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U2-Vertigo-Tour.com becomes U2gigs.com

As some of you would have noticed, U2-Vertigo-Tour.com has recently changed its address, to U2gigs.com. We're well into 2008; the Vertigo Tour finished over a year ago in December 2006 and it's now time to move on and look to the future. Rather than tying the website's identity to the last tour, the new name reflects the whole content of the site - the fact it has the largest U2 concert setlist and photography database on the Internet. Old links now redirect to the new site address, but we recommend that those of you who link to the site update your links for faster and trouble-free web browsing. If you like the site and have your own, please consider linking - more traffic means more submissions of reviews, photos, and setlist information, resulting in a better and more comprehensive site experience for everyone. And more work for us, but we enjoy it!

So now it's just a matter of waiting for U2's next tour to materialise. Reports on the next album's progress are vague, with the band revealing little about when we may hear some new music. So far this year, only three live appearances have taken place. On the 14th of February, Bono made two special appearances, one in Washington DC and then one in New York; at both, he sung an a cappella cover of the Beatles' All You Need Is Love. Eight days later, the whole band appeared on Irish TV to participate with numerous other Irish musicians in a performance of charity single The Ballad Of Ronnie Drew. At this stage, no more live performances are expected in the immediate future. Naturally, wild rumours are doing the rounds - U2 are playing in the Philippines, U2 are playing 20+ gigs at London's O2 Arena, U2 are playing the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein. But to use a cliche so common to U2 fansites, just keep in mind Bono's advice in Acrobat, "don't believe what you hear".

Macphisto (Webmaster) and Axver (Setlistorian)

Posted on by Axver

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