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A Crumb of Tour Info

When will U2 head out on tour to promote Songs of Innocence? Where will they tour? What will it be called? What will they play? Will "Things to Make and Do" make an entirely unexpected return to the stage?

All these questions and more to be answered in the coming months!

We do have one little crumb of news to report in response to the very first question. An article from the Irish Times provides some information via Bono.

He says that they "don’t have a firm start date for the next U2 tour, but it will be next year". So as expected, look out for the band being on the road in 2015. Bono emphasises that U2 "need good ideas to go back out there live". This won't be a rehash of 360. "Expect something new, something fresh.”

The whole Irish Times article is worth reading. There are a number of choice quotes, but surely this passage is the best:

In the new song "Cedarwood Road" Bono talks about the cherry blossom tree in the Rowens’ garden. “I was looking for a soul that’s real. Then I ran into you, and that cherry blossom tree was a gateway to the sun.” In the Dublin suburbs of the 1970s, Bono says, the cherry blossom tree “seemed to be the most luxurious thing”.

The Edge then pitches in, talking in some detail about Dublin City Council’s policy on cherry blossom trees. How he knows this I can’t imagine."

Posted on by Axver

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