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Extra U2 shows in Europe

Concerts in Europe for U2's Experience + Innocence Tour have gone on sale today. Tickets have moved pretty quickly, so extra shows have been added in nine cities, and more are likely to follow.

The additional dates are:

Check the local ticket sellers for information on sales. U2.com subscribers can expect to receive information on presales by email.

These represent the second shows in eight of the nine cities, and the third show in Paris. There is not enough space in the schedule to accommodate a third show in five of the cities (unless U2 are willing to play three consecutive evenings in a row, something they have not done since 2001). But there is sufficient room for a fourth date in Paris, and a third and a fourth in Madrid. This, of course, assumes that tickets are sold fast enough to justify the additions.

It is worth noting that this is the first time U2 have ever played multiple shows in Hamburg, Lisbon, or Madrid on a single tour. This is not very surprising in Hamburg's case, as U2 last performed there in 1985. Meanwhile, all previous tours that have visited Lisbon or Madrid have played in large stadium venues. Previously, the only city in Portugal where U2 had performed multiple nights on the one tour was Coimbra in 2010. And the only Spanish city where U2 have performed multiple shows on the one tour was the Catalan capital Barcelona, in 1992, 2009, and 2015. Those 1992 and 2015 visits were on arena tours, meaning that the only time U2 have done multiple stadium shows in one Spanish city was when they began the 360 Tour in Barcelona in 2009.

By the way, U2.com have said that Dublin and Belfast dates will be announced at a later date, and U2songs have received information that there is a good chance those dates will be revealed by early next week. In all likelihood those concerts will take place in early November after U2 perform in London.


Extra shows have also been added in the UK. These are:

The only European city now with just one concert is Copenhagen—and that's because tickets do not go on sale until 29/01 in Denmark! There is room in the itinerary for an extra gig the next night, so if that first show sells well on Monday then keep an eye out for a second one being added.

Posted on by Axver

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