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U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Wollongong / Matkin: Toronto / Chris: NY

The below is an off-site archive of all most tweets posted by @u2gigs ever

October 27th, 2015

U2velvet @u2gigs this car has been seen in Cologne! https://t.co/Aw58OgLcT4

 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 9:28 PM, Oct 27th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

And it’s now the time where my (Matkin) @U2 subscription expires in 30 days. Hope the new package is announced soon. An annual event… #U2

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

popartist61 Replay of @U2 Larry and Bono interview with @BBCRadio2 Simon Mayo: bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06… … Interview starts at 1:05:30 #U2ieTour

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 8:56 PM, Oct 27th, 2015  via Tweetbot for iΟS)

RT @U2_ultraviolet: Would love to receive Songs of Experience from U2 personally!

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

U2 At your piano @eltonofficial @BBCRadio2 https://t.co/BE5L1PFDgV

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 8:27 PM, Oct 27th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

U2Community The guitar brothers Bono pulled on e-stage last night at #U2ieTour London 2 @simonmayo just mentioned on @BBCRadio2 https://t.co/EJsgjB2GDW

 via Tweetbot for iΟS (retweeted on 8:27 PM, Oct 27th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

BBCRadio2 It’s @U2 @simonmayo chatting now on @BBCRadio2 bbc.in/1NywHNa https://t.co/mt7tN1AAgM

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 7:22 PM, Oct 27th, 2015  via Tweetbot for Mac)

Bono & Larry will be on Simon Mayo BBC2 in about 20 minutes http://www.bbc.co.uk/rad…

 via Tweetbot for Mac

kairen_coffey @damianjones1 @u2gigs @NoelGallagher @U2 we bumped into him Sunday night going to the gig on the tube! https://t.co/cGrdd574Kr

 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 2:31 PM, Oct 27th, 2015  via Tweetbot for iΟS)

damianjones1 Here’s @NoelGallagher travelling to London’s O2 Arena ahead of his performance with @U2 last night #legend https://t.co/u1RwKDXqar

 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 1:24 PM, Oct 27th, 2015  via Twitter Web Client)

Another photo set from the second U2 London show http://u2.gs/ldn2stefan #U2ieTour Photos by Stefan. https://t.co/QFiudHkfXj

 via Tweetbot for Mac

61 photos from the second U2 I+E Tour concert in London http://u2.gs/ldn2 #U2ieTour https://t.co/KMcyhUoHKv

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2_ultraviolet It’s always so lovely seeing familiar faces ☺ #london 2 #U2ieTour @u2gigs @markpeterboro @harrykantas https://t.co/tgbLVM51jf

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 8:53 AM, Oct 27th, 2015  via Tweetbot for iΟS)

We aren’t done with London yet! Matt is there again for 3+4 too! #U2 #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

@mikeday63 We just got October back, and you want to get rid of it already?

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to mikeday63

SilRigote Things I do for a song. I’m about to embarrass my next 3 generations, all because of a POP SONG! @U2 don’t let me down! #U2ieTour #Dublin

 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 6:09 AM, Oct 27th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

RT @ivanevan85: The life dream..play with my brother and @U2 in London!! I’m wide awake..I’m not sleeping @U2place @u2gigs @U2start https:https://twitter.com/ivan…

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

@SilRigote Are you volunteering to host us all? :-P #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to SilRigote

All our videos from the second U2 London Innocence + Experience Tour show in one article http://www.u2gigs.com/ar… #U2ieTour

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 Angel Of Harlem with two guitar players from the audience at second London show https://youtu.be/VoIocjL… #U2ieTour

 via Tweetbot for Mac

Bono is looking a bit scary here … must be the jacket he got … https://t.co/TQ9FVGg08k

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 Mysterious Ways from London second show https://youtu.be/4fGnDF2… #U2ieTour

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 Pride https://youtu.be/4nVooqv… and Invisible https://youtu.be/Th6tfhE… from the second London show #U2ieTour Videos by Stefan.

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 Cedarwood Road from the second London concert https://youtu.be/7OngItl… #U2ieTour Video by Stefan.

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 Until The End Of The World from the second I+E Tour concert in London https://youtu.be/3CfiIsV… #U2ieTour

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 City Of Blinding Lights from the second I+E Tour show in London https://youtu.be/sdkG7UR… #U2ieTour Video by Stefan.

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 Vertigo from the second I+E Tour show in London https://youtu.be/vE4bk_G… #U2ieTour Video by Stefan.

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 Raised by Wolves from the second I+E Tour show in London https://www.youtube.com/… #U2ietour Video by Stefan.

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 I Will Follow from the second I+E Tour show in London https://youtu.be/HCxu5u_… #U2ieTour

 via Tweetbot for Mac

Thanks everyone tuning into our mixlr tonight. Just got the stats and they look great. Thank you!

 via Tweetbot for iΟS

U2 w/ Noel Gallagher performing I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for in London tonihttps://youtu.be/PlqFrPbkRVcD4xa #U2ieTour

 via Tweetbot for Mac

U2 w/ Noel Gallagher at second London concert. Photos by Stefan. #U2ieTour https://t.co/88QDaRCSBF

 via Tweetbot for Mac

markpeterboro @ChipSwain @u2gigs amazing show, particularly the Noel Gallagher duet

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 12:29 AM, Oct 27th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

@nevri Difference is that Zooropa is standalone in set. Unlike Stand By Me earlier on tour, band kept playing ISHF during the vocals

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to nevri

@DaanZijlstra Audience and band more into it. Yesterday was a bit lame audience wise.

 via Tweetbot for iΟS in reply to DaanZijlstra

markpeterboro U2 setlist stats after London 2, 60gigs #U2ieTour @u2gigs https://t.co/bf2MHeIAht

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 12:11 AM, Oct 27th, 2015  via Tweetbot for iΟS)

I’ll have a video with Noel uploaded soon.

 via Tweetbot for iΟS

Much much better night than yesterday and Noel Gallagher on stage with them to wrap it. Matt

 via Tweetbot for iΟS

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