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A Christmas Present From U2gigs.com!

U2gigsr.com would like to wish all of our visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and regardless of what holiday you are celebrating at this time of year, we hope this is a happy and enjoyable time for you. In the spirit of giving and celebration, we would like to announce a present: changes and new features on the site to enhance your experience!

Firstly, we would like to announce a new main page feature that will run during the break before the fourth leg of the Vertigo Tour and resume after the leg's conclusion: a series called Setlist Of The Week. This will feature notable setlists from U2's past complete with trivia, and will commence in the New Year. Before it starts, look for our review of 2005!

You will notice a number of changes on the site that are designed to enhance usability and provide even more data. On our main tour history page, you will notice that individual legs of a tour no longer appear separately. Each tour now has its own page where you may access the individual legs as well as viewing what songs were played on the tour, what songs were used to open and close concerts, and what albums contained songs featured on the tour. If you go to view the page of a specific leg, you will find those statistics for that leg only, located below the list of concert dates.

When you are on the page for an individual show's details, there are many options you can select for further information. You can select the tour and leg names to return to their relevant menus, and you can also click the venue, city, and country or state name to view other dates that U2 has performed there. For example, at the top of the details page for the last show on the third leg of the Vertigo Tour, you will see:

U2 Vertigo Tour

Vertigo Tour 3rd leg: North America

2005-12-19: Rose Garden, Portland - Oregon

Selecting 'U2 Vertigo Tour' will return you to the main Vertigo Tour page; 'Vertigo Tour 3rd leg: North America' will return you to the third leg's page with the concert dates list; 'Rose Garden' will show you all concerts played at the Rose Garden venue; 'Portland' will show you all concerts played in the city of Portland; and lastly 'Oregon' will show you all concerts played in the state of Oregon.Below the venue information is the setlist, and as you are likely already aware, you can click on each song name to view all times it has been played or snippeted. These individual song pages have been enhanced, with the lists now subdivided into tour sections for ease of viewing. For example, when you go to A Sort Of Homecoming's page, you will now be able to very clearly see what performances were during the Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree, and Elevation Tours. If you go to our list of all song names, you will now see we have expanded notation beside the song names to state how many times a song has been played and/or snippeted, and you can now view the list of most songs played with or without snippets. On the snippets page, you can view a list of all snippeted songs including those that have also been played in full, or a list of songs that have only been snippeted.

Back on the concert details page, for some shows, you will see some more information beneath the setlist - the length of the concert in minutes, and what songs were soundchecked by the band before the concert. These two features are very new and we currently have information available for only a small amount of shows (examples: soundcheck for 7 October 1989, Melbourne and concert length for 8 October 1989, Melbourne).

Below this information, you will see an additional link, labelled "Send any additional setlist or soundcheck information". You can also access this form via our Contact page. We welcome all submissions of information that we don't already have, such as missing setlists or snippets, and we particularly invite submissions of information about soundchecks or concert length. If you heard a soundcheck (performed by U2 themselves, not their roadcrew!) or know the exact length of a concert in minutes, please do not hesitate to submit it. All information is valuable to us and helps to make U2gigs.com the most detailed U2 concert resource on the Internet.

We hope you like this present and that it enhances the usability of the site for you. Enjoy the additional information!

Macphisto (Webmaster) and Axver (Setlistorian)

Posted on by Axver

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