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Bono, Edge, and Larry party in Sao Paulo

Bono, Edge, and Larry party in Sao Paulo? No, this isn't some boring paparazzi-esque article featuring video of three middle aged famous men sharing a beer and jokes by the pool. After the final show of the South American leg of the 360° Tour, Bono, Edge, and Larry - as well as Muse's drummer Dom Howard - showed up at Bar Secreto in Sao Paulo. There, they hopped on stage (as part of a weekly event at the bar) to perform with local musicians and basically sing a bit of karaoke.

The setlist, if you can call it that, is as follows. We are unsure on the order, or even whether it is complete:

  1. Let's Dance
  2. Miss You
  3. Wild Rover
  4. Psycho Killer

The database entry for this show can be found here. Edge performed two songs that Bono has previously snippeted at shows on 360°; David Bowie's Let's Dance with local musicians, and the Rolling Stones' Miss You with Dom and Larry on drums (perhaps an ironic choice given U2 just passed the Stones' record for highest grossing tour ever). Larry sung Wild Rover a cappella, recalling ZooTV when he did that very thing at 17 concerts. Bono came on stage to cover Psycho Killer by Talking Heads with local guitarists and Larry and Dom on drums again. Bono has snippeted Talking Heads before (specifically, Life During Wartime), but never this song.

There is video footage of the fun. Firstly, a montage showing bits of all four performances:

Secondly, full footage of Psycho Killer:

Posted on by Axver

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