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U2 to play South America in October 2010

Since early March, reports have indicated that the 360° Tour will continue next year with a third leg in North America in June-July, Europe in August-September, and a "tentative" intention to visit South America in late 2010. See, for instance, our report that cites a Billboard article that proved accurate about 2009 details.

It looks like plans for a South American visit may have now moved beyond the tentative stage. Telam, the national news agency of Argentina, reports that Paul McGuinness has "confirmed" U2 will visit South America, including Argentina, in October 2010. See this article (in Spanish). It goes on to corroborate the Billboard report about the third and fourth legs in North America and Europe. Keep in mind that this is just a media source and not an official announcement from U2's camp.

There is still no news on concerts in other markets, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. One important factor to watch is the value of the local currencies. For example, on the Elevation Tour, a significant reason there were no concerts in Australia was due to the poor value of the Australian dollar at the time. By the Vertigo Tour, the Australian dollar's value was strong and that enhanced the viability of concerts. At present, the Australian dollar's value is not great, but better than it was during the Elevation Tour.

Special thanks to Renato M. for assisting with this article.

Posted on by Axver

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