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U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Wollongong / Matkin: Toronto / Chris: NY

The below is an off-site archive of all most tweets posted by @u2gigs ever

July 2021

WTSHNN @u2gigs @u2songs ISHFWILF was an acoustic duet that as far as I know has never been done before or since.


 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 4:55 AM, Jul 28th, 2021  via TweetDeck)

@harrykantas @u2wanderer Hey, @amrdnvc, so, I’m not supposed to say anything but Harry said he wants me to convince… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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@u2songs Ping! Replace Elevation with Zoo Station and it would be a full-on ZooTV recreation through New Year’s Day u2gigs.com/show1100.html

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@u2wanderer @harrykantas Hahah, you might need to convince Amra more than Harry!

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@u2wanderer Soon enough you’ll need a separate house just for your collection!

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Also, the pictoral for the event kind of looks like The Edge in a ballerina pose (via topendsports.com/events/discont…) https://t.co/bR0FojaYgy

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I think my favourite has to be Solo Synchronized Swimming. I mean, even the name is an oxymoron. I love it!

 via TweetDeck in reply to u2gigs

There was even one event called Live Pigeon Shooting, thankfully held only once in 1900. The object was to shoot th… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Not to forget other forgotten Olympic classics, such as:

Cannon shooting
Plunge Diving
Motor Racing
Pesa… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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As I sit here watching the Olympics, I’m reminded of those events no longer with us (demonstration included):

Pig… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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@U2Baja It would be nice to have a copy of what is only in my mind

 via TweetDeck in reply to U2Baja

It’s a mix of Hawkmoon 269 that exists only in my mind. Makes it the 270th mix of the song, so I call it Hawkmoon 2… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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It’s odd how a song can randomly stick in your head. The lasts few days I’ve had New Year’s Day, Beautiful Day, Sta… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…

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Posted twelve years ago today, still an incredible story u2songs.com/news/redanka_g…

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