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More news from rehearsals in Vancouver, 27 April 2015

We have more news from U2's rehearsals in Vancouver on Monday, 27/04. U2FanPeter had promised some extra details, and provided them in a series of posts on Interference: 1, 2, 3, and 4. These are summarised below.

Before I progress, some of these rehearsals will surprise a lot of you, and perhaps arouse a degree of scepticism. Hence I would like to make clear that I consider Peter a reliable source and trust what he reports. He has reported accurately on previous U2 rehearsals and events in Vancouver. I have refrained from reporting on rumours that I consider to be fake or unreliable. Now, with that said, the rehearsal news!

First, the stage. This has been shrouded in some mystery. Peter says the screen seems to be a fixed piece about 25-30 feet high, running the length of an arena ice hockey rink. It is see-through and possibly of similar technology to that used by Nine Inch Nails on their 2013 tour, but unlike that used by NIN this one is double-sided.

Now, the songs. First, he notes Invisible and Bullet the Blue Sky have cool effects on the screen. Bullet was not played at all on 360, but until that point was one of U2's most reliable warhorses, missing just six shows across all of U2's tours 1987-2006.

He reports two old songs that have never been played live before: One Step Closer and Playboy Mansion. He describes One Step Closer as featuring a "casual arrangement" with Edge on guitar; it is currently the only song from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb never played live. Playboy Mansion is a full version featuring the entire band, and it is the only song never played live from Pop. That is not for want of trying; U2 have rehearsed it multiple times over the years. Most notable are extensive rehearsals before Popmart, and in a medley with Kite in 2001 on the European leg of Elevation (e.g. see the soundcheck notes for 23 July 2001).

Speaking of live debuts, Peter reports that The Troubles has been rehearsed, contrary to rumours last week that it was the only track from Songs Of Innocence that has definitely not been rehearsed. Lykke Li's vocals are taped, or at least have been for these rehearsals.

Finally, Peter reports a favourite of many of our readers: Running to Stand Still, which has not been played live since 2005. It was full band with Edge on guitar and Bono in full voice. In general, Peter has reported very positively on Bono's vocals.

Now, those of you who are veterans of many tours will know that rehearsals, even extensive rehearsals, are no guarantee of live performance. Who can forget Drowning Man coming oh-so-close to a live debut on 360? However, these notes should give you something to get excited about as anticipation builds for the tour.

Posted on by Axver

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