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Thursday in Turin

Unfortunately, since the publication of our earlier article today, no new details have emerged about this afternoon's short soundcheck. It remains most likely that it was the band's techs, not the band themselves, who were playing. However, according to U2Place here, The Edge, Adam, and Larry were reportedly sighted at Stadio Olimpico early this evening, and yesterday evening, some fans met The Edge outside the neighbouring arena, Palasport Olimpico.

No rehearsals seem to have taken place at the stadium this evening, just more lighting tests similar to those we reported on yesterday. Rumours that U2 will be rehearsing behind closed doors in the Palasport Olimpico have been heating up - whether this is to keep surprises under wraps, or simply due to city noise regulations is anybody's guess.

If Bono is not already in Turin with the rest of the band, it looks like he will be tomorrow. U2Italia is reporting that he will be interviewed tomorrow in Turin by Zona Severgnini for broadcast on Sunday.

Finally, U2.com has posted their day 8 video. A not-so-subtle hint that Until The End Of The World is still in the mix for the setlist?

Update: Lighting tests at Stadio Olimpico have continued past midnight, into the wee hours of Friday morning. These were clearly visible on the stadium webcam, and three captures are shown below. Thanks to the good folk on the Interference forums who got these captures while I was away from the computer!

Posted on by Axver

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