be announced at 1pm US Eastern time tomorrow (which, we believe, would be in conjunction with an announcement of Songs of Experience, the tracklist of which has already leaked).

Presales will commence in three weeks, on 20 November 2017. The exact date for the public sale is unclear, but presumably about a week later.

General Admission floor tickets in Boston will be $80.50. The most expensive seated sections will be $329.50, with three lower categories: $175.50, $110.50, and $45.50. Prices are likely to be similar, with only slight variation, in other cities. Fears held by some fans that U2 might adopt variable pricing (where the price of seats changes dynamically in response to demand) do not appear to have come to pass.

Like 2015's Innocence + Experience Tour, of which this is a thematic continuation, next year's dates will have a centre-stage format.

We currently do not have word on dates in Europe or elsewhere in the world, but if this announcement does happen at 1pm US Eastern, that's 5pm UK time and 4am Australian eastern. Again we reiterate everything in this article is purely rumour at this stage, not confirmed, and there could be absolutely nothing announced tomorrow. But we will have the info for you if and when it drops.

Update: on Twitter, atU2 have added that they have a reliable source reporting a Los Angeles show on 15 May 2018 at the Forum.

Update II: Australian music retailer JB Hi-Fi, in promoting a competition to see U2 live, appear to have already given the game away with regards to the above-mentioned LA show on 15 May. Meanwhile, it looks like the tour will indeed be announced in conjunction with the album and that Get Out of Your Own Way and The Blackout will be available for streaming immediately; see this screenshot from our friends U2Start. And U2Australia have shared info that Australia, New Zealand, and Japan are in line to get shows in November 2018. We have received word that U2 might tour Asia more widely than just Japan for the first time ever, but no more specifics than that. U2Songs indicate that rehearsals will take place in Canada—though not Vancouver this time—and that the tour will start on or about 1 May (perhaps not in the city where rehearsals take place). Lastly, there are rumours bouncing around the Internet that Tulsa, Oklahoma will get its first show since 9 June 1983.

Update III: There is conflicting information about whether European dates will be announced, or if it will just be North American dates initially. U2Start suggest the forthcoming announcement will just be for North America, but U2Songs say they have heard Europe as well. U2Start report that European cities rumoured to get gigs include Madrid and Mannheim, and that shows are probable in the "obvious locations", i.e. Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

Posted on by Axver

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