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Progress on U2's stage construction in Melbourne

Yesterday, I posted photos of the stage under construction at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. Today, I went down for another peek, and there has naturally been progress in the last 24 hours. Here are fourteen photos of the action.

This is today's view from gate 9 - hello lighting and soundboard:

Outside the stadium, there was even more activity today than yesterday. Plenty more staging ready to be installed:

More of the staging, barriers, etc.:

The giant cans of beans re-appear, behind a truck loaded with gear:

The trucks all had labels like these on their front windows:

An overview of the area, with Melbourne city in the background, and plenty of trains for the one or two U2-and-rail-fans out there besides myself:

Then I went around to gate 7, which completely delivered the goods. The back of the lighting and soundboard:

To the right of the previous picture:

And to the left:

There is an official merchandise stand just to the north of gate 7:

There are also some rather bizarre sculptures around Etihad, especially clustered around gate 7. Here's a couple of them with a doughnut van (we know what the GA queue folk will be eating now):

And here's one of the wacky sculptures just for its own sake:

To close, a couple of photos that are quintessentially Melbourne. Two of our famous W class trams pass an Aussie Rules stadium being transformed into a live music venue:

Posted on by Axver

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