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Second Montreal concert announced

Evenko, the ticket sellers for concerts in Quebec, have announced a second date in Montreal on the upcoming tour. We expect other additional dates to be announced soon.

To purchase tickets for the second concert you must again sign up for the "Verified Fan" system at this time. If you registered for tickets for the 5 June concert, you do need to sign up again for a 'chance to be selected' for this date. This applies to U2.com subscribers, Citi card holders, and general Joe Public.

If you are a paid U2.com member and did not use either your "Experience" or "Innocence" code for the first round of announcements, you must register for this by 23 November at 10PM local time. The sale for you begins 28 November.

Holders of Citi cards must register for their presale by 27 November at 10PM local. That sale begins on 30 November.

If you want a chance of tickets for the general public sale, you must sign up by 1 December at 10PM local. Those tickets will become available for purchase on either 4 December or 5 December; at this time Evenko states that the day of sale depends "on market".


Posted on by Matkin

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