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U2gigs (@u2gigs)

Matt: Berlin / Ax: Wollongong / Matkin: Toronto / Chris: NY

The below is an off-site archive of all most tweets posted by @u2gigs ever

November 12th, 2015

amubalt @U2 @HBO Any truth to the rumor Bono & Edge will fly around the world personally handing new album to each person? #U2ieTour #U2onHBO

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 10:36 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

@taytaflea A station in Australia would need to license it from HBO in America as they own the rights to it.

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to taytaflea

ryannichols7 @u2gigs I was fully expecting it all to be “where is acrobat” but there are really some good questions, hopefully they get answers!

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 9:27 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

Looking at the #U2onHBO and #U2ieTour hashtags, and seeing some excellent questions. And it’s only been half an hour! U2 fans rock.

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

mylastnameishua @U2 @HBO How long does it take to create the masterpiece that is Adam Clayton’s hair every night? #U2ieTour #U2onHBO

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 9:20 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

U2adorableness @U2 @HBO I’ve seen Bono kiss Edge and Adam, but never Larry. Can we make it happen? #U2ieTour #U2onHBO

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 9:17 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

U2 Got a question for @U2? Ask now using #U2ieTour & #U2onHBO They’ll answer on Sat @ 8PM ET before the @HBO broadcast https://t.co/f8H3BHdvvP

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 9:14 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

U2start RTÉ2 in Ireland and BBC2 in the UK will air the HBO broadcast on November 29th at 7pm/10pm respectively. #U2ieTour


 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 8:44 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

@pdog311 It was announced that it would be postponed.

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to pdog311

rte .@RTE2 will broadcast the Irish premiere of U2 – iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE – Live In Paris concert film on Sun 29 Nov https://t.co/qTZdpUZMPm

 via TweetDeck (retweeted on 7:43 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via Tweetbot for iΟS)

iTunesTV See @U2 perform live from your living room, 11/14 on @hbonow. tw.itunes.com/HBONow

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 7:43 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via Tweetbot for iΟS)

@reynoldsgavin The setlist was written down as performed.

 via Tweetbot for Mac in reply to reynoldsgavin

@WeeAdeline I think he did if i remember right.

 via Tweetbot for iΟS in reply to WeeAdeline

@AlbertLory they not often refer specific shows. Haven’t heard anything about Goasgow.

 via Tweetbot for iΟS in reply to AlbertLory

For our French followers, our article on U2’s love for Paris has been translated by @u2france http://www.u2france.com/… #U2 #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

Jlechevestrier Le concert de #U2 à Bercy en diaporama (photos Le Parisien) #U2ieTour #U2Paris @u2gigs @U2Achtung_ https://t.co/3ow6ePNP6o

 via Twitter Web Client (retweeted on 1:38 PM, Nov 12th, 2015  via Twitter Web Client)

wolfgang_willms @u2gigs Talked to Brian on Wednesday afternoon. He said Bono has a sore throat. But why they missed out two songs, he couldn’t answer.

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 9:20 AM, Nov 12th, 2015  via Tweetbot for iΟS)

BBC News - Myanmar election: President congratulates Suu Kyi http://www.bbc.com/news/…

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

@swsunnybird @bethandbono Careful what you wish for; you might not like what he says!

 via U2gigs (Matkin) in reply to swsunnybird

New article: The mystery of missing tracks http://www.u2gigs.com/ar… A look at the shortened setlist in Paris #U2 #U2ieTour

 via U2gigs (Matkin)

bethandbono Must have, if only to read Edge’s thoughts on Trump. https://t.co/xtOHVPEkk3

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 4:46 AM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

Alex387592 #U2ieTour #U2Paris WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME @U2Achtung_ @u2gigs @U2place https://t.co/DuWYG1XRYC

 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 2:12 AM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

k_now_waite @sciam had perfect timing with the HIV tweet- right during @u2gigs &@atu2 tweeting Bono’s speech. #U2ieTour https://t.co/dHCPja1uOf

 via Twitter for iPhone (retweeted on 2:10 AM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

DaNiiu2 @U2_ultraviolet @u2gigs sweetieeeeeee! ❤ I’m dreaming now… I have no words.. the best day in my life!!!!

 via Twitter for Android (retweeted on 12:54 AM, Nov 12th, 2015  via U2gigs (Matkin))

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