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A few additions to U2gigs

During the lengthy break between 360° Tour legs, we've not been dormant here at U2gigs. Some of you may have noticed a few changes.

Firstly, we have improved the personal show charts. Previously, your charts were static - once you made a chart, you could share the link with friends but you could not modify the chart. Whenever you wanted to add or remove something, you had to make a new chart and share a new link. Not any longer! Now, you can have simple details e-mailed to you that will allow you to edit your personal charts at a future date. This will be especially useful for those of you who are seeing upcoming gigs this year and want to include them in your show statistics.

Speaking of the forthcoming concerts, the second change we would like to mention is the "days away" feature. Now, all upcoming concerts display how many days away they are. This appears both in the upcoming/recent gigs box on the main page, and on the tour pages themselves. See this year's upcoming shows in North America and in Europe.

Our final addition is not a new feature but a setlist for an old show. Previously, the setlist for 6 June 1981 in Aylesbury near the end of the Boy Tour was only known in incomplete form via a report in Record Mirror. Now, the complete main set has come to light (thanks to Aaron G. for pointing us towards it). Interestingly, it includes a performance of Carry Me Home, a ramshackle unreleased song previously only known to have been performed once, three days later in London. Unfortunately, if the band played an encore in Aylesbury (which is likely), it is still unknown.

Update: Aaron has pointed us towards a page on the Aylesbury website about the U2 concert. A newspaper clipping down the bottom of the page appears to resolve at least some of the mystery regarding the encore, as it mentions I Will Follow being performed twice. U2's setlists at this stage in their history typically featured two performances of I Will Follow - one early in the main set, and another in the encore.

Posted on by Axver

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