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2019 U2.com subscription package announced

We are a couple days late on this one, but U2.com have revealed their subscription package for 2019. It will be a double CD covering both the 2015 i+e and 2018 e+i tours, and users will also be able to download the tracks from the website. Like U22 and Edge's Picks before it, the two CDs will come packaged in a photographic book which will also cover both tours. This should please even the people who normally don't read, as the previous few subscription gifts - Another Time Another Place, The Joshua Tree singles, and 3-D Dance Mixes - had reports of damage following shipping. As the book itself will offer protection for the CDs (assuming they are placed inside the cover like the two 360 tour releases) that should not be an issue this time around.

The announcement specifies that the track listing will be revealed early in 2019, with a bolded emphasis on the statement "shipping beginning in Spring 2019." That will of course be much earlier than this year's package, which was only announced in April and shipped beginning in September (we are still waiting for arrival at the U2Gigs German and Canadian HQs). This does of course assume that U2.com stick to schedule (Another Time Another Place was initially announced with a spring release but was not shipped until late July, with many fans receiving it from August onwards, for example). Tracks will be available to download beginning in January with more becoming available at regular interviews. And the other usual benefits also apply.

Posted on by Matkin

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