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Thank you from U2gigs

This article is written by Axver, but I am sure that the other members of the U2gigs crew, Macphisto (Matthias) and Matkin, echo my sentiments.

Now that the Moncton show has concluded the tour (Moncton setlist here), I would just like to thank everybody who has joined us for the ride that was the 360° Tour. The last two-and-a-bit years have been nothing like what we ever expected. We're a bit older, a bit wiser, and the staffing on U2gigs has grown by a whole third. We never could have done it without all of you, our visitors. You have contributed so much, tipping us off to all manner of news, snippets, and corrections. There are so many people I would like to thank, both fellow fan sites and individuals, that I cannot even begin to name all of you. You know who you are, I hope; I am profoundly grateful for your assistance.

We have collectively attended over half of the shows this tour, and tweeted all of them to some extent or another. It was the generosity of those who did live streams/updates and the support of our followers that saw us through. It would not have been possible without those of you who took the time to actually provide information from the venue. And it would have become rather tedious if we had not had such good company, good banter, interesting questions, and engaging answers to our random ponderings. It was such a change from the last tour, when on the occasions we did a live setlist, it was normally quite impersonal and the only way to measure its impact was to watch our hits tick upwards faster than usual. Nothing beats being able to actually interact with other fans.

I don't quite have words to express how humbling it is to read the outpouring of thanks and gratitude that people have tweeted us at the end of the Moncton show. It is something truly special to know that our work has not amassed useless data covered in e-dust, but information and discussion that has actually meant something to people. I never thought my pedantry and fondness for live music (and stats related to it) would lead to this. Though I think the star of our coverage has been Matthias and his extraordinary live videos, shot with clarity and quality, and uploaded staggeringly quickly to satisfy our appetites for live U2. I cannot thank him enough for his efforts in documenting the tour.

In many ways, this felt like the tour that would never end - both good ways and bad ways. Sometimes I didn't like the setlist. Sometimes working on the site felt like an intrusion. But in the end, that was overshadowed by the way the tour kept going; it was with us like a faithful friend. Recording the tour on U2gigs became a major part of my life and now that chapter is closed. They may never read this, but I must extend my thanks to U2 and the crew for an amazing ride. This was not my favourite tour of all time, but everybody truly has gone above and beyond to give us a tour that has shattered all kinds of records. More importantly, it is a tour that has brought an evening (or many, many evenings) of joy to so many people across the globe and brought fans closer together.

It may be the end of the tour, but it is not the end of U2 or of U2gigs! We will keep you updated on all the future live happenings of U2, and we have plenty of content to come, wrapping up the 360° Tour and delving into our archives. Not to mention, of course, our current contest to stump me. I hope you stay with us. Thank you again, and have a good one!

Posted on by Axver

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