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U2 deliver pizzas and new songs in Turin

After rehearsals ended this evening in Turin (read our summary of what the band rehearsed here), U2 emerged from Stadio Olimpico. Not just to sign autographs, mind you. Instead, in a move reminiscent of the 27 March 1992 "pizzas for everybody" concert in Auburn Hills, the band members came out with pizzas for the fans who had been listening to the rehearsals.

Twitter user xalira has posted some photos of U2 becoming the evening's pizza delivery boys:

See Edge here, and Bono here.

Moving away from food, U2 delivered five renditions of the new "flowering rose of Glastonbury" song during their rehearsals this evening. The song still seems to be a work in progress, with the band undecided on its final form, as today's five versions were not all the same. YouTube footage of one performance can be heard below:

Compare with the version posted in this article; the chorus, for example, is different.

Posted on by Axver

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