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24 years of knockin' on heaven's door

Today, I would like to commemorate the first anniversary of an article I wrote about the 23rd anniversary of U2 going "inthistowntastic" 24 years ago today. Does that make barely any sense to you? Good, because the performance itself barely makes any sense.

In fact, the performance makes absolutely no sense if you think about it too hard. Or too little. Or at all.

Or maybe it is the only thing U2 have ever done that makes perfect sense?

By this point, you are perhaps wondering what on earth I am going on about. Well, gather around, for U2 folklore is full of all kinds of bloopers, mistakes, and hilarious moments - but none quite rival the band's ramshackle and presumably drunken appearance on TV Gaga on 30 January 1986. The aforementioned article from last year provides a summary of the two original songs that U2 debuted on an unsuspecting audience that was surely even more confused then than you may be now. It explains why the performance has been dubbed "inthistowntastic" after one of the few lyrics Bono could remember, and it comes complete with videos of those two songs.

What last year's article lacks is a video of the final song of the setlist. Yet no experience of Inthistowntasticism could possibly be complete without a video of what was undoubtedly the highest low point of the night. The band decided to end their appearance with a cover of Bob Dylan's Knockin' On Heaven's Door - a cover that swiftly descends into farce. If Bono forgetting the lyrics, struggling to maintain his balance or composure, and giving Ronald Reagan a random shout-out were not enough, he then swaps roles with an audience member. And compels Edge to swap roles with another audience member.

Or possibly they swap with seagulls. It really is hard to tell.

Hence, for your amusement on this inthistowntastic anniversary day, and to pass the time in the lull between legs of the 360° Tour, I present to you the video I wanted to give you last year. YouTube now provides the goods. Enjoy.

Posted on by Axver

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